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A Girl Like that: Diverse but how gritty is too gritty?

I’m about to start university again, so I’m thanking past me for writing a lot of book reviews. Will they be enough to get me through the semester? Only time will tell. However, this is a very good book and you should definitely read my review thx.¬† Continue reading “A Girl Like that: Diverse but how gritty is too gritty?”

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This Adventure Ends\\Title accidentally relevant to my life rn

(Why relevant, you ask? Because I’m leaving home and going back to university and all of that tomorrow ahhhhh). Anyway, I got on a bit of a YA Contemporary kick in january, and This Adventure Ends was one of the good ones ūüôā
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Along the Indigo and Towards Me

This book was not what I expected. I guess I vaguely skimmed the synopsis when it came out, then placed a hold on it and got it some weeks later, then didn’t read it, then waited weeks more for my hold to come through and finaaaaaallly read it a few weeks ago. Anyway, it turns out that it is not a high fantasy about an innkeepers daughter (which is good because I’m going to write that book) but instead an urban not-quite-fantasy about a girl living in a small town (as I found out from another reviewer, in the eighties) that she wants to leave.


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