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You know you’re a Reader when…

Hi Virtually Readers! I was feeling like a fun post today, and since I’ve been thinking about what makes me a Reader, here’s a post about it.

This is a handy guide for determining if you’re a reader or a Reader.


You know you’re a Reader when:

  • You think finishing that book is more important than sleep
  • You’ve mastered the art of reading under your covers (whether it’s because you don’t like getting up to turn off the light or because it’s wild and illicit)
  • You’re a pro at reading and walking. (And if you don’t know how, check out this guide)
  • You read paperbacks only half open because you don’t want to crack the spines.
  • You’re broke but you still buy books.
  • You can be found stroking your books when you’re not reading and whispering “My preciousesss” to them.
  • Reading is your #1 method of procrastination
  • You want to lend your fabulous books to people because everybody deserves their awesomeness but then you don’t want to because what if the book gets hurt/damaged/never returned that would be sad so then you have this dilemma.
  • You recommend your favourite books to everybody. Your BFF. That annoying person who sits next to you in bio. Your enemies. Your siblings. Your friends. Your dogs. Your friendly local aliens. BASICALLY ANYTHING WITH A FACE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK IT IS THE ACTUAL BEST.


  • The library is your favourite place because FREE BOOKS.
  • You know how to read when you’re supposed to be doing work. (Under the desk? Long bathroom breaks?)
  • You find it hard to talk about things that aren’t books.
  • You’ve made book related crafts/fanart/clothing/snacks.
  • You always dress up as a book character for dress up days. If nobody know who you are, then a) sucks to be them, and b)it’s your job to enlighten them.
  • Sometimes (often? Always?) you choose reading over socialization.
  • Other people are constantly missing your on point book references.
  • You have an opinion about hardback vs. paperback, characters vs. plot, and contemporary vs. fantasy. [insert other bookish quandaries here.]
  • Sometimes you want to fall into a book.


Which of these is you? Which of these isn’t? What do you do when you want to fall into a book? Have you ever dressed up as a book character? How do you know you’re a reader?


15 thoughts on “You know you’re a Reader when…

  1. I ALWAYS want to fall into a book, but I don’t actually care about cracking spines. I mean, a book that looks read is a book that’s been loved, right? Oh, and I’m also one of those monsters who folds over the corners of the pages. BWA HA HA!


    1. I guess that I get why cracking spines (or dog earing) is bad, and I used to do the corner folding thing too. I stopped once I started reading a lot of library books because BE NICE TO LIBRARY BOOKS basically XD


  2. OMG THIS IS SO RELATABLE. I do a lot of these things – especially choosing reading over socializing. 😂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! ❤


    1. I’m a pro at reading under my desk XD . And I bet bookworms are better at multitasking and avoiding obstacles than normal people because we’re so good at reading and walking 🙂 I’m glad you liked it!


  3. Reading paperbacks half open? *raises hand* I DO THAT ALL THE TIME. 😂😂 And like I wasn’t sure there WERE other topics other than books tho??? What is that madness.

    (Least to say I RELATE A LOT TO THIS AND IT’S SO FUN.😂)


    1. There is no other way to read paperbacks, honestly. And what are people talking about if not books? NOTHING, THAT’S WHAT. (also yay you found it relatable)


    1. Thank you! Spending money on books doesn’t count as spending money… right? (my wallet says I shouldn’t but I don’t listen because I DO WHAT I WANT)

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  4. Yes to all!! Gotta love the accuracy of this post. (Well except for dressing up as book characters because 1) it’s hard to find a costume and 2) I haven’t really ‘dressed up’ before) and if I ever find myself wanting to fall right into a book I’ll read the scene that made me feel so for ten more times – or hundreds, it really depends but I NEED MORE OF THAT SCENE


    1. Yeah… I don’t often dress up as book characters, but a few times there’s been a dress up day at school or something and obviously I’ve gone as a book character. (One time I was Cress from the Cinder series, which was super fun). Some scene are so compelling and jksla;klsad;klfj that I could read them a zillion times too!


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