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Shar’s Top 5 most relatable books | Get to know me!

Hi Virtually Readers! I recently finished rereading Radio Silence, which is obviously AMAZING and started thinking about other books I found relatable. This post is going to be a combination of get-to-know-me (through said relatable books) and FANGIRLINGGG!!!! (also, I know I’ve read other relatable books. These are the first that came to mind). Note: covers link to goodreads, title texts to my review if I reviewed it)   Continue reading “Shar’s Top 5 most relatable books | Get to know me!”

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Books about teenage pregnancy| A sub-genre I really enjoy

Hi Virtually Readers! One really random fact about me is that I adore teenage pregnancy books. I’m not sure why; I don’t plan on becoming pregnant in my last 2.2 years of teenagedom. But maybe that’s the point: pregnancy in teenagers is usually unexpected and leads to all sorts of moral qualms and interesting discussions. So here are 10 books about teenage pregnancy. Continue reading “Books about teenage pregnancy| A sub-genre I really enjoy”