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The Book Sacrifice Tag

Hi Virtually Readers! Alexa tagged me for the Book Sacrifice Tag, which is really fun, so off we go!


An Over-Hyped Book9780007466696
Situation: You are in a bookstore when the zombies attack. Over the loudspeaker, you hear the military informing you that over-hyped books are the zombies’ only weakness. What over-hyped book will you chuck at the zombies?
OMG sooooo many of the books. The Selection (I started rereading it yesterday maybe for a ‘Tis the Season of Rereading but it was so bad I had to stop), and TFIOS (and yes, I’m expecting critics for that).
invaded_melissa_landersA Sequel
Situation: You are caught in a torrential downpour and you’re probably the type who melts when you get wet. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?
I should say that where I live it is rarely rainy, unless it is monsoon, in which case it is always rainy and I always carry an umbrella (because I’m an organised person). Also, what about a raincoat made of a book?… that wouldn’t work at all, would it?
There are a lot of books that might need to be sacrificed. I’ve forgotten all the books I hate,  so I’ll look ar some of my reviews/a list of sequels.
Invaded, the sequel to Alienated, got (if this is possible) even more ridiculous than the first book.
(Also, like Alexa said, I never felt the need to finish the Mortal Instruments/ shadowhunters series so those books would be okay to be wet)
41lltvul3slA Classic
Situation: You’re in English class and your professor won’t stop going on about a classic that “revolutionized literature.” Personally, you think that classic is garbage and you decide to express your opposing opinion by hurling the book at his head. What classic is that?
I’m not sure if it’s a classic, but I thought The Bell Jar was pretty dumb. Also, I find it very possible that this action could be misinterpreted, as in ‘the student loved the book so much that she thought she’d overenthusiastically throw it to me as a gift’ or ‘the student was searching for the perfect expulsion opportunity’ or ‘the student was flirting with her crush in the front row’ so I probably wouldn’t actually do this.
A Least Favorite Book22096878
Situation: You’re hanging out at a bookstore (where else would you be?) when global warming somehow manages to turn the whole world into a frozen wasteland. Naturally, your only hope of survival is to burn a book. Which book would you not regret tossing onto the fire?
Can I ask how global warming makes the world a frozen wasteland? That doesn’t make a lot of sense… more likely ice melts and causes a flood. Anyway, have any of you watched The Day After Tommorow? Basically a lot of people get stuck in a New York library and they end up burning tax records to keep warm. Because nobody really cares about tax records.
I tend not to wage my time thinking about books I hate. But a while ago I read this book called Outage: Powerless Nation Book #1. It frankly sucked.
(Love triangle+ terrible writing+about a zillion disasters (crocodile! bear! guy with gun! sickness) . So that could get burned. But logically, I’d choose some huge book like those George R.R Martin ones.
This tag wasn’t very long, so I wrote myself an extra question.
A Series
The situation: there’s a flooded stream you have to cross on your quest, and you can’t get your feet wet. Which series (oh yeah btw you brought your whole bookshelf and also probably your local library with you) will you use as stepping stones?
Depending on the width and depth of the river, I would either choose A Series of Unfortunate Events, because I’d have a lot of stepping stones and don’t feel obligated to finish the series, or Harry Potter, because those books are often quite wide (therefor can handle deeper stream water.
And here is a picture with nothing to do with anything…
I Tag… (I’m actually excited to tag people for once. weird.)
Which book would you burn for warmth? Have you read any of these? Could you bring yourself to sacrifice a book in an emergency?

20 thoughts on “The Book Sacrifice Tag

  1. I laughed so hard throughout the post, so thanks so much for doing it!
    I actually haven’t read most of these, except your answer to the series question, and although I did enjoy those, I don’t fault you for using them, lol. The Harry Potter ones especially would be big enough to step on (though they might sink? IDK), but I’m not sure ASOUE would be wide enough to actually put one’s foot on. But it would be long, so if you could like tiptoe, you’d probably be able to make it across a river.

    I haven’t read TFIOS, but I have no interest in it. The way I figure it, it’s a teenage cancer story, so it’s either gonna be really good and destroy my feelings (but not in a good way) or really bad and waste my time. So I feel like I can get my reader’s fix somewhere else. :p



  2. *sniffles* U no like The Bell Jar? Or a Series of Unfortunate Events? *cries a wee bit* But that is okay, I suppose. *sighs* I haven’t read TFIOS but it defnitely sounds exceptionally hyped. So I can’t blame you there.


    1. You must be one of the only book bloggers I know who hasn’t read TFIOS… if you ever do, I wouldn’t have too high expectations. The Bell Jar just exceptionally confused me. Like, I got that it was about depression and stuff, but it didn’t make much sense or anything… maybe I’ll have to reread and change my mind. And I never really finished A Series of Unfortunate Events. When I was a kid, I thought they were depressing and hilarious at the same time, and I don’t plan on rereading them. 🙂


    1. What can I say? I am evil. If I could sacrifice all my parents boring medical books (e.g ‘The oxford encyclopaedia of emergency medicine’=who cares) I would, but good sacrifices are… y’know, HARD


  3. I can’t believe you would harm A Series of Unfortunate Events. How… how dare you!

    I heard The Bell Jar was pretty good. Why didn’t you like it? (But no spoilers please).

    I don’t blame you for the Fault in Our Stars. Yeah.

    Thanks for tagging meee


    1. You’reeeee welocme!
      The Bell Jar was about mental health issues (I don’t think this is a spoiler). But I didn’t really connect with the characters and I was confused most of the time and to me, it didn’t say much about it’s topic of mental health. But a lot of other people liked it so maybe it was just me?
      Yes. The Fault in our stars just isn’t as good as some people say.


  4. I’M CRYING AT THE BOOKS YOU’VE SACRIFICED. 😭😂 Honestly this would be a super hard tag…ahem. Except, well I’ve read a few books recently that I would probably be okay to burn for warmth or to build myself a raft and sail through the floods (erm, that probably wouldn’t work?? a book ship??? SAVE ME I DON’T KNOW HOW THE WORLD WORKS WHERE IS MY MAGIC). I never felt the need to read the sequel to Alienated haha, so I’m okay to sacrifice that one.😂


    1. I have a feeling books would sink, become waterlogged, and fail in so many ways. (It’s a good thing you don’t have to survive this way, because cait+book raft probably=cait and no raft). AVOID FLOODS, MY FRIEND. Yeah, Alienated was pretty hilariously ridiculous. (ps, I don’t know where your magic is and maybe you should go and read a physics book or something?)


    1. You’re welcome! Well, I consider warning you my duty (although really, I’d say several of these books were ‘its me not the book’ but hey I can be a grumpy troll if I want)

      Liked by 1 person

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