Review Policy

Virtually Read is written by two people, whose styles of reviewing differ somewhat.

  • Shar rates the
    • Characters
    • Writing
    • Setting
    • Plot
  • and then gives an overall rating


  • Shanti rates books on her goodreads but does not rate them when she posts reviews on Virtually Read. She does not understand why this is, but is going with it *shrugs* So if you want to see the rating friend/follow her on goodreads then look up the book. Or else just ask for the rating in the comments. She tags reviews with the elements of books she likes.

We do our best to be fair in our review writing, but humans are humans and have unconscious and conscious biases. (trust us. We took a psychology class). We will do our best to be upfront about the latter. This is what ratings mean:

  • Five stars: SO GOOD WOW
  • Four point five stars: Pretty amazing, but missing something.
  • Four stars: Thoroughly enjoyable! Would recommend for sure.
  • Three point five stars: has some problems but is overall pretty good
  • Three stars: This could have been excellent if something wasn’t holding it back.
  • Two point five stars: Meh. Could have been much better but has some redeeming qualities.
  • Two stars: Definitely not into this.
  • One point five stars: Could have been worse but only a little bit worse.
  • One star: NO WAY

Would you like to send us a book for review? We’re somewhat open to that, but have lots of other things to read but will probably be quite skeptical. EPUB, PDF’s or physical books are all acceptable and we’re *okay* with self-publishing or indie publishing but will probably check you out a bit first. If you don’t hear back from us, assume it’s no go. Sorry! We are also really slow at responding to email. But reach out through our contact form and we’ll see what we can do. NOTE: we will not accept erotica, fanfiction or paranormal books.