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About Us

Shar and Shanti are sisters and co-bloggers. This blog is currently fairly inactive because they are full time students and distracted but they still read books. Maybe it will come back to life in the future but in the meantime there’s quite an archive
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Hi! I’m Shanti. I’m a twenty year old student who currently goes to uni in New Zealand. I love to read, obviously, but I also play music (viola/piano), go running, craft (knitting! Paper!), writing for fun (so much angst), cooking, travelling, and spending time with my lovely family. Getting me to go outside without a book (let alone 2 or 3) is almost hard as getting me to leave historical places. I talk too fast, don’t eat meat, write articles (I’m a student journalist), spontaneously cartwheel, wear skirts and plaited pigtails, and make literary references that only I understand.

I come from New Zealand and India. I’m perpetually busy (and mostly happy about it). I believe in hot takes and endless grace.

Some of my favourite books used to be: The Boy Most Likely To, The True Meaning of Smekday, Code Name Verity, A Sense of Style, The End of Night, and The Wrath and the Dawn

Some of my favourite series used to be: The Lunar Chronicles, The Old Kingdom Chronicles, Protector of the Small, Chanda’s Secrets, The Starbound Trilogy, The Spinster Club, Seraphina, and The Montmaray Journals.

I don’t really know what my favourite books are right now, but I still love to read.

(but the list never really ends)

I’d love to hear from you! find me on goodreads, twitter, or comment on Virtually Read (I don’t bite!)


Hi, I’m Shar! I’m 20 and currently studying Ecology and minoring in computer science– if either of those things interest you please talk to me about them). I love outdoor adventures, playing music (flute and piano mostly), doing things with my friends, watching fun/funny movies, travelling, animals, and most importantly, reading. (although if you want to find out more about what I do when I’m not reading, check out our other blog) . Below are some pictures of me, but 2 of them are from when I was 15 and now I’m probably less skinny tbh.

My reading tastes are evolving with me. This blog mostly focuses on young adult books, which I read a lot of. Some of my favourite YA books are The Book Thief, the Lunar Chronicles, Radio Silence, and The Upside of Unrequited. I also really enjoy classics (some I like include Fahrenheit 451, Pride and Prejudice, and some that are currently eluding me) and non-fiction of the science variety. When I’m stressed or busy, though, I always turn to YA :).



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