Review: Wing Jones

Hi Virtually Readers! It’s Shar 🙂 🙂 Did you miss me? I really missed posting and the blogoshpere. I’m still on holida, but I do have internet. And since I’ve been reading a lot (10 books since I last posted, give or take), I’m going to be boring and post yet another review. All is not lost, though, because I’m getting home (to good internet!!! To my pets!!! To my laptop!!!! To my bookshelf!!! later this week. And I have had a nice time on holiday, although I have tan lines like you wouldn’t believe. Also I have been posting on instagram so if you super missed me (hahahahaha maybe) then go and stalk me there @virtually_read . Also this is a review of a book that was published in 2017 just to prove how recent I am. 

25909375Title: Wing Jones

Author: Katherine Webber

Published: Jan 2017 (oooooh see evidence that I’m super recent, again :P)

Genre: YA contemporary

Themes: family, athletics, the 90s, discovering you’re secretly super talented at running

Basic Idea: Wing, a Ghanian-Chinese-American, doesn’t really fit in anywhere, except with her holder brother Marcus, his best friend Aaron, and girlfriend Monica. When a terrible accident threatens her whole family, Wing’s about to discover she can do more than she ever thought.

I LOVED this book. So I wrote it a letter:

Dear Wing Jones,

How do I love you? Let me list the ways:

  • Your main character is biracial. So am I! Although unlike Wing I don’t really know where I belong, I loved the representation. I haven’t ever read about a Ghanian-Chinese main character, and I don’t expect I will for another while.
  • You are diverse! Apart from all the PoC representation (yay!) there was also some secondary LGBTQ+ representation.
  • Your setting was interesting. You are set in 1995-1996 pre-olympics Atlanta. I really liked that you weren’t set in modern times. It just made everything more interesting, without having to be exactly historical. I was a 90’s child too so I liked getting to know my mother-decade (I only experienced the last 3 months of the 90’s, but let me dream, okay?). On the other hand, yoursetting was a typical American high school like almost every other contemporary of ever but somehow I just liked it.
  • One of your main themes was running! While I’m a (relatively untalented) cross-country runner, not a sprinter, I adored this aspect. You weren’t a typical MC-is-already-athlete book or a love-interest-is-star-football-player book, but instead talked about Wing becoming an athlete and the good aspects of high school sports culture rather than drunken afterparties or whatever.
  • You also included some fantastical/mythical elements. Wing has a lion and a dragon who only she can see and encourage her when times are hard or help her do the things she needs to do. While I didn’t necessarily get whether they were real or how that all worked, I felt like they were a really unique addition to the story. At another point there’s a metaphorical ghost getting in between two character’s relationship. It also worked really well.
  • Your romance was slow burn and totally shippable so YASSSSS
  • You focused on family. Although Marcus and Wing’s mother didn’t have a large part in the story, both Wing’s grandmothers did. They constantly bickered and were oth hilarious and the whole family aspect rocked.
  • All. your. Characters. Were. So. Realistic. and. Generally. Amazing. That is all

Wing Jones, my only problem with you was our ending. It just felt a little too perfect. However, you were my first 2017 release and first five star book of the year. So I can say you were pretty dang great.

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 5/5

Setting: 4/5

Themes: 5/5

Total: 5/5

Have you read this? Do you want to now? (you better) What books have you read with characters that are like you? Were you a 90’s child like me (or so I like to think)? 


7 thoughts on “Review: Wing Jones

  1. This sounds like an awesome book! I’m definitely going to put it on my TBR, because I could use a great diverse read in the near future. 🙂 (Also, I loved your letter; that is an awesome format to write in!)


  2. Lovely review, and glad you’re back to blogging! I loved seeing your Instagram pictures on my feed 🙂
    I recently added this to my TBR – or I think I did? Now I can’t even remember, haha, well the point here is that I saw and was interested in reading that book. I’m so, so happy to hear that you enjoyed it so much 🙂


    1. I feel like I’ve had a lot of contemporary books that I haven’t loved recently, so I was glad I enjoyed this one. (Also, I’m so happy you like my instagram, hahaha you’re nice)

      Liked by 1 person

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