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Books about teenage pregnancy| A sub-genre I really enjoy

Hi Virtually Readers! One really random fact about me is that I adore teenage pregnancy books. I’m not sure why; I don’t plan on becoming pregnant in my last 2.2 years of teenagedom. But maybe that’s the point: pregnancy in teenagers is usually unexpected and leads to all sorts of moral qualms and interesting discussions. So here are 10 books about teenage pregnancy.


  1. Bumped and Thumped by Megan McCaffery

I’ve actually reviewed these, and I really, really like them! Basically, it’s set in a dystopian world where only teenagers can have children. Although this is somewhat unrealistic, it works. It discusses the ethics of surrogate mothers and paying for the best child as well as religion and sex and is just really good.

  1. Immaculate by Katelyn Detweiler

The main character is a pregnant virgin, and there’s a lot of religious undertones as people react to her claim. It’s kind of like a retelling of Mary’s story, except in modern day. The main character deals with a lot of orasticism from people who say she’s lying about her immaculate conception, and when the media finds out things get crazy. (Note: it’s not actually a Christian book)

  1. Mothership by Isla Neal and Martin Liecht

I haven’t actually read this because it’s not available here, but Heather and Shanti both tell me it’s really good. It’s basically about a whole lot of teenage girls on a spaceship and then some teenage boys get involved and it sounds excellent.

  1. Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Fun fact: we actually own this (although I don’t know where it is right now) because it was a library book and we got it wet. Basically, Lucy’s family has a curse where each woman in her line is impregnanted by a boy possessed by this evil spirit and then goes crazy after giving birth. But she finds out she might be able to stop the curse by completing three impossible tasks.

  1. Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson

This book broke me, you guys. It’s actually a thriller and the ENDING WHAT A PLOT TWIST I CAN’T. Anyway, the main character is pregnant and in a group home after being in prison for a crime we don’t know if she commited. Apart from the good writing and also really illustrating issues with the US’s juvenile justice system, her pregnancy definitely affects her actions and shows how desperate Mary is.

  1. In a Heartbeat by Alice Pung

I LOVED THIS SHORT STORY SO MUCH GUYS. It’s from Begin, End, Begin and basically it’s really well written and beautiful and important. It’s about an Asian girl in Australia who is pregnant and how she restores her relationship with her mother through the experience. It’s really realistic and honest and really, really good.

Fun story: I read this story while sitting in English class. My friend was sitting next to me, and I was like ‘I just really like books about teenage pregnancy’. I thought I was whispering, but I wasn’t, and everybody else who was working quietly started laughing. It was super embarrassing but luckily I got over it because it was pretty funny.

  1. Exit, Pursued by A Bear by E.K Johnston

I haven’t read this one either (It’s not in the library + really expensive on Amazon), but it’s sounds really good, plus LOOK AT THAT COVER *heart eyes*. Basically, it’s about a high achiever girl who is date-raped and gets pregnant and has to deal with a lot of things. (Although I’m not a big fan of the name Hermione, mainly because I only associate it with Harry Potter)

  1. Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

Teen pregnancy/motherhood is more a part of the second book, but this is basically set in a very racist world where black people (rather than white) are the ruling class, known as crosses. It’s got an inter-racial relationship with various repurcussions and, yes, teen pregnancy.

  1. Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray

It’s not a big part of the story, but it basically explores the repurcussions of making choices for other people. I don’t want to say more because spoilers.

  1. How To Save a Life by Sara Zarr

I’ve only just started this, but it’s about two girls, one of whom is pregnant, and the other’s mother wants to adopt her baby. So far it’s interesting and complicated.

Do you like books about teen pregnancy? Which other ones would you recommend? Have you got any embarrassing book-related stories?

16 thoughts on “Books about teenage pregnancy| A sub-genre I really enjoy

  1. I have read two books about teenage pregnancy. One was Trouble by Non Pratt which I really enjoyed, and the other was How to Love by Katie Cotugno, which I didn’t like so much. Bumped and Thumped sound interesting, similar to the Jewel by Amy Ewing, which is about teenagers with gifts being the only bearers of royal heirs. Great post!

    Rekha @ Million Book Mill


    1. I’ve heard of the Jewel, but I didn’t know what it was about until now. It sounds really interesting! I’ve been interested in some Non Pratt books, so I should check that out 🙂


  2. Oh I did love Allegedly. And by LOVE I mean, I’M STILL SLIGHTLY REELING. *falls on face* Ahem. But actually I confess I don’t really like books about teen pregnancy. 😭 It’s hard for me to read about unwanted children (which usually is the case with teens having babies in books?) and like I get it but it breaks my heart a bit so yeah. But I mean sometimes these books are done excellently!! And I do love the interesting discussions it always raises. Plus I’d like to read Exit, Pursued By a Bear (that title tho).


    1. It’s such a good title (I think it’s a famous line from a Shakespeare play. Can’t remember which one). It is so sad to think about unwanted children, but I’ve read 9/10 of these books and in all of them the children are wanted, I think (there’s one adoption, if I’m remembering right). Allegedly was just WHY. It broke me.


    1. To be fair, most teenagers don’t get pregnant. Like, I don’t know anyone who had kids as a teenager. That could just be the circles I hang out in?


    2. I can’t think of any books I’ve read about teenage pregnancy either. A few where it happened, but not where it was a major part of the story.

      I actually have known a lot of teenagers get pregnant though. In certain parts of the world and of almost every country it will be common.


      1. I recently read a teen pregnancy book about abortion. It was actually quite poorly written and I guess I was just annoyed that the author wrote the book specifically for the character to make that choice? (especially since the character was like ‘I can’t be a mother. Even though I’m adopted and it’s great, I don’t want to do that) However, it did make me think about my stance on the issue, so that was good.


  3. Well… I think I haven’t read that many books about teenage pregnancy, now that you mention it ahah – I only read Ten Thousand Skies Above You and I was a bit annoyed by this whole decision making and everything ahah. Anyway. I need to check out some of these books, Bumped sounds really interesting! 🙂
    Great post! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Now that you mention it, I think I’ve actually only read one book about teenage pregnancy: Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen. I’ll have to check out some of the books on your list!


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