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Shar’s new book acquisitions

I have been a bit on the absent end of things (bit of a theme here at Virtually read at the moment, haha) but here are some books I’ve bought recently and the stories behind them! A post about why I haven’t been posting (not just busyness and uni, except also both those things) is forthcoming :). Also this is a tiny bit late but I had a minor life crisis right before I intended to post it and I had the words and the photos so I thought I should still try. 

My university hosts a once-a month market day, with random stalls selling everything from baking to clothing to apparently, books. I saw them earlier in the day but was like ‘yeah I don’t need more’… but then realised that of course I did! I came to university 8 months ago with a few cookbooks and about 5 novels. Now I have about 30 (not many, but bear in mind I have a small bookshelf…) Anyway, here’s the books I got recently.


  1. The Taming of the Shrew

I want to enjoy Shakespeare when I didn’t at school, and this comedy seemed like a good place to start.


2. Radio Silence

I bought this last month on Book Depository. I intend to reread it (my friend is currently borrowing it so she can relate to the anti-high-school sentiments) because it meant so much to me before I became a university student. (no picture, sorry!)

3. The Catcher in the Rye

I read this at the end of 2015 I think? I kind of wanted to use it for english. It was very fun and I liked it and I love penguin editions and I wanted to reread so for $2, it seemed a good deal.


4. Love in the Time of Cholera

It sounds good and literary and I feel it will grow my brain cells and maybe be interesting. Mostly bought because it was a penguin edition and I really like the plain stripy orange covers.


5. The House at Pooh Corner

I remember watching (and possibly reading) Winnie the Pooh when I was really young, like about 5 or 6. I also very distinctly remember my mother reading to whole family a Pooh story about 4 years ago, and everyone from my 7 year old sister to my dad enjoying it.

I spotted a book of Winnie the Pooh quotes at this book sale and so I decided to buy it for my friend, who I thought would appreciate this (it was a spontaneous kind of day). She was very charmed by this gesture. Anyway, since then we’ve had lots of read-aloud Winnie the Pooh sessions, including lots of bedtime stories or while room tidying. It is very wholesome and extremely fun.

The illustrations are all so so cute!

6. Atonement by Ian McEwan

This was a birthday present. I have read it, though, and it was for school therefore a fair amount of analysing was done. I think I will probably exchange this but I shockingly haven’t got around to it.


Have you got any books recently? What should I swap atonement for? Am I going to fail all my exams? 


5 thoughts on “Shar’s new book acquisitions

  1. Eeep good luck for your exams!! I can imagine that would be very distracting ahhhh. I’m currently away at my sister’s and somehow finding NO time to blog or read?! So I can imagine your struggles of doing uni + trying to keep up with aaaall the things. 😭💛And also I LOVE Radio Silence and need to get my own copy so I can reread too!!


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