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The Aussie Book Tag

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not Australian. (I’m a confused New Zealand Indian) But Australians are pretty cool, and I saw this tag floating around on Marie’s blog and decided to steal it, because I can. It’s Australian themed, but anyone can do it. So let’s get to it!


1. Koala. A character you want to cuddle!

I just finished The Sun is Also a Star and I loved it. It’s a really philosophical book. I’d love to give both Natasha and Daniel a hug.

2. Vegemite. A book you love and everyone one else seems to hate.

For the record, I love Vegemite. It’s one of my favourite things to have on toast in the mornings. Well, I did really like Vivian Vs. The Apocalypse, because it’s smart and funny and thoughtful, but a lot of other people, if they’ve even read it, seem to have pretty ambivalent feelings towards it.

3. Socceroos. (I assume this is a soccer team) A favourite ficitional squad.

I’m currently in the state of talking about this book WAY too much, but I loved the team of friends in The Serpent King.

4. Southern Cross. Your most recent 5 star read (the Southern Cross on the NZ flag has 4 stars only, but whatever)

I think my most recent unequivocal 5 star read was either A World Without You or The Wrong Side of Right. Both are sensitive books about what the relationships in our lives mean when the world is loud and confusing, and everything is broken or breaking.

5. Patriotism. A book from your country.

For today, I’ll do a New Zealand book, seeing as New Zealand is quite close to Australia. I really love the Dreamhunter books and Mortal Fire by Elizabeth Knox.

6. Echidna. A book that is good to look at but painful to read.

Oh, this is easy. Love in the Time of Global Warming has a pretty cover and no substance. It’s dreadful. (and here’s my scathing review, for proof).

7. Ned Kelly. A book that is an iconic must-read.

Honestly, what is it with Australians and Ned Kelly. I visited Australia last summer (December 2015-January 2015) and they’re freaking obsessed with him. I’ve seen Ned Kelly’s armor and a full display about him in the Melbourne Museum. Anyway, I think The Book Thief is very iconic and pretty important to read, just because of the storytelling structure and impact it had on YA. (and an Aussie author, to boot!)

8. Great Barrier Reef. A book that leaves you in awe.

So many books leave me in awe, because books are freaking amazing, people! (and I hear that the Great Barrier Reef is too) The compassion and thoughtfulness and general writing and research of Salt to the Sea just blows me away.

9. Pavlova. A light and fluffy book that is fun to read.

Light and fun books are excellent to read every now and again. I loved My Life Next Door and the more sober sequel The Boy Most Likely To. Friendship and family and falling in love never goes amiss.

10. Milo. A book that gets you out of a reading slump.

Well, I’m sort of in a reading slump right now. I just can’t commit to a book, probably because I’m reading too much nonfiction, though nonfiction is cool. Anyway, I started to feel guilty about the unused kindle languishing in my house, and I dug it out and suddenly I was reading Anne of Green Gables again and it’s so wonderful and I’m now at the fifth book and it’s so good and I love it and it makes me feel less slumpy. Look for my ‘Tis the Season of Rereading post on the whole series in a few weeks.


5 thoughts on “The Aussie Book Tag

  1. *laughs awkwardly because she only knows The Book Thief and she didn’t like it very much* Still, I like this idea. It talks about Australia but you reveal more about the books you like. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oooh, I like Vegemite too!! And bahaha I’m laughing at your Ned Kelly comment…maybe because he’s like our version of Robin hood? But minus the actual “giving to the poor” thing? Because I don’t think that happened.😂 But he was awesome and Heath Ledger played him in the movie so, well, we like.
    And awk, I hope you get out of your reading slump soon. Those are the worst.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi! nice blog you have got here!
    I haven’t read much of the books you have mentioned. I’ll start with The Sun Is Also A Star soon.

    Hello NZ Indian…. I’m an Indian Indian :))


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