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How to Survive High School (YA edition)

So if you’re reading this, it means I’ve graduated from high school! It’s very exciting, and I’m quite happy. What does it mean for this blog? Well, not much really. Shar and I have six months ‘off’ before we start university, and we’re going to have all sorts of adventures, and probably start another blog? Anyway, we’ll keep you posted if the schedule is going to change. But because I am incapable of being serious, I thought I’d compare my high school survival methods with the typical YA protagonists. 

 The YA Protagonist survived high school by I survived high school by
Getting a boyfriend Bringing lip balm everywhere (dry lips are the ENEMY, seriously, keep it in your pencil case)
Finding and solving a mystery  Finding lots of mysteries, like why do people like Snapchat? And what is calculus? I’m didn’t solve any of these mysteries, but I did learn lots about people and world while doing so.
 Looking effortlessly fabulous  Putting effort into how I look (speaking of, you may see a book outfit post sometime this summer), but tried to worry about comfort and what I liked, rather than trends
 Having awesome summers Having really awesome summers, but they weren’t as idyllic as YA implies. Sometimes you have to *sigh* walk to the pool. Sometimes your friends aren’t around. Sometimes *gasp* the library is closed. Sometimes you have to go hiking with your parents.
 Ignoring their best friend  Spending time with friends. I could not have survived high school without all my friends. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in your own ‘plot’, the responsibilities and commitments and assignments, but friendship matters too. Sometimes it’s strong last-forever friendship (like Shar), sometimes it’s ‘I will lend you books and convince you to do your homework’ friendship, sometimes it’s ‘I will put up with your angst friendship. Friendship is seriously so important. Don’t ignore your friends, even if you ARE a YA protagonist.
 Because they fell in love with their (other) best friend Falling in love with blogging, and YA, running, wearing skirts, and newspaper. And then giving those things lots of time.
 Not spending time with their families  Spending time with my family. My family are very kind, and supportive, and indulgent of my book buying, and they don’t think I’m too weird, and generally I’m so glad for their support.
 Not having to do homework  Doing a lot of homework. Procrastinating on a lot of homework. Handing assignments in on time (mostly)
 Being inspired by cool teachers Being inspired by cool teachers. But I tried to learn from teachers who weren’t cool as well?
 Becoming sleep deprived  I need my eight hours (or maybe seven depending on how late I stay up reading), I usually got up around 5:30 to have time for piano and running in the mornings.

I’m glad that I went to high school, and I’m glad that I finished, and I’m glad for all the people who have helped me–including the lovely readers of this blog. Thanks so much, guys. I also don’t know how I would have spent all this time without YA books and reading and writing, so I’m grateful for that as well. Anyway, this is a milestone for me, but for you it’s probably another Saturday. So tell me about one YA trope that you have experienced and one you haven’t, and maybe how you feel about high school. I look forward to your comments.


14 thoughts on “How to Survive High School (YA edition)

  1. Congrats on your graduation! I hope both you and Shar have a great time as you take your break, attend university, and move forward. 🙂 This was funny! I think it was quite a bit more practical, too, to be honest. I especially appreciate that you spent time with your family because a) why can’t YA people ever get along with their families? and b) that is a good practice for the rest of your life. *nods* This idea was cute and funny! 🙂 Congrats again!


    1. Thanks you so much Heather! YA isn’t that realistic in a lot of ways–but sometimes, that’s what makes it fun I guess. And spending time with my family honestly helped me survive. I could write so much more about that, but I’m glad we agree!


  2. Congrats on finishing up high school! Hopefully I’ll get there someday. Ughh wish that I loved my blog as much as you love yours. I’ve been going through a rut lately and have had to play catch-up a lot 😦 That aside, I identify a lot with your post (especially the not-understanding-calc part ;)) and it reminds me that it’s a pretty great time of my life despite all the craziness. There’s still cool teachers and great friends and loving family, and that’s what makes it all worth it ^_^ thanks, and have lots of fun on your break! Keep us updated~


    1. Thanks Eli! I’m sure you’ll survive with lots of YA books to help you along. I love my blog…but I try not to stress about it? Idk. CALCULUS IS SO HARD (when I did it last year I cried AT LEAST once a week from calculus related stressors). Yeah, it’s good to enjoy your life as it is and all that.


  3. Oh my god this post is so adorable and creative ahhhh! 😀 I feel so old now just thinking (let alone commenting) “Oh wow, I remember when /I/ graduated from high school,” but… time really does fly by! It’s hard to believe that I graduated two years ago. Before you know it you’ll be well into the rest of your Adulting life! :O

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  4. Congratulations on finishing high school! I hope you’ll have six months off filled with adventures, you’re so lucky to get so much time off before going to university.
    I love this post so much – I can relate to it a lot ahah, remembering my high school times 🙂


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