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Little Review: Things we know by heart

Hi Virtually Readers! I’m actually away and being disorganised/running around like a headless chicken (currently one of my favourite phrases because it basically=my life). Also some people (*ahem* parents ) told me to post more negative reviews so okay. (Oh yeah btw today is our birthday! even though this is a scheduled post. Shanti and I are in different places for the first time. *cries*)

Title: Things We Know By Heart141667736822864849

Author: Jessi Kirby

Genre: YA contemporary

Themes: Death, family, grief, falling in love with vital organs

My blurb: Quinn’s boyfriend, Trent, died a year ago. Hoping for closure or connection, she seeks out the recipient of his donated heart, a boy called Colton. Trying to let go of Trent and fall in love again is hard, especially when they both have secrets.

This book’s main flaw was being 100% predictable I saw the romance, the central tension, and the ending all from miles away. The plot felt entirely unsurprising and uninteresting, although I did enjoy the characters, it was nothing new.

The MCs—Colton and Quinn—were both round. Each had their own secrets and burdens to carry (these caused the central plot conflict). I liked them, but didn’t really connect to them. I did like all the secondary characters—Quinn’s sister Ryan, her grandmother, and Colton’s sister. They were far more interesting and deserved their own stories.

The setting was beachy California. A few of the outdoor settings were interesting and beautiful, but overall, as with the plot, I felt like I’d seen it all before (there are too many YA books in California, I swear. What about Idaho or Arkansas or (gasp) not the US?

The themes—moving on, dealing with loss, and honesty—were the best part of the book. I haven’t lost anyone significant in my life, but Quinn’s struggle to balance grief and having a life seemed realistic (except when she refused to do anything for a whole year). I loved how Quinn grew over the book and (with some help) got over Trent without denying his existence.


Setting: 3/5





Have you read any predictable/unpredictable books recently? Do you ever feel like YA contemporaries get really similar to each other? How many books can you think of that are set in California?


3 thoughts on “Little Review: Things we know by heart

    1. Thank you! I had an okay birthday (I fell off my bike and got injured, which was exciting). Some predictableness can feel nice and familiar, but this was too much. The characters did make up for this a bit though 🙂

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