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YA Found Poetry

Hi Virtually readers! So this is a sort of random post, but I was in the mood for it. Have you ever heard of blackout poetry? It’s basically where you have a page and cross out all words except the ones in the title. So today I’m doing that except I’m just taking random words and phrases from YA books and turning them into poetry. Each book (there are three) was published in the last five years by a major publisher (but none are from 2016 or 2017, and they’re all different) and is pretty popular. You have to try to guess the book. Hint: the title of the poem will in some way relate to the title of the book.


  1. Fragile Beauty

She wasn’t hungry

A small box

Her heart twisted

She couldn’t approach


Bewilderment and desire and fear

You need protection

Kissing her again


Don’t control you

Every time you touch me

A cruel sound


It was perfect

Everything she wanted

Didn’t seem to care


Good progress

A good queen

A plan


Those bodies were her fault

  1. Remaining Ashes

Obsidian eyes

Shadows and claws

Rare gift



Iron figurines

The whispers died


They might have valuable information

Still gruesome

So vital


Burnt yourself out

That much magic

Cut open and broken


Usual vitriolic dislike


curled up in the corner


deadlier than poison


wildfire in her mind

  1. Tender Monstrous Skeletons.

It should end with one too

Neither disappointing nor magical

A shared secret

Pestilence is free.

As fortune would have it

Luteous gold with vertical slit pupils

Unlike the other bidders

It isn’t becoming

And use it. And use it.

Something else. Something else.

Ambassadress of teeth.

Mint leaves

You don’t know everything


A passage of dull black stone.

She was caught

Voice lifted in hope

That vivid searching


Nothing at all had happened

Repelled by his hands

Plan. Plan. She had a plan


Fragile in his fist

What am I not?

Its bright and shining madness

Do you still want to know who you are?

Eyes filled with tears

Doubt her guilt

A resurrectionst

I came here for you.

Her angel had gone


So, this was fun. Do you have any guesses which books the poems came from? And do you ever dabble in poetry? 

22 thoughts on “YA Found Poetry

    1. Poetry is hard but also fun. I like that it’s sort of up to you to interpret it! the books are, in order, Fairest by Marissa Meyer, Heir of Fire by SJ Maas, and Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. You can stay just the way you are.


  1. I love this! I love blackout poetry, I love reading poetry, and I love writing poetry. This is such a neat idea, and all of your poems are absolutely gorgeous! The only one I even had a guess for was 3- City of Bones? What are they? I’m quite curious! XD


    1. I love all your guesses, and this was totally very hard. You did so well! and I’m glad you liked the poems. The first one is Fairest by Marissa Meyer, the second is Heir of Fire by SJ Maas and the third is Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

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  2. BUT I NEED TO KNOW THE BOOKS NOW. I am way too curious and I have been reading and re-reading this for the past ten minutes trying to figure it out haha. I really love what you’ve done here, it’s so original! Also…well okay, I’ll be back once I found at least one title. I’m off to Goodreads to try and find books haha.

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    1. Do you need some more hints? 2 are fantasy, 1 is sci fi, all of them are parts of a series (1 is the first book, 1 is the third book, and one is a prequel), and they’re all pretty well known and popular.

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    2. You did such a great job with guessing. Actually, the first one was Fairest by Marissa Meyer, the second Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas, and the last one was Daughter of Smoke and Bone!

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      1. Ohhh I haven’t read Fairest – I did read the whole series and Stars Above. Do you think Fairest is worth a read just as well? 🙂


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