The Little Engine Tag

So, way back in May, Matt at The Little Engine Who Couldn’t tagged me for is Little Engine Tag. I’m busy and had nothing else planned for today, and it’s okay not to always be book related, and tags are fun, so here we go!

little engine.pngWithout Further Ado (capitalising ’cause I feel like it)

The Rules

1. Each answer you give to a question has to be more than two sentences long. Or at the very least, you have to make those two sentences meaningful

2. There will be two bonus questions at the end, that the blogger gets to change to whatever they want to ask when they nominate someone else. The first six questions, however, are set in stone.
3. At the end you must nominate three to five other bloggers. Okay, so you don’t have to, but that would be nice if you could. (I want my blog name to spread on for all of eternity.)
1. What is one of your pet peeves?
This is extremely high school related, but I hate it when someone is passing you in the hallway and smiles at you and says hi, but they’re passing you and so you can’t say anything back. Or if you do say anything back, they won’t see you. Also, I don’t like when people leave their lockers open.
2. What is one of your favourite songs at the moment?
I discovered Birdy, and I love her collaboration with someone called Rhodes, in the song ‘Let It All Go‘. I love the sound of the song and the melancholy and the aesthetic. I know that liking not-quite-indie pop is totally wannabee hipster, but I embrace it.
3. Who is your favourite blogger?
This is a hard one, obviously. I really love Heather at Sometimes I’m a Story, though she’s on a break right now, and  and Marie at Drizzle and Hurricane Books. They’re both thoughtful, talented, amazing bloggers who I really admire.
4.  What’s the nicest thing you’ve seen someone do recently?
This is hard…This doesn’t really count as seeing something, but there’s this one teacher who puts a lot of effort into helping kids with their essays. She doesn’t have too–but she does it anyway, which is kinda amazing. Teacher’s commitment to teaching and students is pretty amazing in general.
5. What’s something you regret doing?
I really regret jamming my favourite jacket in the staircase railing the other day. I wasn’t in a hurry, but for some reason, wanting to look cool or something, I just pulled my jacket instead of gently going backwards and untangling it. And then the zip broke. Sad face.
6. If you could only take three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?
this is such a cliche question, but clearly a very important one. These seem pretty obvious to me: a hammer and nails (yes, this counts as one) to make shelter, a Swiss army knife, and a radio tower to communicate with the outside world.
7. What past fad d you think should make a comeback?
I have no actual idea. Maybe bell-bottomed trousers, or friendship bracelets. Wait, did those go out of style, or did I grow up? (though I actually wear a friendship bracelet around my ankle at all times.)
8. How would you describe the perfect date?
Well I’ve never been on a date (at least a romantic date), but it would probably involve a bookshop, hummus (because hummus), berry ice-cream, walking, and a slightly too late bedtime. (to be fair, my normal bedtime is 9:30, so it wouldn’t be that late)
And I tag
(ugh tagging, I hate it and I don’t know why)
-Emily from Loony Literate
-Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books.
-Aimee from To the Barricade
Thanks for tagging me, Matt. Your extra questions are: What makes you trust someone? and If you could teach anything, what would it be?
So tell me the answer to one of these questions in the comments! Do you like learning details about book bloggers lives?

9 thoughts on “The Little Engine Tag

  1. OH MY GOSH PEOPLE SAYING HI TO YOU IS THE WORST. IT IS SO STRESSFUL. LIKE SO STRESSFUL. IN ALL OF THE WAYS. Like, I feel that to the max and it doesn’t go away in college, if you were wondering. And aw, I’m your favorite blogger? That’s very sweet, and thanks for mentioning me. 🙂 I appreciate how very practical your island-items are, also. I approve. 😀 Thanks for sharing all these things about yourself, Shanti!


  2. Yeah, I hate when someone says hi and quickly walks away. Like, whyy?

    Heather is a really awesome blogger. She has a lot of creative posts<3

    Teachers who really help students who are struggling are the best.

    And that date sounds lovely.

    One of my favourite songs at the moment is Anywhere you go by Gracie Schram


  3. I love this tag and your answers so, so much ❤ I have the same pet peeve, I hate when people just say hi and don't STOP to leave you time to answer. Especially when they ask like, "hi, how are you?", but they really don't care about the answer. This annoys me so much!
    I feel honoured to be one of your favorite bloggers, thank you so, so much, that's so sweet of you ❤ ❤ You're one of my favorite as well, and definitely one of my favorite to talk to! ❤ ❤
    And that perfect date…yes, please. That'd be the perfect date of all times. ❤


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