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Review: Legend

Hi people! If you think I’m a reviewing legend, you’re wrong. It’s the title of a book you have now definitely heard of. I have been useless at posting this week, so you’ll have to deal with it, btw. After all, blogging isn’t the only thing in my life (more on that later this week, hopefully). Anyway, here’s a review for the first book in a dystopian series that I liked (warning: the ending of the last book will break you)

legend_marie_lu_book_coverTitle: Legend

Author: Marie Lu

Genre: YA Dystopia

Themes: Friendship, poverty, rebellion, military, boys with blonde hair who call themselves weird names because Daniel is too mainstream.

Brief Summary: Day is the Republic’s most wanted criminal. He’s trying to fight for justice and care for his family while living on the streets. June is a prodigy—the only person ever to score 1500 on her Trial. But when Day kills June’s brother, she decides to hunt for him. Things gets dramatic.

I’ll admit I avoided this book because I thought it was fantasy. Then I found out it was dystopia, and I was like ‘IIIII WANT’.

I loved the characters and alternating perspectives. June had always dreamed of serving the republic. Over the course of the novel, you can see her change as she becomes less sure. And I loved her relationship with her brother. I wish we got to see more of it. Like June, Day is also rather morally grey, because he does ‘bad’ things for good reasons. Tess, Day’s sidekick, was AWESOME and I wanted to see more of her, and Commander jameson (June’s terrifying commander), Thomas (June’s brother’s friend), and Kaede (a street fighter whose name I have no clue how to pronounce).

I also liked Legend’s setting. It was probably my favourite element. There was a stark contrast between the ‘rich’ sectors, which had electricity, food, and luxury, Batalla (the police/military headquarters ), and the Lake Sector (a section of the city which is poor and run down. Day is from here.) It was in a dystopian L.A, I think, and I found the level of technology as well as the scenario—an American Republic, colonies that they fight, and Patriots who want to unite the two) realistic, unlike a lot of other dystopias. Without infodumping, I felt a good sense of what the city was like.

My biggest problem was the plot. There was a lot going on—a hunt for Day, some romance, a plague, an escape—and it felt really rushed, especially at the end. I feel like either some exciting element should have been removed or the book could have been longer (it wasn’t THAT long – and I wanted to know more). I liked the action and excitement and kajillion things going on at once—but I just got lost and confused and overexcited.

I also felt like there was not a lot of uniqueness in the dystopia. I guess and American Republic fighting Colonies was new, but the lying government-not sure who to trust-test that determines your life didn’t feel that surprising.

Still, I’d recommend this to people who like dystopias, action, romance in small doses, and being confused. (Note: you will not be confused if you read the other books. Probably)

Premise: 3/5



Plot: 2/5

Overall: 3/5

Have you read this? What is your favourite level of romance (high, medium, low)? Do you feel like there are too many rich girl-poor boy (or vice versa) stories? How do you feel about rebellion(ish) stories?


8 thoughts on “Review: Legend

  1. I’m glad that at least the setting was a 5/5, I’m always big on setting! Although on our reading preferences, we’re completely opposite. I was actually avoiding this book because it was a dystopia! I think I’ve maybe read a few too many of them, so if it’s in that genre the blurb really has to stick out to me. Or I’ve got to be super bored, and just have it on my shelf. Oh and I adored this bit “boys with blonde hair who call themselves weird names because Daniel is too mainstream”.


    1. There have been a lot of dystopias… I just like them a lot. I’m so glad you noticed the theme thing! Whenever I write a book review I make up a ridiculous theme for the heck of it, but it usually slips under the radar *cries* .Settings are really important *nods*

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  2. I’ve heard about this book. Though I haven’t read this series yet, I must say the names Day and June are… not good names. Technically, I shouldn’t say that because it’s the author’s decision.

    I like romance in small doses but I’d like to see none at all for once. For once!


  3. I FREAKING LOVE REBELLION STORIES!! but I think this rich girl-poor boy trope needs to stop. we have had quite enough of it in YA, thank you very very much. plus Legend is on the (never ending) TBR so I will get to it. ONE DAY. *sighs* anyways, great review!


    1. This trope should be over. Logically, very few rich girls and poor guys get together. I’d like to hear what you think when you read the book. TBRs are hard *cries*


  4. Hey Shar, Can’t be too much wrong with a book that gets 5s for character and settings. so what if the premise is all a bit whacky, Lots of stuff is. Don’t we read books to get inside real people in real places?


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