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Books I read this year + stats

Hi Virtually Readers! What have you guys been up to? The other day, just for fun, I was counting all the books I’ve read this year (I keep track on calendars I make for myself) and decided to analyse them a bit. Fun fact: I took stats at school last year, and it was my least favourite class. However, plugging numbers into a program that makes pie graphs is pretty easy. So today I’ll show you each fancy chart, then talk about it.

(disclaimer: I made these with Infogram, but I ended up taking screenshots of the charts because I couldn’t work out how to get the images. Technology is hard, yo)

stats post graphics

Books read by month

screen-shot-2017-08-10-at-9-02-44-am-e1502338536711.pngThe most interesting thing about this graph, I think, is the variation. You can see I read the most books in January, June and July (although august isn’t over; I read 4 books in the first 5 days of August but haven’t finished any since). Why? In January, June, and July, I’ve had holidays. In between, I still read, but I was also studying my butt off trying to finish high school, so I had far less time on my hands.

Books read by genre

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 9.03.06 am

Last year I would have told you I read the most contemporary, which is still true, because they’re fluffy and easy to get through and generally shorter than genres like fantasy or historical. But I also have read a lot of fantasy this year. Curiously, Sci-fi and dystopia are my favourite genres (they often overlap so I put them as one), but I read far less than in other genres. Also, I only had one historical fiction book, although books like Passenger, Wayfarer and A Great and Terrible Beauty would classify as both historical fiction and fantasy. I put them under fantasy; the one ‘pure’ historical fiction book was Black Dove, White Raven. I want to read more historical. Also, look how many classics, adult books and nonfiction I read! #proud.

Books I read by gender of author

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 9.03.25 am

This isn’t that surprising, considering that probably the majority of YA authors are women, but maybe I should read a few more books by men to branch out a bit? The ‘both’ included Illuminae, Gemina, and two short story anthologies.

Books I read by series

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 9.03.39 am

I’ve finished so many series this year! Considering I read the most contemporaries and those are generally standalones, you’d think this wasn’t the case, but I’ve read a lot of books that are in series this year. (ACOL, Dreams of Gods and Monsters, Lara Jean trilogy, HP, The Lunar Chronicles, Black Heart, the last two Raven Cycle books, The Winner’s Trilogy, Passenger… you get the idea)

Books I read by reread or read for the first time

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 9.50.05 am

I really enjoy rereading, and just over a quarter of the books I read were re-reads. (Rereading all of Harry Potter and The Lunar Chronicles definitely helped). I think this is about how much re-reading I want to be doing; it’s good to try new books but also return to old favourites.

Books I read by publication date

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 9.46.36 am

I felt like I read a lot of new releases this year. But I think it’s okay that I’ve also read lots of books that were published earlier than this. (This includes 7 HP books, the Lunar Chronicles, and all the classics and adult books and nonfiction I read as well). I love shiny new releases, and I think this year has had a lot of good books, but I’m glad that I haven’t based my choice of reading material on the publication date alone just to keep up with other bloggers.


This was so much fun to analyse! Thankfully, it involved no t-tests, p-values, or chi-squares (if you know what these are, you get bonus points). Also, these are probably not that accurate because for a few books I guessed release dates and didn’t bother with looking anything up, and also just assumed about the author’s gender sometimes. But whatever. This was mainly a fun exercise, not a precise one.

What do you think of these stats? Which genre do you read the most/least? Do you read more recent releases or backlist books? 


17 thoughts on “Books I read this year + stats

  1. I love keeping track of stats like these! I especially think it’s interesting to keep track of how many books I read per month over a series of years. It looks like your reads go down from February through May—and that is true for me, too! And it’s probably related to school, so I’ll be interested to see whether there is a change when I graduate. I was also interested to see your genre picks. I think I could have guessed contemporaries would be your top choice, but I don’t know if I’d have picked fantasy next. Thanks for sharing these, Shar! 🙂


  2. These stats look pretty cool. I really like seeing bloggers make them. I want to applaud you for reading so much despite being overwhelmed with schoolwork!

    I agree that contemporary helps you to read a lot more. I started off the year by reading more Fantasy/Sci Fi but then I started to read more Contemporary later on and really preferred that (I’m still on the hunt for Fantasy, I cannot believe that I can dislike that genre). I read one African classic and it reminded me of how I miss reading classics and modern classics and generally literature that you’d usually read in school.

    I’ve read mostly backlist books this year (and practically almost every year) but I was surprised that I read any this year. So that’s cool….


    1. I read way more in the holidays, and so that managed to increase my numbers, haha.
      Also school encouraged me to read so many books that I wouldn’t have otherwise but ended up loving (and some that I didn’t like at all… but it’s okay to branch out sometimes, I guess). Why don’t you read as many new releases? For me, since I don’t buy many books or get arcs, the main limiting factor is whether it’s at the library.
      It’s interesting that you read different genres in different times of year! I read more contemporary when I’m stressed. Sometime I should do a month/genre breakdown. Maybe the whole ‘summer/contemporary’ read thing has something to it?


  3. I find statistics really interesting and I have been recording the amount of books I’ve been reading and I’m super excited to see which genres etc. I read the most at the end of the year.


    1. Oh I’d definitely read a post like that! These graphs are so fun and easy to make. Do you have any predictions? Thank you for commenting!


      1. Exactly, making graphs is so much fun. I think I’ll have read less 2017 releases than most people, and there will probably be more audiobooks on there than I would have expected going into this year.


  4. Isn’t it always interesting to analyze data? I have been keeping a spread sheet this year, just for the purpose of analyzing particulars, that I normally didn’t notice. I know I read a lot of contemporaries. I enjoy them the most, and I read for enjoyment. My reading challenges get me reading a little more broadly and I am happy about that.


    1. Analysing data is so fun! I find contemporaries really easy to read, and I wish I’d had more reading challenges to encourage me to read wider. Because I usually don’t, which is shameful.
      Thanks for your comment!

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  5. I love doing reader stats stuff! I didn’t really keep track of some things that I wish I had, but I’ll definitely remember to include it in 2018! Wow, 18 books in January is awesome! And 4 books in the first five days, that’s great! I definitely read more books from female authors — WHERE MY MALE AUTHORS AT??? And haha, I think I read a lot of 2016/2017 books, just because of all the hype and how interested I am!


    1. I don’t quite know how I read so much in January? I was away and travelling a lot, which meant I read more (As opposed to be being on holiday at home, because I can see my friends or do music practice or bake and other things that distract me from reading ) . Hype definitely encourages me to read new releases!

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  6. This is a fun post! I like looking at all the fancy graphs. 🙂
    You read much, my friend. I am impressed.
    I don’t read very many new releases, so I am usually about ten years behind the times in my reading, sometimes more. I just read what looks interesting to me. I love rereading old favorites too! I recently reread Harry Potter, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.
    I probably read the most fantasy, but I am not really sure. I know that the genre I read the least of is non-fiction. Those are very hard for me.
    Again, great post!


    1. I don’t feel like I read that much? Maybe because I don’t compared to Shanti and a few other people. I want to focus more on reading what interests me rather than what everybody else is talking about–you have discipline! I reread Harry Potter this year and it was so great.
      Two of the nonfiction books I read this year were for school. The other two (I think it was two) were quite short and easy 🙂

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