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How to make time for reading (when you’re a busy student)

Hey Virtually readers! Remember how I wrote a post recently about why university students don’t read? Well, here’s some tips on how I make time for reading even though I’m a busy, stressed student. I know Lara did something like this, and we might have too, but here are some more suggestions nevertheless.


How to make time for reading

  • Read while walking.We wrote a whole post about how to do so here, but reading while on the move, whether by audiobook or just multitasking (especially with familiar routes like between lecture theatres) is a really great way to get some pages in while you’re doing something you would have done already.
  • Read while doing other things. Just multitask! I read while brushing my teeth and ascending/descending the 72 steps between the main entrance and my room (lifts are for losers).
  • Choose books you can get into.If you have limited time and are going to be reading in small chunks, which seems likely if you’re busy, choose something that makes you want to keep reading it, that’s actually fun, that is enjoyable if you’re only reading a bit. And also, if you read a few chapters and don’t like it, you’re allowed to DNF: your time is precious! Don’t be ashamed of reading ‘light’ novels; it’s still good. This can have the possible added bonus of you getting so into if that you are late for orchestra or just don’t go to bed. These are definitely not things I have ever done.
  • Sleep is for losers.This is a lie; sleep is very important and you probably need more. But even though I’m often busy all day, I usually manage to slip in a few minutes before bed.
  • Carry a book with you everywhere (or your kindle, books on your phone, etc; the format doesn’t matter). You never know when you might have to wait for something and be able to read for a few minutes.
  • Read AND socialize. As in, read with your friends. For example and this definitely hasn’t happened to me, read while third wheeling ignorantly as your friends talk to each other. Congratualate youself on being so social and yet doing a fun relaxing thing. Notice them holding hands, decide you are unwanted, go and hang out with someone else you’re friends with. (This is probable a bad example tbh).
  • What are assignments, again?Higher education is a social construct. You don’t need to write that essay or read your textbooks or do lecture readings. These are ridiculous concepts that are all designed to stop you reading.


What kind of multitasking do you do? How do you make time for reading when there is none? How good are your reading and walking skills from constantly bumping into poles/people walls to being able to navigate and read?

5 thoughts on “How to make time for reading (when you’re a busy student)

  1. Hahaha great tips! I read as a student mostly during meals (and while walking more than I probably should). I tend to get into a book and then immediately read it all, so I try to be cautious and not let that happen!


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