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Why I follow your blog

Hi Virtually Readers! I recently unfollowed quite a few blogs and followed some more. This got me thinking about why I follow some blogs and don’t follow others. So if you’re wondering what I look for in a (book) blog, then you’ve come to the right place.


I follow more than 40 blogs on bloglovin’ (I don’t use WordPress reader. Not sure why. But I just never have) but a few months ago, I went through the ~60 blogs I was following and unfollowed a lot of them. Why? They didn’t post regularly. So the first thing I look for in a blog is

  • Regular posting

    If I see that a blogger hasn’t posted anything for six months, or has several months in between posts (excluding hiatuses), then I won’t follow them. Ideally, a blogger I follow will post at least 3-4 times a month.

But if a blog regularly posted about the cuteness of giraffes , I still wouldn’t follow. Which brings me to the next thing I look for in a blog.

  • The content

    I really like to read blogs about things that interest me! Such as books (especially YA books) and writing and the world. I also really enjoy lifestyle/personal posts, but usually interspersed with other posts, not just ‘this is my life’ type things all the time. I often look at the blogs of people who have commented here or who I know from instagram, and if I like their posts, I follow. But if the content doesn’t interest me, then I don’t. (That’s why we started another blog, by the way: so we could make sure this blog is mainly bookish stuff but still have somewhere to talk about other thoughts.)
    Also, with content I like variety–meaning not only book reviews, tags, or discussions, but a combination.

  • Writing style

    The next thing I notice is normally the blogger’s writing style. I like blogs with a distinct voice. This doesn’t mean that all they ever have to talk about is one thing, but rather that there’s a distinct style that makes this blogger stand out, whether it’s their use of CAPS LOCK, passion for a particular genre, or general writing style. Basically, I like to read things that can’t have been written by robots.
    (Side note: I think the choice of content to post, and which books are reviewed also totally contribute to voice. So, like,different blogs balance things out differently or review different genres. That’s what makes each one unique!)
    Also, this is totally me, but I kind of judge people’s grammar. And spelling. And like, the general readability of their blog. If I’m confused because something’s written badly then… well, I leave.

Writing style, content, and regular posting are the biggest things I look for in blogs. I think they’re all equally important. However, I can be a shallow person. So here’s some lower order things that influence my following of a blog.

  1. Blog Design

    Blog design doesn’t matter as much as content. But it does make me notice (or not notice) a blog. I totally judge headers and graphics and stuff… but I also try to pay attention to the user experience. When I’ve been working on Virtually Read, I think about these things:

    • If the about page/ other pages are easy to find.
    • If the sidebar is useful or distracting. Did you notice we have no sidebar now? I prefer that look but I don’t like how the entire page is slimmer. All the links are in the footer btw.
    • If the post graphics work for the post, or just look bad
    • Whether something about the theme makes the post hard to read, such as only taking up half the page.

    Obviously, if you have a specific theme you can’t control all these things. But thinking about them does help. And being able to easily stalk people find your way around is useful.

  2. The blogger themselves

    If the blogger seems nice on social media or has an interesting or amusing or otherwise engaging about page, I’m more likely to follow them. If you already follow me and leave awesome comments and stuff, then I just get more interested in what your posts have to say. It’s as simple as that. Which leads to…

  3. Social Media

    I love stalking people. I often find blogs through twitter (I don’t have an account… just stalk) Please don’t judge me or Instagram or the other way around. And if I like those pages, maybe I’ll follow.

Basically, me choosing to follow a blog is basically all about me being judgemental (and often judging yes). So here’s a list of some blogs I really like reading (plus I love the bloggers), and which fulfil a lot of the things on this list. (I couldn’t include everyone I follow, but be assured that if I follow you, it’s because I like your blog, okay?

  • Nut Free Nerd
    Holly is so nice! I like her writing style and the fact that she reads a lot of classics and is also super critical probably because she’s an English major.
  • Somewhat Reserved
    Grace reads a lot of UKYA, which other people don’t, and I like her discussions and personal/thoughtful posts.
  • Paper Fury
    Who doesn’t know Cait? She has a lovely design, is super active on social media and commenting back, and has a super distinct style which is enjoyable.
  • Drizzle and Hurricane Books
    I really like Marie’s writing style and balance of reviews/tags/discussions. Plus she is the most dedicated commenter ever and basically the best.
  • Ivyclad Ideas
    The blogger is also a lit major and an interesting reviewer and stuff, but my favourite part is that her inner editor is always snarking back at her on ever post.
  • Forever and Everly
    May is like a bright young blogging star. She has hilarious footnotes and I like her graphics as well as post topics.
  • Others I’ve forgotten.

That’s it! Wow gargantuan post. So what I want to know is: what makes you follow a blog? (including this blog hint hint) How do you figure out the balance between different types of posts?


25 thoughts on “Why I follow your blog

  1. I really never get tired of reading ‘What makes me follow a blog’ kind of posts. They’re usually pretty similar but it never gets old because each person has something even slightly different to say!

    Balancing posts is not hard. I try to just not post the same kind of content more than two times in a row and I feel good! I do think it’s important to diversify though. If content is only reviews and tags, it doesn’t matter how you mix it up, the content will always be just that and 😦 There has to be a balance between regular ‘expected’ kind of content, and things that are new and surprising.

