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Five truths, four lies

Hi Virtually Readers! A long long long time ago, the lovely Elizabeth@ Musings From Neville’s Navel tagged me from the 5 Truths and 4 Lies tag thingy. Thanks! Now, normally this is a book blog, not a all-about-my-life blog, but I thought I’d do this tag anyway. Basically, the premise is that I tell you 5 true things and 4 false things and you guess which is which in the comments and then at some point I reveal THE TRUTH. Some of this info can probably be found on this blog if you hunt around a little bit. Also, members of my family are barred from playing (sorry, guys). Let’s get to it!


  1. I really love history.
  2. I prefer wearing trousers to skirts.
  3. I did a lot of gymnastics as a child and still can do cartwheels and walkovers and the splits.
  4. I once managed to injure myself while laughing.
  5. I once managed to injure myself while brushing my teeth.
  6. I once managed to injure myself while putting on a scarf.
  7. I’m really good at origami.
  8. I like to get up early.
  9. A librarian once told me that I should be a librarian, and that’s my ultimate life goal.

So have fun guessing! I’ll reveal the answers later this week. And if you like, tell me one interesting fact about yourself in the comments.


13 thoughts on “Five truths, four lies

  1. 1. False
    2. False
    3. True
    4. True
    5. True
    6. False
    7. True
    8. True
    9. False

    In summary, I really don’t know. XD I’m interested to find out what your answers are! This tag is very fun, though. 🙂


    1. Yes, I’m a HUGE fan of skirts. You got three wrong (I am still pretty flexible and can do gymnastic tricks). And seven is wrong too–I know no origami haha. So, you know me pretty well XD


    1. Four is true (I walked into a wall while brushing my teeth and blood ensued), and seven is false (everyone seems to think I’m good at origami. I guess I’m holding the paper stars in the picture but it was a red herring haha) And eight is true! I wake up at six every day to go running.

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  2. DUDE I DON’T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT YOU TO GUESS ACCURATELY??? I’m going to say 2 is a lie (because you’re wearing a skirt/dress in that pic so OBVIOUSLY). And DARN IT YOUR ABOUT PAGE ONLY HELPS WITH THREE OF THESE. :((((


    1. True
    2. Lie
    3. True
    4. True
    5. True
    6. Lie
    7. True
    8. Lie
    9. Lie


      Seven if false and 8 is true, but apart from that you got it all right GO YOU MAY . (haha yeah the skirt was a bit of a giveaway, I wear skirts like 80% of the time. And no one seems to think I want to be a librarian haha.

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  3. oh this is suuch a fun post. I want to try and guess but I’m scared it’d be such a failure, ahah. I feel like the gymnastic one is true and for some reason I want to say the 6th as well, I don’t know why ahah. I can’t wait to see the actual truths and lies in this ahah 🙂


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