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Thoughts I have while writing

Because I really am trying to blog this summer and be more chill about it, here is a chill post about writing, something I haven’t discussed for ages.

Did you know we originally intended this blog to be about sharing writing, even though it quickly morphed to YA books? Well, you do now. I love writing, although I can’t say I do as much as Shanti. Through this year I’ve written a few articles for the tramping club magazine, blog posts, a few really bad poems and very little else. But a combination of my botany class at university+ a Jane Goodall book (Seeds of Hope, by the way) + living in an agricultural area for a few weeks gave rise to a short story I’m working on about university, climate change, plant pathology and the dangers of big agricultural businesses. I’m not to far in yet but here’s some of  what I’ve been thinking about it.


  • This is so unoriginal. Am I incapable of throwing anything that isn’t a cliche together?
  • What shall I name my characters? I want them to have interesting names but I’m not in the mood for research plus the internet is bad.
  • I want to see what happens without writing it!
  • Dang, this has novel potential. What do I do about that? I don’t have the time for a novel!
  • This is basically just my life and all based on a mashup of things that I either learned about or experienced. Is life art or should I try to change some details?
  • This is so sciencey and I don’t know what I’m doing and I think all this science is fake. I don’t know enough about biochemistry and viruses to write this so I’ll just make stuff up. But I bet it’s totally wrong and what if I publish it and then get lots of hate? I’m a science student for goodness’ sake.
  • I haven’t named the city but this is definitely happening in my university town.
  • Having university student characters is so fun! I want to read about people just like me, not 15 year old princesses (such as the character of Empress of a Thousand Skies. Not too convinced by that book btw.)
  • I! Love! Botany!
  • Big agricultural businesses suuuucckkk and I want all the people who read this (if anyone ever does) to realise that. But I’m an ecology student and maybe I should be writing more about ecosystem damage and climate change! Ahhh!
  • this is set about 10 years in the future. Should I put in some cool tech? It seems obligatory for every futuristic story.
  • Why don’t I just set this now and make my life way easier?
  • Is this amount of cliche and book plagiarism even legal? Maybe everybody writes really cliche things? Is everything I’ve ever written a trope? Is it possible to write something that hasn’t been written before? Has this been written before?
  • I’m really rusty but this is fun!


Do you write? How do you avoid feeling like everything is a cliche? Do you have advice for me? How do you finish a short story again?

11 thoughts on “Thoughts I have while writing

  1. I have an evil agribusiness story sitting around unwritten too (the one you read before, but a couple additional pieces have been added).

    In terms of avoiding cliches, I think it’s always best to lean on the real world. Think, “what real-world examples of this do I know of, and how are they diverse in reality in ways that the cliches tend to miss?” If you know enough about the real example then there’s always going to be some sort of nuance or plot twist in reality that isn’t reflected in the stereotype, at least if you compile enough examples.

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  2. Ahhh these thoughts are VERY relatable. haha sob. I have never written a short story, but I definitely cycle through a lot of these while writing full-length books. 😂It’s always hard to know if you’re doing a cliche/trope in an interesting way or if everyone is just going to howl and throw your book back at you. The eternal question hmm. 😂

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    1. I take days to write a short story (if not weeks), and you can write a novel in the same time XD . I guess not all cliche’s are bad? Like, they exist for a reason after all, but it’s hard to tell if you’re doing them creatively. I guess it’s best to write something and make it more creative later 🙂


  3. I write (as you probably already know) but I write Contemporary so I really feel that it’s difficult to write something that’s really gripping in that genre, you know? And avoiding cliche’s is so hard. The most I can avoid are the romantic cliche’s as I’m not a romantic person. HA xD


    1. That’s good! I guess it’s often hard to know what’s a cliche and what isn’t, especially when there are so many contemporary stories that there’s endless combinations of the same cliches. However, I guess every write is unique and capable of creating new mixes of letters to form new stories. ❤

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  4. omg these thoughts are literally so similar to what a LOT of writers go through. i’ve been through thoughts like this too. your story seems interesting though. keep writing, keep writing, keep writing. you have doubts, but you push through them (with the grace of a giant blinded dragon in a china shop, but still)


  5. I think a story like that could be really interesting! There’s lots of people concerned about big agricultural businesses.

    I used to watch documentaries on big companies that made gmo corn and had it patented. It frustrated me because some of their fields would be right next to small farms and if they even found a handful of their corn in the other farmer’s field then they would get in trouble.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing the story!


    1. Yes I read about that too! Like these farmers would get in trouble for accidentally having their plants pollinated by GMOs. Quite troubling. This book talked about how these businesses sell plants that need excessive fertilising to farmers so they can also sell their fertiliser and such. And in these villages where I used to live farmers would be sold seeds that produced peas that don’t make viable seeds so they keep having to buy new seeds from the companies every year.

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  6. I think every first novel is kinda autobiographical. Maybe every first short story too?
    You finish a short story by stopping writing. I think generally the plot is unresolved and something is hanging…..
    Keen to read the story. When does it come out? Can I meet the author?


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