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Why You Should Be Reading Right Now (and what to do about it)

Hi Virtually Readers! This post needs no introduction because we’ve all been there. But I do have one announcement:

I GOT A BOOKSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!!! Mainly because I now possess a device which will allow me to post to it, which is obviously thanks to my parents, their generosity, and Christmas. If you have one, you should follow me @virtually_read , but don’t expect me to know what I’m doing with photography, hashtags, or anything in between, because I really, really don’t have a clue. Anyway, onward with the post!


Why You Should Be Reading Right Now

  1. You’ve got nothing better to do, let’s be honest. Books are amusing and engaging and way more important than all those other things.
  2. You have no other friends. Books have characters! Characters can be your friends!
  3. You will be edified. Reading makes you smarter and better and this is proven by science (and also me, always a reliable source).
  4. For the extrinsically motivated, your SAT scores will show for your efforts.
  5. Your bookshelf is staring at you and making you feel guilty.
  6. The fire is lit. Books+fire=perfect combination. (Exhibit A: Fahrenheit 451) (Exhibit B: Nazi German book burning, a la The Book Thief)
  7. Your eyes need a rest from staring at your screen.
  8. Everybody on social media is boring.
  9. You got books for Christmas and you need to read them.

Why You Aren’t Reading Right Now

  1. You are writing a blog post (this is totally justified)
  2. For some reason you remember this thing. It starts with H- and ends with –omework.
  3. The cat needs to be fed. It’s clawing you and meowing incessantly. Reading in such circumstances is, by the way, nearly impossible.
  4. Your stomach is grumbling too loud for you to focus. The only food in the house is tomato soup, and you don’t want to jeopardise your book’s pristine condition.
  5. You need to snack on Christmas leftovers.
  6. It’s dark, but the light switch is all. the. way. across. the. room, dangit.
  7. You’re snuggling under the covers with that novel when you start getting s o o o s l e e p y …
  8. Your floor is invisible under everything you’ve chucked on it, and your mother somebody is asking you to tidy it up. (My room is actually not like this at all, and any tidying up is self-imposed)
  9. Duty calls: Innocent civilian needs rescuing from armed robber.


(And Ways To Change the Sorry Situation)

  1. Finish the dang blog post, yo! Your characters are calling for you.
  2. Multitask: read and homework at the same time. This takes several forms: a)reading for homework, b)pretending to read while homeworking, and c)pretending to homework while reading. (Realistically, though, it’s c)
  3. Use your telepathic powers voice to make someone else feed the cat. Or use telekinesis your hands to feed and read (it even rhymes!) simultaneously.
  4. Drink the soup with a straw (this is an important lifehack that you can use for a lot of things).
  5. Finish your snack and return to more important tasks, i.e your book.
  6. Design a stick that will reach across the room and turn on the light for you, or yell out to the nearest altruistic passerby your sister to do it for you. In the long term, it’s advisable to keep a torch by your bed for such emergencies.
  7. Read in a cold, bright room so you don’t fall asleep, or leave the book under your pillow so you can inhale it subliminally.
  8. Lie on the floor with your book and some stuff on top of you so your mother mistakes you you are mistaken for a piece of dirty clothing and can read in peace. (This is literally the best hide-and-seek strategy I have ever employed).
  9. Let the civilian die and leave the heroism to your characters.

How do you make time for reading? What sucks away your reading time? Do you have the same issues I do. And (shameless self promo) you should totally go and look and my pictures and fawn over my (nonexistent) photography skills then follow me. OBVIOUSLY




26 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Reading Right Now (and what to do about it)

  1. XD Everyone on the Internet being boring made me laugh because especially on Facebook it is true. XD But I actually spent a good deal of time reading lately, so now I’m trying to catch up on blog posts… hahahahaha. Yay me.


    1. Yay you! Honestly, all the pages I like are more interesting than the people. I try not to spend too much time on Facebook. What have you been reading?


  2. SHAR!! I loved this post! And unfortunately, I can relate to it far too much; I’ve had nearly no time to read new books just because this year, what with college applications and AP classes and such. And YES you got a bookstagram! I’d definitely follow you if I had an Insta, but once I get to college I’ll make one for my blog and I’ll follow you for sure 🙂


    1. That’s a great idea! (bookstagram, I mean). College applications are the worst. I’ve been okay because I’m only applying to 3 outside of New Zealand, so right now I’m not too busy with it. Anyway, welcome back!!


  3. WONDERFUL POST, SHAR! I laughed so many times! As much as we love reading, finding time is the worst. School, life, blogging WE DO SO MANY THINGS. I mostly read in the night after finishing all of my chores because I know that if I start reading without finishing my work, I will just keep reading and then the situation would be THE WORST hehe XD


    1. Too often, I start reading before doing X important thing, and well…. good bye productivity lol . I always get so annoyed with myself when I read instead of something, but I can’t help myself 😀


  4. I have to read for my course, so I try to cram all of my recreational reading into the holidays…along with essays…and seeing family… Although there was that one time that I set aside a night to read The Raven King from cover to cover (term time priorities).


    1. PRIORITIES< YES PRIORITIES. Mine are usually messed up, and sometimes my schoolwork falls to the side. Then I stress out and catch up. Honestly, I think I'll be a useless university student 😛


    1. Fahrenheit (which I can barely spell) 451 is soooooo good honestly. Don’t feel bad about how much you read! I know I read way less than some people (mainly bloggers) and more than a lot of people (my classmates). The thing is, we’re all ourselves. And I juggle school and other stuff too, just like you I bet. You’re awesome. (Also, I think I haven’t looked at your blog for ages and this is terrible. I love your design right now ❤ )


  5. Hahahaha I loved this post so much, I laughed so hard. My excuse isn’t on your post though, because I have been busy blog hopping for the past hour…oops. It’s so hard to find time to read, somedays. I use a lot of my commuting time to work to read, and when I’m on holidays, well..there are times where I just need to stop everything and read for a while…don’t we all? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES YES YES that is what we all need. I’ve been on school holidays and I’m averaging about a book a day and I JUST LOVE READING SO MUCH. I read a lot when I’m walking home from school (although not usually walking to school, because I’m usually late) 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  6. …Let the civilian die…omg, I’m laughing so much. 😂 THIS IS ACTUALLY EXCELLENT LIFE ADVICE. ALL OF IT. Well done. I mean, who needs this many civilians anyway. Books are more important. *nods* And I confess the only reason I’m not reading now is because I’m reading you marvellous blog post. I make SUCH SACRIFICES honestly.


    1. The world is full of excess civilians, let’s be honest. Why yes, I’m full of excellent life advice and willing to give it out whenever necessary 🙂 Okay, exceptions can be made for my wonderful blog posts of course


  7. I’m not reading right now because I have finished my 100 pages for today! Now I gotta catch up with blog posts and other stuff.

    This is an excellent post on making time for reading. (Though I don’t even need to make time because I’m basically at home all the time except for church but shh!)


    1. Do you only read 100 pages a day? I wish I had that kind of discipline! Yesterday, for example, I read all of Am I Normal Yet and part of the next book and achieved very little else 😦 I bet you still have stuff to do other than reading though ❤ 🙂


  8. Loved this post! Just change from homework to work and you’ll have me!
    I suck at #bookstagram but I’m adding you anyway *grins*


    1. Yes, work is a dreadful thing… In all honesty I have school a lot, but I fit in reading in break times, when I’m going home, when I should be doing homework, etc. And I really like the post you suggested!

      Liked by 1 person

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