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Cake Flavoured Books Tag

Hi Virtually readers! As I’ve mentioned before, the last 2 months I’ve been a useless person who has barely commented/done much blogging at all. Why? Because I’ve been travelling! (To see where I’ve been going, click here and follow the Europe Diaries tag). Now I’m at home again, I will try to reply and everything. Before I start, though, I’ll do a monthly roundup of books I read because I feel like it. 

Books Shar Read in October
all titles link to Goodreads

The Scorpio Races: Re-read as an audiobook. It was so fun to listen to this while in Scotland. 5 stars. Also, I saw a swedish edition!


The Joy Luck Club: It’s about being an immigrant and family and mothers and daughters. (Disclaimer: not YA). I really liked the short-story aesthetic.

The Boy Book: I didn’t think I’d read this before, but I might have because some scenes were like deja vu. Funny and fluffy.

The Morning Gift: Quite predictable but also adorable and I liked the fact that Ruth was a diligent science student even though this was in the 1930s.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 3.13.26 pmYou Don’t Know Me But I Know You: I picked this up because it was about teenage pregnancy, but was not what I expected. Shanti and I have opinions and may co-review this but I wasn’t a fan.

The Old Man and the Sea: Depressing. Didn’t 100% get the point? Anyway, it’s a very famous classic and so now I’m glad I can say I’ve read it.

Half Bad: Quite dark, but I really really liked it <3. Definitely have to read the next 2 books!

Take 3 Girls: Empowering and I liked the focus on female friendship (but also the shippable romances). Inspired me to write a 10 page letter to myself (it was a small notebook, mind you), on a train to Prague.

Genuine Fraud: Will probably review it but was definitely not my thing.

Now, the wonderful Alexa tagged me for The Cake Flavoured Books Tag!

Chocolate Cake- A dark book you adored

I generally don’t like dark books. However, The Scorpio Races is pretty dark and violent but I really, really liked it. (Yes, I know it’s on my list above. Sorry.)


Vanilla Cake — A light readlara-jean-the-fandom

I love light fluffy things, especially when I’m stressed. Most contemporaries do this for me, so I’m going to say the Lara Jean trilogy by Jenny Han.

Red Velvet–a book that elicited mixed emotions in you

Okay, I haven’t had that many red velvet cakes but I really like them? I like most cake. Anyway, Trouble by Non Pratt was good but SO UNRESOLVED I was very dissatisfied.

Cheesecake- a book you’d recommend to everyone

There is no book everybody will like. But I think To Kill A Mockingbird is something a lot of people could at least get something out of.

cheesecake and hot chocolate in prague the other day

Coffee Cake– A book you didn’t finishnew_sabriel300px

(Coffee cake is such a waste of cake. It’s very sad) I used to not finish books a lot more than I do now. One is Sabriel, which Shanti is always going on about. Another is New  Moon because BORING. However, I’m willing to give Sabriel another try at some point. The same does not go for New Moon because I’ve frankly got more things to read.

Carrot Cake: A book with great writing

There are a lot of well written books in this world. The Weight of Feathers is one. Strange the Dreamer is another.


Cupcakes: A series with a 4+ of books

Yes, this is generic, but I’ll go with good old Harry Potter. (Side note: basically all the pages I like on Facebook are Harry Potter memes and if you just judged me off that you would think I was a super fan instead of a normal one).


north-to-you-9781501169489_hrFruit Cake: A book that wasn’t what you anticipated

For some reason Shanti told me to read North To You, which is a NA romance. I expected:sex sex sex sex sex sex food lurrve sex. I got: talking boundaries food food food food kissing more kissing sex food moral dilemmas. It was okay.


Lamington: Favourite Australian book82434

(How can people who aren’t from Australia/New Zealand not know what lamingtons are?). I’d just like to take this moment to say the laming tons were invented in New Zealand, not Australia (see this article from an food history academic). However, I read few books set in New Zealand which is an absolute travesty. So I’ll say Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta, which I loved.

Do you know what a lamington is? What’s your favourite cake flavour? Do you tend to enjoy light or dark books more? If there was only one book you could recommend to everyone, what would it be? 



11 thoughts on “Cake Flavoured Books Tag

  1. The cheesecake and hot chocolate though *heart-eyes. mouth waters*

    *GASPS* Coffee cake is a waste of cake??? But it’s so… delicious and fluffy and amazing. *sighs* To each their own, I suppose, haha. 😉

    Thanks for doing the tag! These are some really cool answers, and I’ll definitely check out some of the books you mentioned! 😀



    1. I have enjoyed some coffee cakes, just not all. Also, if you ever happen to be in Prague, I highly recommend The Chocolate Cafe, which is where I at the pictured cheesecake (but no pressure to go to prague, it’s quite far away, haha). YES LOOK AT ALL THOSE BOOKS I MENTIONED I AM ALWAYS RIGHT.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoy dark books more because light books inevitably are whitewashing something.

    The Old Man and the Sea might be too dark though. Dang, that one is depressing.

    I liked the Joy Luck Club, but had a different impression of it after an Asian guy told me he felt it was really biased against Asian men, then I thought through the book again…


    1. It was so depressing! I told this to the friend who recommended The Old Man and the Sea and she was like ‘but he caught his fish! it’s a hopeful story!’. She was wrong because it’s so depressing. I feel bad for the fish. What a waste of a life.
      Also, there are so many light non-whitewashed books I’ve read. You clearly don’t read enough YA contemporary (I say this because I know it’s true). Also, the Joy Luck Club being anti-east Asian men? I guess I can see that but I still enjoyed it.
      (PS: I am asian but not ‘asian’ as in korean, japanese, or chinese origin. So hence the east asian terminology)


    1. I haven’t read it yet! I know I’m terrible. I’ve only read the first Shadow and Bone book too. Ugh there’s so much hype I must get on this.


  3. WELCOME BACK!! I’ll head over to the other blog to read the adventures I’ve missed asap 🙂
    I love the Lara Jean series, such a fun, sweet read for sure. I so want to read Strange the Dreamer and The Weight of Feathers, both books are on my TBR and I am so curious about the writing 🙂


    1. READ STRANGE THE DREAMER IT’S ONE OF MY FAVOURITE FANTASY BOOKS EVER. And I’m not into a lot of fantasy books, especially long ones, but this is a total exception because IT’S AMAZING. I feel like I read The Weight of Feathers ages ago even though it was less than a year? I liked it so much though.

      Liked by 1 person

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