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‘Tis the Season of Rereading Fangirl

By Shar

Hi Virtually Readers! Fact about me: I have a strong belief that just like we have a long period of buildup for Christmas, we should have a long period of tapering off the celebrations. So while Christmas season is over, here’s one more ‘Tis the Season of Rereading post anyway. Follow the category ‘features’ to find all the other posts!


Christmassy Narrative about my Acquistion of Fangirl

Shanti and I were Christmas shopping in the bookshop. Like a wonderful sister, I sent her outside while I bought her a Trudi Canavan book and a colouring book (aren’t I lavish). While engaged in browsing for these books, I *accidentally* noticed Fangirl innocently sitting on the shelves, innocently costing about 400 rupees (that’s maybe 8 new zealand dollars). I *suddenly* remembered that I had money from my birthday way back in October and resolved to buy it. So I did.

Later that week (aka the week before Christmas) I was trying to motivate myself to finish Like Smoke, a collection of short stories by an Indian author (basically, the idea was good but I think I could have written it better). I promised myself that if I finished it, I could read Fangirl. My persuasiveness worked: I finished both books the same day. (Did I do anything else? Hmmm, maybe no).

Fangirl was the first thing I reviewed on weavingwaveswords! It’s a terrible review, but you can read it here (please don’t, though). I also stole somebody’s photo off google images. Whoever you are, I’m very sorry, and I have since removed it.


Reasons I liked rereading Fangirl

  • Twins: Cath and Wren are twins like me and Shanti. There’s this one scene where Cath and Wren are telling someone all the differences between them and we do that so often I FLAILED.
  • Family: Cath’s family isn’t perfect, but she looks after them. I feel like a lot of YA novels either ignore family or have terrible families. This was the realistic happy medium, and it was great.
  • Levi (the love interest) because AWWWWWWWWW. One thing I appreciated that I didn’t other times is that Levi has difficult reading. He’s not dumb or anything, just can’t really focus on reading long things. I’ve always been a reader, and I think I sometimes need a reminder that just because somebody doesn’t read, they’re not a useless, stupid awful person 🙂
  • A lot of the book was set in winter, which it is now. So that was nice.
  • Another thing I didn’t really notice in previous rereads was Cath’s social anxiety. I don’t know much about this condition (is it a condition? Trying hard to be politically correct) , but I felt like it was described very thoughtfully and sensitively.
  • Reagan, Cath’s roommate. Reagan is everything Cath isn’t: loud, confident, and sociable. Their (amazing) friendship despite their differences is something I really appreciated.
  • The fangirling ❤ Cath writes fanfiction for her favourite series. While I don’t read or write fanfiction, I am a fan. Is fanfiction plagiarism? I don’t think so. But the discussion of it was certainly interesting.
  • Emergency Kanye Dance Parties. I personally believe in emergency ABBA dance parties, but they are the best.


    Have you read fangirl? Do you want to? How do you feel about fanfiction? What’s the weather like where you are right now? What music would you dance to in an emergency party?



17 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season of Rereading Fangirl

  1. Oh, I really loved this book! I related to Cath on such a personal level including the whole writing fanfiction thing, and the writing thing overall as well. I really appreciated the take on social anxiety as well, and I did also appreciate the family dynamics, like what you mentioned. Getting a lot of nostalgia feels now, haha!


    1. Yeah, Fangirl is great! Do you write fan fiction? Yeah, I have a lot of nostalgia for myself who read Fangirl in the past, if that makes any sense. Thank you for commenting 🙂


  2. Haha, I think you know my feelings about this one xD

    The weather here in Ireland is strangely not that cold. About 5 degrees celsius. Overcast.

    Looked up 400 rupees. The heck?! Why are books so expensive in Ireland? (maybe it’s because I always shop at Easons but shh!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 5 degrees celsius is kind of cold… and yeah, basically books in India are all cheap. The problem is that a lot of books aren’t available at shops because there aren’t very many YA readers. You can get them online though, and Shanti and I are hoping to do that before we leave for university 🙂


  3. I just read Fangirl earlier this year after I remembered I could borrow books from the school library. I really loved it! I love fanfiction, and Rainbow Rowell’s portrayal of it seemed very true to life. I’m in Florida right now and it is lovely and warm. My emergency dance party music is the Talking Heads!


    1. *googles the Talking heads*hmmmm AREN”T LIBRARIES JUST THE ACTUAL BEST!!! (and I’m half surprised the school library has it). It’s kind of cold but sunny here 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. my answers to your four questions
    1- NO.
    2- NO
    3- NO
    4 -Cold with a hint of moisture… and rumours of snow in coming weeks.
    5 Bob Marley and the Wailers.


  5. Happy New Year, you guys ❤ I absolutely loved Fangirl so much! I read it 3 years ago (Haha I just typed in 2 years ago and then I realized it is now 2017, and now I can't believe it has been 3 years). It's one of my most favorite Rowell books that I've read. I absolutely love Levi so much because he was always there, listening to Cath read her fan fiction haha. I like how you can relate to Cath and Wren. Great post! And I hope you have a beautiful 2017 right ahead of you two 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ❤ ❤ ❤ I read Fangirl about 2.5 years ago I feel like a different person now (although obviously I'm not :P) . I hope you had a lovely New Years, and I'm sure the year ahead will be full of surprises.


  6. I reread Fangirl recently as well, so I guess it is the season! Even though I’m not as similar to Cath as I used to be, it’s still a wonderful book and so much fangirling! As for emergency parties, I’d have to go with Disney 😉


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