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YA Psychologist: Holiday Edition

Hi there Virtually Readers. I am currently sitting in my sunny bedroom, and I just remembered that I wanted to write a blog post today. I am having a lot of struggles with books (not reading them but… other things, you’ll see) and I thought that I would offer advice to myself and maybe others, in a new YA Psychologist post. And, good news! I have gotten MUCH better at spelling psychologist ever since I took psychology. (click for parts 1 and 2) (also, I get that this doesn’t apply to everyone. That’s okay)

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Patient #1: The Control Freak

Hi. I’m just kind of in a panic right now. Like, I know that I love books and I want to read. And my friends and family have noticed. With my heavy hints, they’re mostly getting me books for Christmas. Which is great…except what if it’s a book I don’t like? Or if it’s a book I already have? Or a book that I have heard bad things about? Is it rude to tell them what to buy me? What if I feel obliged to read a book I didn’t want? What do I do?

Psychologist: Firstly, stop hyperventilating. It will be okay. Their need to buy you books comes from a good place—because they love you. Because they care about you. Books matter a lot, I get that. But the fact that you have people who are buying you things you want because they love you and notice you matters more. Secondly, if there is a book you really want, you can ask for bookshop vouchers, or return coupons. Remind gift-givers of this. Thirdly, the people buying you books know you. They are not choosing books at random: they are choosing books they think you’ll like. Maybe you’ll already have some of those books—in which case you can just pass it on. But maybe you won’t, and the book will be a good surprise. Who knows? Just try to be calm, and glad that there all these great people in your lives who are giving you books.

Patient #2: The Social Reader?

To me, the best thing about the holidays is the time to read. But other people seem to think differently. People keep coming to my house. I have to go to other people’s houses. And I like spending time with other people, and Christmas food is the ACTUAL best, but my books are feeling very lonely. How can I balance all these social things with my lovely books?

Psychologist: Aah, the eternal duality: socializing and books. Both are fun. Both are important. Both…can sometimes feel unavoidable. But why do they have to be in opposition to each other? Whenever you go to a social event, bring a book. Then don’t read it—immediately. Talk to people! Eat! Enjoy yourself! Then if you feel bored, read for a while. Then talk to people. Better yet, just have friends that enjoy reading, who you can talk (social) about books (books) with. And if you don’t feel like tackling that TBR, you can leave the books at home. If you don’t want to make awkward small talk and tell someone what you’re doing in the holidays for the fiftieth time, stay at home with a book. But it’s not something to get stressed over. You can be calm.

Patient #3: The Matcher

One of the best things about the holidays is getting to wear nice outfits. And there are decorations everywhere. #aesthetic. But sometimes I worry that I’m reading a book with a sunset on it, when it’s cold outside. Or I’m reading a book about Winter except it’s summertime. Or my book and outfit don’t match—this is an all important time of social events, you know.

Psychologist: Books are beautiful. Decorations are great. I know that how you look matters, but books are so awesome that it doesn’t matter if they fit your aesthetic or not. Don’t worry about it. An awesome book is perfect for all occasions. A good book will ALWAYS match.

So did this make any sense? Have you ever encountered any of these problems? What’s your favourite holiday book? Tell me in the comments!

10 thoughts on “YA Psychologist: Holiday Edition

  1. Ugh, social reader is exactly my problem. XD So many things happen and so many people send mail or call on the telephone or visit my house and I’m just like, “PLEASE BOOKS SAVE ME.” But finding a balance would probably be good. Yeah, probably.


  2. Oh I love this!! I would actually LIKE to struggle with #1 though, haha, but I never get given books. And the only time my sister did buy me a book, it was Wicked and it was so deathly boring I haven’t told her I couldn’t finish it.😂🙈🙊 The bookworm life is hard sometimes. ;D But you give such wise advice, o clever book psychologist.


    1. #1was actually me a few days before Christmas, my mum had to calm me down. I have Wicked and I don’t think I ever will read it. Bookworms SUFFER, glad I could help.


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