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New Blog

What is this? A new blog! What are you doing, Shar and Shanti? Don’t you like this blog?


Fear not, mortals. We’re not moving. However, Shanti and I have both been wanting to have a blog dedicated to things other than books for a while now. Daylight Differentials is going to be for our thoughts, opinions, and anything that isn’t bookish. If this interests you, then you should totally go and follow us there or on Bloglovin. 

If you just like our post about YA books, don’t worry, we’re not abandoning Virtually Read. In fact, something low-key exciting is going to happen to it soon. You’ll know all about that when it happens. Daylight Differentials is going to have more sporadic posts. Unlike Virtually Read, we won’t have a posting schedule, so posts will probably be more infrequent (but still quality. Fear not). But if you want to hear about our travels later this year or general thoughts now, you should totally follow us.

Have you ever wanted to start a non-bookish blog? 


12 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. Very excited that you’re starting a non-bookish blog.

    Obviously this identity links to a non-book blog of mine, but I’m also starting a different non-book blog in the near future, if Wix can get with the program and fix their new blog format.


  2. Oooh this sounds EXCITING. Also good luck to both of you keeping up two blogs!! That sounds like a lot of work.😂 And I occasionally want to write about non-bookish things but I just whack it all on the one blog. Mostly I just have to admit to myself that my life is 98% books.😂😂 I CAN’T WAIT TO VISIT THE NEW BLOG AND READ ALL THE THINGS!


  3. Ohh this is such a great idea, I’ll be looking forward to your non-bookish posts as well now! Best of luck for this new blog, hope you’ll have fun 🙂


  4. Sounds like a cool project! I have actually worked on a non-bookish blog before, but it was something of a struggle to come up with ideas. I hope you two have the greatest of times working on it! 😀


    1. I think what Shanti and I are thinking is that we’re not going to try to have a posting schedule. However, we both like writing things so it’ll be nice to be able to share that, plus we’re both travelling to different places later in the year so we can post about that.


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