The Book Courtship Tag

Ages ago, Holly tagged us for The Book Courtship Tag. Thanks, Holly! I like reading books, but I don’t want to date them; it’s kind of creepy, as Heather pointed out. Still, I might as well do the tag, and I’m sure it’ll be fun. Let’s go.


Stage 1: Initial attraction. (you bought it for the cover)

I actually don’t buy many books, but I will say that the amazing painting on Lirael’s cover(the A&U edition) helped me to buy it when I already had an e-book form.  Also, did you know that Goldenhand comes out soon? 

Stage 2: First Impressions (you got it because of the blurb)

The concept of A Wicked Thing totally intrigued me, and I loved the blurb, like, what happens after happily ever after in the Sleeping Beauty legend. 

Stage 3: Sweet Talk (a book with amazing writing)

Oh, this one definitely goes to The Winners Kiss by Marie Rutkoski. It’s so clever and well written and really makes you think. Read my review here, if you want! 

Stage 4: First date (when the first book in the series made you long to read the rest.)

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. I had been avoiding it for a while but I finally read it and I was like I NEED THE SEQUEL NOW OR ELSE (and the sequel was brilliant also)

Stage 5: Late Night Phone Calls (a book that kept you up all night)

I’ve actually never stayed up all night reading…but I did stay up late reading The Girl At Midnight (appropriately enough, it was New Years, so I was awake reading at midnight while my parents were at a party. Shar and I were probably having more fun, haha)

Stage 6: Always on my Mind (a book you can’t help thinking about)

The incredible A World Without You is subtle, complex, extraordinarily well written, and the story is totally haunting. Also bonus: The Book Thief. The storytelling structure, the sadness, the tears… it’s all so powerful. I watched part of the movie last night and now it’s on my mind

Stage 7: Getting Physical (a book that is nice to touch)

See what I mean about this tag being a little messed up? I do really like the feel of the Penguin Classic edition of A Passage to India that I had to read for school.

Stage 8: Meeting the Parents (a book you reccommend to everyone you know)

These are two books that I got my mother to read recently, and if they passed her test, everyone else should like them too (right?). The first was Brown Girl Dreaming, an incredible book of poetry and a really lovely story. The second is Because of Winn Dixie, a book that will break your heart in the best possible way (That dog…)


Stage 9: Thinking about the Future (a book you’re going to reread)

I know I talk about this series all the time (with good reason), but I’m definitely going to read all of the Old Kingdom books again and again in the future.

Stage 10: Share the love (tag people)

So here’s the thing: I don’t mind being tagged, but I hate tagging people. Weird, isn’t it. So I’ve decided that ~approximately~ half the times when I do tags I won’t tag anyone, and the other half I will. Fair enough, right? This is one of the times when I’m not tagging anyone, but if this seems like something you’d enjoy, go for it!
Have you read any of these books? Do you like books for their physical appearance, their content, or both? Tell me in the comments.


10 thoughts on “The Book Courtship Tag

  1. Yeah, this tag was weird (especially the getting physical part. Like, why?). I like a beautiful book with even more beautiful content. But after Everything, everything, I very much prefer a book with good content than an absolutely glorious cover (though the cover needs to look presentable at least).


  2. Brown Girl Dreaming was a great book! I’m glad you liked it, too. 🙂 I was never that excited about The Book Thief, but still, it’s a nice choice for this sort of tag. AND I STILL NEED TO READ SERAPHINA EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE TELLS ME IT IS A GREAT BOOK.


    1. IT WAS SO GOOD. The poetry…. The Book Theif is great for being read aloud, and is a very clever story with a complicated structure and sentences that is perhaps excessively involved… anyway. Yes, read Seraphina, for it is fabulous.


  3. Ah, I’ve read the first Seraphina and I love it! 😀 And haha, I feel the same about tagging. I always feel like I’m going to forget someone I should tag, so sometimes it’s easier just not to tag anyone. But then I do like being tagged, so I should tag, right???? IDK. I just do it for some and don’t do it for others. 😛



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