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awkward situations books have gotten me into

Hi Virtually Readers! As a book lover, I  have a bigger brain have a wide variety of experiences, some of which have actually happened to characters and not to me. Whoops. I have all sorts of associations and memories which have to do with books, and this has gotten me into some troublesome situations in the past.

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yes, that is what my (slightly processed) face can look like, it’s a good face and I’m proud of it
  • Pronouncing words

I consume a lot of words, because I’m a reader. However, this means that there are some words I don’t know how to pronounce. The word caveat for instance, I thought was said ‘cave-eat’ rather than ‘cav-e-at’

  • Associations with books

When you read a lot, you know a lot of stories. For me, this means that I have lots of associations with words that are complicated and boring to explain. The other day, I was reading the back of a pamphlet, which described itself as a ‘monograph’. I remembered a character in a book—I don’t even remember which book—writing perpetual monographs, trying to get them published. This made me smile slightly. A person who I know slightly came up to me and said ‘what’s so funny? What’s that little smirk about?” The smirk became a grimace, I hurriedly put the pamphlet down, made a weird giggling noise, and walked away. THIS IS ALL THE FAULT OF MY PROLIFIC READING I SWEAR AND NOTHING TO DO WITH MY OWN INHERENT AWKWARDNESS.

  • Bumping into things

I am all about efficiency, and in order to get more reading done, I cram it into moments when I’m doing something which doesn’t require a lot of attention. Like, say, walking. A few days ago, I was walking home a few kilometres from where I’d been watching an event of my sisters. I was reading at the same time (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, if you’re curious) and managed to drop my water bottle twice, once in the middle of the road (turning pages is hard), almost collided with a skateboarder, got halfway across a road without looking up, almost ran into several people, and hit a lamppost. (on other occasions, like many of them, I have actually hit people). Never let anyone tell you that reading is safe, okay?

  • Listening to things

Sometimes when I’m reading, I get so into the world that I don’t pay attention to people talking to me. Other times, the book is an excuse for intentionally ignoring them. I listen to audiobooks frequently, and in the interest of preserving my hearing, I have them fairly quiet. This means that if someone (usually my mum) asks me something, I can respond. If the conversation continues though, I get hopelessly confused, don’t listen to my audiobook, don’t listen to them, and generally make a fool of myself.


  • When no one gets your costume

I’ve done bookish costumes a couple of times; I was Lirael for a Halloween thing one time (which was literally the only time I’ve dressed up for Halloween), and then no one knew who I was or appreciated my costume and it was tragic and consequently I’m never gonna dress up again. (I mean I totally am but…maybe not Lirael. sorry Lirael. You’re great, but the haters did make me go home and cry)

I think my conclusion from this exercise is that books get me into trouble. But oh well, I think they’re worth it! Has reading books ever led to awkward situations for you? Tell me in the comments!

19 thoughts on “awkward situations books have gotten me into

  1. Ugh, I’m always mispronouncing words. *me tries to stumble over easy enough word* friend says, “You mean alienate?” ME: “No, you know that word that means to completely destroy, and sounds similar to that.” “Oh, annihilate?” “YES!!!! That word!!”

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  2. Ahahaha, this is awesome! The first two though: ALL THE TIME. Sometimes, just to be obstinate, I keep pronouncing words the way I thought they should be pronounced. I mean, it makes sense. It’s not my fault English is confusing, lol

    And the random book associations, yes! People have no idea why I’m smirking to myself, or why random things have such great meaning to me, but it’s because of the books I tell you!

    Great post!



    1. Yeah I definitely kept saying ‘cave-eet’ for a while because I was so sure I was right. Sometimes I want people to ask me what’s provoking my reaction to the book, but I guess I just love talking to people about books.

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  3. Oh this is SUCH a great post, I love it so much. I think my biggest problem is pronouncing the words, because I always do it with a French accent, obviously can’t get rid of that, and… sometimes I’m just really, really convinced that this word in pronounced a certain way, and when I finally hear it, I’m like… okay, yes, I was all wrong about that hahaha.

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    1. This is one advantage of listening to audiobooks! Sometimes I’ll hear a word and then be like ‘oh so that’s how I should have been saying it all this time’ but it’s hard to break yourself of how the word ‘should’ sound.

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  4. These photos are true national treasures. 😂😂 And YES reading is so dangerous?! (Although I saw a girl today reading and crossing the road and she was so efficient and chill and I just…goals. Absolute goals.) But not being able to pronounce things is a huge one for me and also laughing at book references no one else is going to get. Also my dog’s name?! It’s Atticus after Atticus Finch and SO MANY PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT. I’m shocked and horrified at the world.

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    1. oh yeah I always feel so proud of people who read and cross the road, I want to be their friends (sometimes I am that person lol). Atticus is too classy and literate for the people who meet him I guess lol!


  5. Luckily, reading didn’t make me commit major crimes but it has distracted me quite a bit. I also read them on the bus because I just don’t want audiobooks and I even read them while standing up on the bus and I hope no one has been injured by the spine? My books have awkwardly bumped into some people… yeah….

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    1. I was worried that you were a major crime committer, but it’s good to know that that’s not the case. One time I was holding a book (because I always have a book nearby) and I was playing Capture the flag and anyway I started hitting this dude with the (hardback) book and then I was like oh yeah whoops this is a weapon. That’s okay, I’m sure everyone on the bus admired how you could read standing up.


  6. I’m so bad at pronouncing certain words and I completely blame that on the amount I’ve read and only having ever seen certain words and not actually heard them. Reading is definitely not safe! I’ve bumped into so many things (and people), it’s not even funny… If I’m walking around with a book then I am actually a hazard. I love this post, Shanti! It made me laugh and it’s so super relatable.


    1. I used to think I was bad at pronouncing words because I read so much and so early. Then I found out I had an auditory processing disorder, and realized that in fact I was probably reading so much because I was so bad at hear (and thus pronouncing) language.

      But either way it’s hilarious that I was nearly 20 before I realized that “Hors d’oeuvres” and “OR-DERVES” were the same thing. I really glad that I was too much a commoner to have been using that one in sentences myself.


      1. My parents were feeding me hos d’oeuvres by the time I was nine, but I thought they were a different thing to ‘orderves’. At least you have a good excuse with the auditory processing thing!


  7. The mispronouncing words thing has definitely happened to me before! My worst example was hors d’oeuvres…. I don’t even know how I was pronouncing it in my head, but it was NOT right 🙂

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