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Mini reviews + a reading challenge (!)

HI Virtually readers! After 19 days away from home in warm south india (we went to 6 states + more passing through by train), we’re home. Hopefully this means that I can dedicate more time to blogging. I really need to go and read people’s blog posts and stuff, but I had a really nice break nevertheless. PLUS I read 13 books, which was obviously fabulous. So I’m going to review a few that I don’t think I’ll give a full review today and also talk about this reading challenge I’m going to do this year.

The Fault in Our Stars

This was actually my 3rd or 4th reread, I can’t remember. ( The last one was on a wobbly whale-watching boat in Sri Lanka, fun fact). Β I’ve previously said I think this book is overrated. While I disagree that it’s ‘the best book I’ve ever read ❀ ❀ <3’ like I’ve heard some people say, I did enjoy it. So here are some of my thoughts.

  • Hazel had a really distinct voice, which I really liked.
  • Building on that, I really liked Hazel’s tone (i.e. her attitude to the story) and the book’s mood (the kind of emotions it portrays, I guess)
  • John Green/ this book really seems to ‘get’ how teenagers work, or at least how I work.
  • I felt like it was realistic: the horribleness of cancer certainly wasn’t romanticised.
  • TFIOS explored the question ‘do we need a legacy’; Augustus’ obsession with doing something great was really thoughtfully explored.
  • I generally enjoyed all the references to philosophy and literature etc.
  • The ending is really great
  • So are the secondary characters, like Hazel and Augustus’ friend Isaac and Hazel’s mother and Peter Van Houten.

However, I still feel like TFiOS is overly focused on romantic love, and it’s not (to me at least) one of the best books ever.

Characters: 5/5

Plot: 3/5

Setting: 3/5

Themes & writing style: 4/5

Total: 3/5

Peter Pan

I wanted to read this classic after being in a Peter Pan play last year. If I had to summarise it in a sentence, I’d say: Boy takes girl to imaginary island and stuff happens. So in case you can’t tell, it was confusing. The plot didn’t really know what was going on? I have a longer review (because I reviewed all the of 13 books I read LIKE A BOSS), but here are some thoughts.


  • The Crocodile: Neverland, of course, has a crocodile. At one point he swallowed a clock (at another point he swallowed Hook’s hand, fun fact) and so a) whenever Hook hears ticking he panics and b) whenever someone wants to know the time, they hang out near the crocodile until it strikes the hour, then go back and tell everybody the time.
  • Tinker Bell: gets so jealous of Nancy, because they both like Peter. Peter is very nonplussed by all this.
  • Political correctness: was not very present. Then again, it was published in 1902, and the entire book was pretty mocking of a lot of other things, so I could deal with it. But Nancy was basically there to be a housewife. The boys had all the adventures by themselves, and it basically was not an empowering-women story. On the other hand, in the end the boys all grow up and become boring while Nancy and her daughters get to go back to Neverland. Also there was this whole passage about Red Indians vs Palefaces, which didn’t make much sense.
  • After acting in Peter and the Starcatchers, reading Peter and the Starcatchers, and reading Peter Pan, I should probably watch the movie.

Plot: 2/5

Characters: 3/5

Setting: 4/5

Theme/Writing: 4/5

Total: 3/5

Also, I might post more photos from my holiday (we went to this really cool fort, for example), but if not here’s this photo of me in a bookshop in Bangalore:


I’m also announcing that I’m doing the Ivyclad Bingo! 2017 reading challenge hosted by Rain@ Ivyclad Ideas. It looks really fun, and also doable (except maybe the over 500 pages one). Today I made a chart so I can keep track of it. If you’re interested in joining (which you totally should), go over to her blog!

I should rotate this, but I’m not in the mood frankly

Are there any good books I should read? Which posts have I missed? What have you been up to recently? What are your feelings about TFiOS? TELL ME THE THINGS



20 thoughts on “Mini reviews + a reading challenge (!)

  1. Hi Shar!! I saw you commented on my blog…. Thanks for checking out The Teentrepreneur! To answer your question, I actually used a premade template and then coded just a few parts of it to fit me preferences. πŸ™‚ Happy blogging- love your blog.


  2. Hi Shar!! I saw you commented on my blog…. Thanks for checking out The Teentrepreneur! To answer your question, I actually used a premade template and then coded just a few parts of it to fit me preferences. πŸ™‚ Happy blogging!


  3. Cool, its TFIOS now. I loved the book for the very real characterisation as you say. Really enjoyed the movie too. Lots of stars for everything except the setting. Yet another book set in middle class (aka super rich) USA. 80% of the planet don’t drive around in their own cars nor do they get trips to Holland. I would love to see more books set in the kind of reality most of this planet lives in. God of Small Things, or Nectar in a Sieve or A Fine Balance type of books. Much more real to me.


  4. I love that photo of you with all the books! THAT’S SO AWESOME. 😊😊 And yyayyyy that you’re back! I was missing you and Shanti!! I’m glad you had a great holiday though, and woah that is a lot of travelling. When I went on a roadtrip with my folks a few years back, I think we managed to cover 3 states? In like 2 months. πŸ˜‚ Whyyyyy are our states bigger than quite a lot of countries?!? GAH.πŸ˜‚
    Anyway, I’m glad you still like TFIOS! I re-read it a think last year? Or the year before? And I still love it to bits. I know a lot of people say it’s way too pretentious but that was tooootally me as a teen so it actually speaks to me on a spiritual level. I NEED TO REREAD NOW. Good luck with the bingo too!!


    1. I KNOW RIGHT?? Luckily almost all our travel was by train, which is good because there’s more space than in a car and you can read and stuff. Anyway.
      When I reread TFIOS, I totally felt like Hazel was like me. Maybe some teenagers aren’t that pretentious, but I liked all the random philosophy and references haha yup.


  5. THAT BOOKSTORE PHOTO THO. #goals 😍😍😍😍😍

    I’ve always thought it would be fun to do a bookish bingo, but so far I never have! Maybe I’ll finally get around to it this year, though.


    1. Yeah, the bookshop thing was super fun. (I didn’t buy that much, though, but it was still fun)
      This is my first book bingo, so I hope I manage to actually get a line or something. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I FINISHED RADIO SILENCE! Thought you should know (I totally called it on the February Friday BTW)
    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the rest of your trip! (Without me…)


    1. HOW ON EARTH DID YOU FIND RADIO SILENCE TELL ME THE THINGS. I had no idea with February Friday tbh, I was as clueless as Frances. WASN’T IT THE ACTUAL BEST? (we missed your presence. go kick those exams in the behind, be awesome, etc, etc)


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