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ABBA Book Tag, round two

More than two years ago, I invented a tag. It was the ABBA book tag, because ABBA is cool, ironically and also actually, and because I wanted to invent a tag. It didn’t spread very far, which is fine. But several people I don’t know did it, and I count it a success. I am now two years older than I was then. I still like ABBA; in fact, I watched Mamma Mia! again last month and had so many thoughts about feminism in the movie that I took notes at midnight about it. (That’s the kind of person I am, in case you were wondering. and, just btw, because some people seemed to be confused: the way that the categories correspond to lyrics is not the exact meaning of the lyrics. I understand the lyrics, okay. I took them slightly out of context to make the categories. Here we go!

I think I’ve gotten better at making graphics, too, which is great news

Take a Chance on Me (a book you unexpectedly liked)

I usually read books that I think I’ll like, so it’s unusual for a book to take me (positively) by surprise. But I was surprised that I enjoyed Smart Girls, which I read for my nonfiction challenge earlier this year. I didn’t know much about it, and it turned out to be super academic and AMAZING. Academia is cool, yo!

The Winner Takes it All (An overhyped book)

Turtles All the Way Down is certainly hyped. I think I’ll read it eventually, but I have a lot of other things to read in the meantime.

Waterloo (An amazing historical fiction book)

I have not read enough historical fiction, even though I really love historical fiction. But I found A House Called Askival, which is set in a place I know really well, so compelling (and also sad. WHY COULDN’T THE CHARACTERS BE HONEST)

You’re Only A Child (a recently published book)

I finished The Glass Spare last week, which was published in October. It actually totally disappointed me and made me realise that what I like in books has changed since I last read Lauren DeStefano.

I Have A Dream (a favourite, ‘ideal’ book)

Will it surprise you if I say Untidy Towns? This book is SO GOOD. I also love The FitzOsbornes in Exile; it’s the kind of book, where just thinking about it makes me want to reread it.

Dancing Queen (A book with royalty)

I do like books with royalty! A Song for Summer , as well as all of Eva Ibbotson’s other historical romances, has royalty. It’s deliciously angsty, and has a lot of different characters. These books are addictive and I find it hard to resist history.

Money, Money Money (a book you’re willing to pay lots for, because it’s awesome)

I love The Love that Split the World, and I want a paperback copy to match my copy of A Million Junes. But I’m generally a big fan of possessing books, because books are excellent. (did you know that? is it hard to tell) I also paid a lot of money for a hardback of The Hate U Give.

Lay All Your Love on Me (a book that needs more attention)

All the books I love deserve more attention. I really liked Take Three Girls, though. It’s about three girls making friends and tackling sexism and figuring themselves out. And one of the girls, Addie is a #fashionicon. And there’s hipster electronic music and bad decision making and easter eggs. It’s excellent. Also #LoveOzYA

Here We Go Again ( a book that seemed to copy another book)

The Hunt can be summed up as dystopian vampires. It is as ridiculous as you’d expect, and almost funny, because it tries so hard. It’s not a hard read, but it copies everything. Imagine the Hunger Games combined with Twilight, with more elbows and armpits (don’t read it to discover what that means).

S.O.S. (A book that should get in trouble and NOT be rescued)

I really did not like Genuine Fraud. IT was irritating, and the clever narrative structure did not change the fact that this book had nothing compelling about it whatsover. Also, Shar agrees with me on this one.

Knowing Me, Knowing You (a book you know a lot about for whatever reason)

I don’t really feel like an expert on any of the books I’ve read this year? So I’m going to have to go for a book I read last year: The End of Night. this book is brilliantly written, and inspired me to do two majoy projects, including writing a 7500 word paper of original research about light pollution.

Our Last Summer (a summery book)

I thought I’d add this category, whic isn’t in the original tag, because summer is coming up in New Zealand! Will I will be all too soon! and I do like summery books. I loved The Names They Gave Us, because it has Feelings and is about a summer camp.

I tag

(I’ve tried to mostly tag people I didn’t know very well when I wrote the original post because new people are great)

Elizabeth @ Musings From Neville’s Navel

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane books

Ivy @ Ivyclad Ideas

Anyone from We Live and Breathe Books 

If you know ABBA, tell me your favourite song! And what’s a book you know a lot about? tell me in the comments!





8 thoughts on “ABBA Book Tag, round two

  1. I love ABBA!!! I had a huge ABBA phase when I was a bit younger and now I still sing their songs all the time and I LOVE watching Mamma Mia! It’s such a good movie… Me and my mum sit there and sing along to all the songs while my Dad and my brother hide in the other room (lol they hate it). We’re well overdue for a rewatch though, so thank you for reminding me!

    (Also I am most definitely doing this tag lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The songs are so fun! and I love mamma mia though idk how I feel about Mamma Mia two lol. Did you ever do this tag? I don’t remember noticing haha (this is what happens when you reply to comments really really late)


  2. I mean… I GET IT’s A JOHN GREEN BOOK and people were hyping it JUST because it was by him but I don’t know…saying it’s OVER HYPED when you haven’t read it? meh. That’s kinda judging it won’t live up to the hype BEFORE you have read it. I do think it was overhyped just a little but I think it deserved to be popular due to the #ownvoices OCD rep in there which was SO SO important. I gae it 4 stars

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah I’m not saying it’s a bad book! By overhyped I guess I just meant that it had a disproportionate amount of attention, even if it is really good ( and I think it will be good! John Green is cool.


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