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Into the Woods tag

Hi Virtually Readers! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while or maybe if you’ve looked at our other blog then you might know that I really really like Into the Woods. It’s a sublime musical. I had this idea that there was some book tag associated with it, which I looked a little for, but I didn’t find anything so I decided to make my own. Feel free to steal it! (also if you’re not familiar with the songs go look them up they’re great!)

Add a little bit of into tbody text

  • Into the Woods: a book with a story within a story

I actually love this trope so much, it makes things really interesting. I love the myths withing The Wrath and the Dawn, and the stories in The Love That Split the World (yes I’m aware that they’ve been called problematic but I did like them). They added a lot of richness to the narrative, and it’s fun to pull apart. I’ve also heard that The Hazel Wood has this (can anyone confirm this?) which makes me even keener to read it.


  • I Know Things Now: a book where the character learns something new and must decide what to do

This is like…every YA book ever. I loved what Untidy Towns did, where the character rejects traditional education and learns a lot about herself in the process bhy doing alternative things (not that I recommend dropping out of school, though to be fair I haven’t tried it)

  • A Very Nice Prince: a bland male character

Okay so I’ve never seen this question on a tag before and sadly there are A LOT of books which could fall into this fit this category…but I did a bit of a binge read of Eva Ibbotson romances over the last few months, and was consistently disappointed by her broody, boring male characters (especially Marek. How I hate Marek. GET OVER YOURSELF MAREK). That said, these novels are otherwise very charming and clean if that’s something you’re concerned about.

  • Agony: an angsty love story

I love the angst of Seven Ways We Lie and Who’s That Girl, two straightforward fun contemporaries I read earlier this year.


  • It Takes Two: your favourite story centred on a romance

I don’t read many novels that could actually be called romance romance, but most YA books have a relationship of some kind. I really like all of Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner’s couples (especially Gideon and Sophia). I”m reading Unearthed currently and loving the tension between Jules and Amelia.

  • Witch’s Lament: a story about a mother-daughter relationship

The first book which comes to mind is American Panda, which has an utterly complex mother daughter relationship which I loved the devlopment of. I thought the (mostly past tense) relationship between Remy and her mother was fascinating in The Loneliest Girl in the Universe. It was just one element of the psychological thriller of the book.

  • Last Midnight: a book where the characters have to race against time

Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom both feature high stakes heists in short time spans and they are thrilling and so marvellously executed.

  • No One is Alone: a book that gave you hope

All of my favourite books give me hope. These books are all ones that you’ve heard around here before but still worth mentioning: The Boy Most Likely To, the Wrong Side of Right, any Emma Mills books, Landmarks.


  • Children Will Listen: a story involving fairytales

The Fordbidden Wish is an exquisite reworking of the Aladdin myth. In fact, even remembering it makes me want to get it from the library and reread it because it’s just marvellous.

I’m not gonna tag anyone because this is just for fun and also I don’t know if anyone else shares this obsession. But I will be more than happy if you do it yourself.

answer one of these questions in the comments for me! and have you watched into the woods?


11 thoughts on “Into the Woods tag

  1. What a lovely tag 🙂 I have to say, I’m currently reading The Loneliest Girl and now… I’m even more curious about the relationship between Romy and her mother and I can’t wait to read more. AND YES The Forbidden Wish was so, so, soooo amazing ❤

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  2. I haven’t seen Into The Woods, I’m sorrrry. Although I did read this book called After The Woods and all I could think of was Into The Woods so whoops.😂 Anyway! I loved the ticking-bombs for the Six of Crow books…they always make pacing nice and tight and stressful! And stories within stories are sometimes hit or miss for me because they can end up just being telling telling bleh, buuuut other times it’s exquisite and makes the perfect book. 😍 There was a bit of it in the Wicker King which I loved and I need to finish The Wrath and the Dawn duology someday soon!!


    1. that’s okay Cait, you can’t be perfect. That external deadline did make the books really urgent which was actually pretty fun. I should really reread The Wrath and the Dawn.


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