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The School Book Tag

Hi Virtually Readers! I’m quite excited right now because I finally have break (for like 6 days, but it’s still break) And the incredible Holly@Nut Free Nerd tagged us for the School Book Tag so I’m going to do that (after having a small fight with Shar about who does tags–sorry, Shar) I’m still in school, so I might mix it up a bit to match the classes I actually take. We’ll see.

1. Math; a book that left your head spinning

I mean, I feel like this question is a bit unfair to maths. But the intensity of The Future Collection by BethRevis (a bunch of creepy sci fi short stories) definitely got to me.

2. English; a book with beautiful expression

There are so many! But I really loved the poetry of only the sea keeps, a poetry collection about the 2004 tsunami, and the nuance and detail of Crimson Bound, a dark, edgy, lovely Red Riding Hood retelling.

3. Physics Psychology; a scientifically minded character

I really loved learning about the science of Wanda from The Host. She’s a great traveller and very curious.

4. Chemistry; Your favourite literary couple

I love a lot of couples, so I always find these superlatvie questions hard. But Evie and Ollie from Am I Normal Yet? have a really great tension and relationship (though they take a long time to get together)

5. Biology; Your favourite character

Again, this is the kind of question which it’s always so hard to answer. I really like Daisy’s  (from Revived) spunk and curiousity. Beneath her weird home life (she’s died many times) she just wants to be a good friend, and is struggling to figure out what that means. Bonus points to another character who comes back to life: Wren, from Reboot. (These aren’t necesserily my favourite characters, but just two I like)

6. French Hindi: A book from another language

I really love Fire and The Key, which were translated from Swedish. Witches, friendship, death, apocalypse, magic, and high school; what combination could be better, right?

7. Art; a book you judged by its cover

I got the hardcover edition of Out of the Easy because it was the same price, and so pretty. I love that muted gree colour, and think the visual elements are totally intriguing too.

8. History; The last historical book you read

I read Tom Standages’ An Edible History of Humanity a few weeks ago, and loved how it used one lense to look at so much important, fascinating stuff.

9. Geography; a literary destination you’d like to visit

I’ve got to say Tortall, from Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small, Song of the Lioness, Immortals, and Beka Cooper series. There’s going to be a new book about Numair and I’m thrilled.

10. Drama; a book with a lot of overdramatic hype

Our Chemical Hearts. I was so excited for this one because SCHOOL NEWSPAPER is something that’s really important to me (though sometimes I’m not sure why haha) but it was ultimately disappointing. I also watched The Breakfast Club a few days ago because it’s so famous that I thought I should; but found it dreadful, and loathed the general experience (which I could rant about for a long time, but I’ll spare you)

I tag….

Eli @ The Silver Words

Sophia @ Ravens and Writing Desks

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

What is/was your favourite subject at school (Geography and history and english for me)? And are there any books that you’ve learnt a lot from?

4 thoughts on “The School Book Tag

  1. There is no such thing as being unfair to maths. It knows what it did! (I HATED maths.) My favourite subjects were always English and history.
    Fire and the Key sounds like an interesting series – I might have to check them out!


    1. I try to blame all of maths for the wrongs calculus did me. I do love humanities subjects more. I loved Fire and the The Key, they’re really nuanced stories.


  2. Thanks for the tag! 🙂 These look like some great prompts, and I’m stoked to get it posted as soon as Diversify 2017 is over. Ooh, An Edible History of Humanity sounds like it’s just up my alley 😀 I’m getting off break soon, but it looks like we’ll both be on it for a while. Hope you relax, read some great books, and have fun ^-^


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