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Mystery Blogger Award

Hi Virtually Readers! Today Rain@ Ivyclad Ideas tagged me for the Mystery Blogger Award. I’m going to share 3 facts about myself and then answer her 5 questions for me, and then maybe then tag some other cool people to do it. I haven’t done a tag for ages, as you may have noticed, so here we go!

3 Facts about Shar

  1. I am infamous among my family and friends for really, really liking green apples. In apple season, I’m known to consume 3 a day. They’re fundamentally superior to other types of apples because they taste so good! While I like them plan, I also like slices on toast with peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon sugar. (Other fruits I like: RASPBERRIES, fejoa, nectarines… I like all fruit to be honest)
  2. Last year I had 8 months off (like a mini gap year) and read A LOT. Now I’m studying, I have literally read about 19 books this whole year because I just haven’t had the time. Hopefully I can get better at making time for reading and not mindless scrolling on Instagram.
  3. I hardly ever wear make-up or nail polish! I’m not fundamentally opposed to make-up (I mean, I had some mascara that I used, and then it ran out, and I have a large collection of lip gloss from when I was really into lip gloss), but I just don’t see too much point? And I don’t wear nail polish because it chips too fast, although I do paint my toenails occasionally.


Rain’s Questions

1. Can you draw?

No, not really! Most of it just turns out looking weird. I kind of dropped art as soon as I could and focused on music instread. However, I do like abstract, repeating patterns/zentangling, and often do it on index cards and such.

2. Do you like any specific type of non-fiction?

Yes! I really like science nonfiction because it’s really interesting, especially when related to biology. Some I could name are: Other Minds, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Girl Code. (I don’t actually read that much non fiction)

3. Do you prefer animated shows or live-action shows?

Live action, I guess? I’m not a big TV or movie watcher, mostly because I grew up without a TV and just don’t feel like I need one. However, shows that I’ve watched at least some of and enjoyed in recent years, like Downtown Abbey, Sherlock, Once Upon A Time, and Brooklyn 99 are all live action. I do adore animated Disney films though.

4. Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

I’m not really sure! I’m not particularly good at sports, but I can run long distances (I love running and once did a half marathon) and I’m really good at climbing trees, something that I wish it was still appropriate and normal for me to do. I recently played a game that involved being chased around a swamp while various hunters collected your ‘lives’. I survived with one out of my 5 lives, but if they had been zombies, I don’t know if I could have fended them off.

5. What animal would you be and why? (Designated weird question™)

If I were a cat, I could lie in the sun all day and periodically get cuddles and occasionally stalk off to hunt, which I think I would enjoy for at least a little while. But I think that might get boring, and for a long-term thing, I think I’d enjoy being a small sea mammal, like a dolphin or seal (but ideally not one that’s being hunted to extinction)


What’s an interesting fact about you? What’s your favourite fruit? Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?


5 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award

  1. I would not survive a zombie apocalypse, lol. Though I am working out, so hopefully will eventually be more capable of that.

    I find biology fascinating as well! I don’t read much of it now, but when I was in high school, I read everything I could get my hands on.

    And girl, if you like climbing trees, climb trees! Don’t let boring formalities stop you. 😉


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  2. I hallucinate. Without drugs.

    Mangoes are heavenly.

    I have the requisite skills to survive a zombie apocalypse. My current living situation, as you’ve read, would make it impossible though. And even if I survived the initial apocalypse, a lot of sci-fi writers seem to believe that this must be followed by killing a lot of non-zombies to survive, and I’m not into that. Can a nonviolent activist create a pacifist society that will survive in an apocalyptic wasteland? (future book of course)


  3. YAS GREEN APPLES. Honestly I live for them and usually eat one a day??! They are fantastic and the greatest fruit out there. (Although I do love grapes/mangoes/bananas/nectarines.) I would not survive the zombie apocalypse. I would die. Not even going to pretend otherwise. I need wifi and good books and I feel like the zombie apocalypse is fundamentally opposed to both?? Weird. 😂


  4. A fact about me is I barely pronounce my th’s in English but pronounce them more often in Spanish when saying something with a ‘c’ or ‘z’ in it.

    It’s hard for me to think of interesting facts on the spot, sorry xD

    I don’t think I have a favourite fruit like you. I think green apples taste interesting, but prefer red ones. I tend to favour plums, kiwis and mangoes.


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