Thoughts and Libraries

Hi Virtually Readers! I don’t know about you, but when I’m down there’s nothing which cheers me up so much as a library. I love liraries. They’re full of books. They’re full of people who care about books. They often have great views. Libraries are a refuge and they are important. Right now my two main libraries are the one at uni and the city library (but I also use Auckland’s Overdrive because it’s great) Both are huge, with multiple levels, and I’m going to interperse this post with some pictures I’ve taken there. These are the thoughts I have in libraries (usually the city library because at uni I tend to look for one specific book which will help me with research).

thoughts in libraries

Entering the library

  • ooooh look at all the books
  • wait which books did I want
  • let me return some books first
  • I’m just going to wander through the YA section and stroke the spines
  • now I’m going to look at the ‘librarian recommends’ shelf because I trust librarians
  • well I’ve already read most of these
  • hmm this looks interesting
  • I’ve been meaning to read this
  • I’ll just wander over to the adult section because I read grown up books now
  • I love walking up and down the shelves because its! so! calming!
  • I’m holding twelve books and my wallet and my phone now and something is going to drop
  • wait I can’t read all of these in three weeks
  • OR CAN I
  • no Shanti you have a lot of assignments and books you haven’t read at home. be reasonable
  • but there are all these books here! it is unreasonable!
  • okay fine I’ll put these back
  • wait but what about this book? no no you do not have time
  • just gonna check the non fiction section because I like non-fiction too
  • look at all of these people who are enjoying the library it’s so nice
  • okay I should check all these books out now
  • beep! beep! beep!
  • books are never a mistake

so! I hope you guys enjoyed that insight into my brain and you weren’t spectacularly bored because maybe it was boring? I don’t know, but libraries are really important and if you have one, support it! even if they charge you two dollars to place holds and don’t have all the books you’d like to read. and take your friends to libraries, it’s a good test to see if the friendship will last.

what is your favourite libray that you’ve ever visited? do you have a library ‘bucket list’? (mine is to go to the New York Public Libraries and reture to the British library and sleep in a library) and would you lie to see more posts like this? tell me in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Thoughts and Libraries

  1. The library closest to me is the university library which stresses me out because EVERYONE is doing work so I feel like I shouldn’t be perusing books. BUT most other libraries are so calming for me as well! I really haven’t been to many recently and you’ve actually reminded me that I have two overdue books… whoops!!! Awesome post as usual, Shanti!!!


  2. Leaping lizards, so relatable! I mean, essentially, though I don’t usually spend time in the nonfiction section or the adult section (though I have ventured there once or twice in the past few months) and I spend most of my time in the children’s section because apparently I still think I am twelve. I love, love, love, LOVE my library and I go there whenever possible. But time to read all those beautiful books? NO. I do not have that. Libraries are so wonderful and I love it when other people appreciate them too! It’s weird to me that some people don’t go to libraries. Libraries are life. Well, libraries are books, which means practically the same thing.
    I love this post! Because libraries!


  3. This makes me sooo homesick for my old library ah ahhaa. *sobs* BUT I AGREE!! THIS IS ME IN A LIBRARY!! Minus the adult book section because apparently I’m a forever child.😂But like I just get so overwhelmed with LOVE and inspiration when I go into a library?! I freaking want everything!! I recently went to my sister’s library because I stayed with her for 3 days and omgggg the YA section was massive (compared to the 2 shelves I’m used to) and I basically want to melt into the walls and live there forever. 😍😍


  4. More posts like these, please!

    I like going to the library from time to time. I have only really ever spent a lot of time in one library? My local one.

    I don’t really have a library bucket list but it would be nice to visit more.

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  5. Aahah I love this post SO much. I don’t really have a great library to take my books from, but I feel like I’d behave pretty much the same way as you if I had a library haha, checking out ALL the books like that 😛 I really want to visit the New York public libraries as well 😀

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  6. Libraries are amazing spaces and thanks so much for this post – it was super cute! “I love walking up and down the shelves because its! so! calming!” This is it, right here. I’m fortunate enough to work at a library and it is the best job I’ve ever had. Books are calming havens of paper and ink and glue, and libraries are such a necessity and a wonderful community resource. My favorite library I’ve ever visited… hmmm maybe in Oregon? It was a lil dinky one right on the coast, and it was just lovely. The very first library I fell in love with was in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I would love to visit the NY Public Libraries too, as well as Trinity College in Dublin and Central Library in Seattle and the Royal Portuguese Reading Room in Rio De Janeiro andandand! And another (fictional) library lol I’d love to be able to visit is Wan Shi Tong’s Library from Avatar the Last Airbender. Great post // would def love to see more like this!


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