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Review: P.S I Like You

Hi Virtually Readers! Before I start this review, I have a mini announcement: Shanti and I are going on holiday! We’re mainly going to the beach at a little ex-French-colony in South India called Pondicherry (we’re also stopping at some other places on the way there/back). I think we’ll have internet and still manage to post, but since it’s a holiday, it may be sporadic. In any case, we’ll be back for good at the end of January. 

25486998Title: PS I like You

Author: Kasie West

Genre: YA contemporary

Themes: Friendship, falling in love, family, music, bonding over being useless at chemistry

A (invented by me) blurb: Lily can’t focus in her Chemistry class, so she doodles and obscure song lyric. The next day, she’s very surprised to see that someone has replied with the next line. So begins a conversation made up of many letters. Lily’s starting to really like the person she’s writing to, but will she have the courage to tell him who she really is?

wanted to like this book. I really did. But I couldn’t get past some of the problems.

The setting: was a generic high school in America. It didn’t fascinate me, it wasn’t interestingly described; I couldn’t picture it in my head. I get that the focus was the characters, but why did the setting have to be so bland?

The lack of diversity: As far as I could tell, every characters was white, straight, and of normal abilities. There was no sense of any diverse perspective, and as a brown girl who’s never been to America, that annoyed me. I guess Lily’s family was poor (if that counts as divers) but not so poor they didn’t have a house or two cars or phones or anything.

The plot: was entirely (And I mean entirely) predictable. I saw everything coming from miles off. Lily was supposed to be surprised by who she’s writing to, but I basically knew almost from the start. Also, there were two other boys called Lucas and David whose presence added nothing to the plot and felt like a waste of time. Even the twist with Lily’s guitar and her little brother was super obvious.

The characters: I’m on the fence (hahaha get it?) about this.Only one character annoyed me: the love interest. (It’s a ‘surprise’ so I won’t spoil it). It was completely a horrible-boy-on-outside-turns-out-to-be-a-cinnamon-roll trope, which doesn’t make sense. Good cinnamon rolls act like cinnamon rolls, yo.


But there were some things I did like.

The other characters: Lily was really interesting. She’s the first YA songwriter heroine I’ve encountered, which was cool, and I liked her practicality and also how she actually spent time at home. She was a good character, although I had less respect for her lack of attention in chemistry. Chemistry is interesting and fun and deserves more attention than Lily ever gives it.

Lily’s best friend Isabel, and their relationship was AMAZING. She was such a great best friend. At one point, Lily’s willing to give up said boring love interest for their friendship, until Isabel says that she’s okay with it.

The family: as the (co-) eldest of four children, like Lily’s family, I liked how family was presented. Like Lily, I’ve never had my own room, and my house is also mildly chaotic (aka rarely tidy, apart from my half of my room). I loved all Lily’s family members, and how they actually enjoyed spending time with each other.

Overall, PS I Like You was a fluffy read with great potential. Like On The Fene, tough, too many aspects just didn’t quite work for me.


Characters: 3/5 (would be 4 without the unnecessary boys floating around)

Setting: 2/5 (I’m being generous)

Total: 2/5

Have you read this? Do you pay attention in chemistry ? What’s the last thing you read? What are your favourite (and least favourite) tropes?


7 thoughts on “Review: P.S I Like You

  1. Yup I pay attention in Chemistry since my teacher is the strictest in the school and I would have been expelled otherwise! XD lol Great review Shar! Tbh, I only have read one Kasie West book and was meh about it. I have not really heard good reviews about this one, and seeing your review, guess I’ll just pass it up. #sorrynotsorry


    1. The fact is, there’s too many books and not enough time, so we might as well try to read ones we think we’ll enjoy. My teachers are mainly super awesome, so I’m lucky XD

      Liked by 1 person

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