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NOPE Book tag

Hi Virtually Readers! I’m so sorry that I’ve barely been posting–well, I’m actually not that sorry, because I have been busy even though I’m on holiday at the moment, and I have been putting real people before my computer, which is hard to do but anyway….the blog has been neglected! but I am here today, and I am doing the Nope book tag, which Lara tagged me for (thanks, Lara!). This will be hardish, because I’m usually pretty positive about books, but I will try.


Nope ending

a crappy ending you didn’t appreciate

I was very disappointed in The Raven King. Maggie Stiefvater essentialy wanted to have her cake and eat it too, which is maybe the point of cake, but I felt very let down. I wished that the ending had been more complete. Even though the writing is lovely, I don’t want to read another Stiefvater book for a while.

Nope protagonist

a main character who drove you crazy

I had to check my ‘bad life choices’ shelf on goodreads for this. There are a lot of characters who are just so stupid–the shelf has 117 books right now, but some of the bad choices were mine and not the characters…The main character in Designs for a Happy Home, Alicia, was very oblivious which made the whole plot redundant and not my cup of tea.

Nope pairing

a ship you don’t support

In general, there are far too many teenagers in YA getting together with each other, but this was particularly obvious in Three Sides of A Heart, an anthology I finished last week about love triangles. But in Waiting, Sabaa Tahir’s story, I was particularly disappointed with the outcome, because come on, there was a good choice, and he wasn’t it.

Nope plot twist

a plot twist you didn’t see coming and didn’t like.

I often find, these days, that I can guess plot twists, which is why it’s good that I’m reading more non-YA, because it’s become predictable to me. I didn’t really like the plot twist in A God in Ruins, because it was an overdone conceit, and so unecessary to the story. I think it actualy detracted from the story. It is the most basic of plot tsists and because the book was otherwise delightfully innovative, that was particularly upsetting.

Nope genre

a genre you will never read

I don’t want to write off any one genre, because, like Lara, I don’t think you should ever say never (when it comes to books). That said, I find paranormal increasingly uncompelling, and I don’t think I ever want to read one of those ‘business success can be yours’ books (that said, I’m trying to make 2018 the year where I become more economically literate, so I will write a post about that at some point)

Nope book formatting

a book format you avoid until it comes out in another edition

Do people have these? I don’t. I like the convenience of electronic editions, the way I can listen to an audiobook and something else simultaneously, a cuddly mass market paperback that can fit in your poiket, a hardback’s weight and durability. That said, trade paperbacks are probably my favourite.

Nope trope

a trope you don’t like at all

I don’t know this is quite a trope, but it is something that really bothers me, so: whenever violence is used as a means to an end without being questioned by the characters or the narrative, it really bothers me. I read The Poppy War recently, which did not do this, but even so it had enough violence that I was quite uncomfortable.

Nope recommendation

a book you won’t read however many time it gets recommended.

Probably Red Queen. I’m just not interested and I’m over cliched fantasy.

Nope love interest

a love interest who didn’t work for you

Sutter in The Spectacular Now. He was a jerk and he didn’t really change and he wasn’t willing to listen to others.

Nope book

a book that shouldn’t exist

Genuine Fraud. I don’t think it achieved anything in the narrative or with the characters no matter how much snipped blonde hair is on the cover.

Nope villain

a villain you don’t like

I didn’t like Adelina from the Young Elites at all–she wasn’t a compelling main character or villain.

Nope death

a character death which haunts you

There are so many! But let’s just say the death at the end/beginning of Strange the Dreamer, a book I love to pieces, is soul stealingly painful.

Nope author

an author you won’t trust

In general I’ve been very disappointed by Youtuber’s books, especially if I wasn’t that familiar with the youtuber. I’m definitely going to be very wary before touching any more YouTube books tbh. I also watch YouTube much less than I did before.

Wow, I had more resentment for books than I thought, lol, but here we are. Are there any genres you religiously avoid? do you agree with my answers? or disagree? discussion is healthy, talk to me in the comments!




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