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Disscusion: On our online personas, real life, and hurtfulness

Virtually Readers, today I’m going to talk about something I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s kind of about Instagram, but it’s also about being Someone on the Internet and real life. I don’t know how well I managed to articulate my Thoughts, but hey, I tried, right? I don’t have my life together.… Continue reading Disscusion: On our online personas, real life, and hurtfulness

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Reflections on Non-Fiction

Hi Virtually Readers! I hope you’re having a wonderful Easter Sunday. If you don’t know, this is the day Lent ends, which is great, because now I can read fiction. I spent the last month and a half ONLY reading nonfiction books, which was an interesting experiment. Here are some things I learnt from it.… Continue reading Reflections on Non-Fiction

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You know you’re a Reader when…

Hi Virtually Readers! I was feeling like a fun post today, and since I’ve been thinking about what makes me a Reader, here’s a post about it. This is a handy guide for determining if you’re a reader or a Reader. You know you’re a Reader when: You think finishing that book is more important… Continue reading You know you’re a Reader when…

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Discussion: Realistic Books

Recently I’ve been thinking about how when I’m reviewing a book, or reading someone else’s review, I see discussions of how realistic a book is. So I wanted to discuss a) What make a book realistic, b) whether this is a good thing, and c) how there are different types of ‘realisticness’. Hopefully this will… Continue reading Discussion: Realistic Books