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How to Survive High School (YA edition)

So if you’re reading this, it means I’ve graduated from high school! It’s very exciting, and I’m quite happy. What does it mean for this blog? Well, not much really. Shar and I have six months ‘off’ before we start university, and we’re going to have all sorts of adventures, and probably start another blog?… Continue reading How to Survive High School (YA edition)

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Parents and other Drama (Beautiful People)

Hi Virtually Readers! So I am currently VERY excited because I’m about to graduate from high school. You’ll definitely hear a bit more about that in the next few weeks. Anyway, because apparently I’m not busy enough, I’ve been working on my current WIP, Lighter Places, during May. It’s currently at about 10k words, but… Continue reading Parents and other Drama (Beautiful People)

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#LoveOzYA and also this book

In case you haven’t heard of it, Begin, End, Begin, is a short story collection by a bunch of Australian Young Adult authors, and I adored it. Each story was excellent, and the authors I hadn’t read made me want to try out their full-length work(Will Kostakis and Alice Pung, I’m coming for you. I… Continue reading #LoveOzYA and also this book

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Literally just a book about YA books

I heard about Literally a few weeks ago. It’s a book about a girl called Annabelle who discovers that she’s living in a YA book. It’s less fun than you might think. It was a lot of fun, and very easy to read, but didn’t quite achieve the trope reversal it promised. Tropes include…. falling… Continue reading Literally just a book about YA books