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    1. I agree! I find it really hard when blogs have no discussions/unique content because while reviews and tags are important, I think unique blogger voice really comes out in what they say in discussions and new features. Also, I think you’re quite good at a lot of these 🙂


  2. I look at length. I often find a few points resonate with me in a post but then if it goes on and on, there are too many points that quite simply don’t. Also I’m time poor so I prefer shorter over longer. Having said that if it’s something I’m really passionate about and well written I’m happy to read something lengthy. I also love Nut Free Nerd (Holly) and found you through her 🙂 Hello!


    1. Hello back! I think I have a problem with writing posts that are too long. Apparently I have too many opinions. Maybe I should write a post about what I look for in a good post sometime!

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  3. This is so interesting! I’ve never ranked the reasons I follow, but I guess first and foremost I do it because the posts interest me: whether the content is something I’m into (like book and writing blogs) or I know the person from somewhere else and I’m just generally interested in their life, that would be the first reason why I would follow them. After that, writing is SUPER IMPORTANT. Like you said, if I can’t understand what they’re writing, that’s kind of a problem. :p Makes reading the blog somewhat difficult.

    Off to check out the bloggers you recommended! I’ve read Grace and Cait (and yes, they’re both wonderful!), but not the others, and I’m particularly interested in your recommendations. 🙂


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    1. I’m glad you’re interested in my favourite blogs! I get very annoyed about poor writing. Like you, I mainly follow blogs with content I’m interested in, but if it’s engaging with good writing then most content will be interesting.

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  4. This is such a great post – I really loved reading it, and I feel honored to be mentioned here alongside all of these fabulous bloggers! ❤ ❤
    I think I look for the same things in the blogs I follow – and I also need to check who I follow and clean up my feed a little bit, ahah. I'm looking for consistency for sure, to bloggers I can talk to and interact with, this is what interests me the most, so obviously bloggers with the same interests as me in books 🙂 They also need to somehow…I don't know, I have to "click" with them in some way, whether it's with their writing style, our discussions in comments, something like that 🙂

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    1. You deserve all the honour and glory, trust me ❤ ❤ . It's good to unfollow sometimes so you don't have to see posts you're not going to read.
      I know what you mean! There are some blogs/bloggers that tick all the boxes, but for some reason don't hold my interest. I don't know why that is..

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      1. Aww, you’re to sweet, shar ❤ ❤
        Same here. I don't know why that is, there are just bloggers I don't, "click with". They have to be everything I could love and get along with, but for some reason it's a no. I guess it's the same in real life, sometimes we just can't really connect.


  5. Omg YESSSS. I agree with these points so much! I think that content is really important for me — why would I follow a blog that posts things I have no interest in reading? Writing style is definitely huge (I’m totally that CAPS LOCK user). And YES sometimes the blogger themselves is why I’m following! Maybe I don’t like their content AS much, but I’m their friend and I want to support them. Love this post, Shar, and I’m so honored you mentioned me! 😀

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    1. You’re so good at networking, so you totally deserve to be there! And yes, I often follow because I find the person interesting, if not always their content. CAPS LOCK MAKES EVERYTHING FUN.

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  6. I’m so surprised you added my blog! I guess you like talking to me but I never knew you’d like my blog to actually show it! Thanks xD

    When you started talking about design I started getting nervous but I’m getting better at fixing templates I find I guess. I kinda agree with the blogging design as well. But more because I just can’t read blogs because of their design. They look nice but I can’t focus there ‘:-} You guys stand out not only because your blog looks nice but because it’s just really unique?

    I also agree with spelling and grammar. I once saw this guy’s blog and though I had things in common with him, his spelling and grammar were unfortunately not the best 😦

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    1. I cringe so much when I see blogs with bad grammar. I’m a bit of a grammar nazi that way.
      templates are totally fine! In wordpress, I more look for whether the theme makes it easy to read and whether it’s easy to find content (like about pages, etc. ) Your template isn’t fancy but it still works, and it’s easy to read 🙂
      I’m glad you like the design of our blog–it’s not as easy in my opinion as making great content. That’s just me though. And I’m so happy you think it’s unique! (also, of course your blog is great)


  7. These are really good reasons. Sometimes, as much as I may like a person or they seem nice, if they aren’t regularly posting book or writing related content on their blog, it’s just not something I want to necessarily follow. As a general rule (posting & reading) I feel like if a blog is MOSTLY about books & writing, with maybe one or two life type things thrown in now and then, that’s a good balance.


    1. Exactly! Most blogs I follow fulfil most of these bullet points, because if they don’t I just really am not that interested. Balance is really important! We started a second blog so we could write about other stuff but stay focused on this one.


    1. (Don’t worry, I still like you as a person. But you don’t regularly post, I don’t live in bangokok, and I’m not that interested in reptiles and amphibians. )


  8. I’m horrible and follow so many. But I don’t read the posts unless they interest me. So some e-mails are deleted right away. I usually end up liking and reading about 20-30 posts a day. I like to follow everyone for support though.


      1. I probably only read 15-20 per day. It varies daily though. I just try to pick what sounds most interesting by the e-mail title. I also have a few bloggers I’m starting to recognize and I almost always read theirs. I just do my best since I hope people will read mine, too.

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    1. That’s really true! It’s also about the right theme– some themes might work if you’re a business or doing short posts but don’t work for longer ones. It totally depends 🙂


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