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24 bookish facts about Shar

Hi Virtually Readers! How is your week going??  I have been very busy and distracted (I just spent about half an hour googling cello players in between the beginning and end of that sentence) (hahahaha my homework). Anyway, I guess I’ve seen a lot of bookish facts around the blogosphere (*cough* Cait *cough*) so here are some about moi. 

This mask has spent its whole life waiting to be photographed with DoSaB

1.I grew up reading wayyyy too much Enid Blyton. Probably because in rural India, we were lucky to have English books at all. Secret Seven, Famous Five, Five Finder-Outers, The Faraway Tree, St. Mallorys…you name it, I probably read it. My lucky younger siblings had more varied reading choices.

2. I’m somewhat sceptical when authors are too prolific. Especially if it’s all in one series? *glares at the multiple children’s series that do this* . Because I kind of suspect that they have a ‘winning’ repetitve formula. Example: Enid Blyton. She had about 3 winning formulas: detective kids, boarding school, and fairy.

3. I’m not a fan of scary books. I sometimes had to stop listening to the Raven Boys because it was so creepy. When I was little I’d have get my mother to read the scary bits aloud for me.

4. I once delivered book catalogues into mailboxes. I got a book voucher as a reward.

5. Libraries=the best. I use my school’s library and get ebooks from a digital library in New Zealand.

6. I recently lost Champion for about a week. It turned out to be quite safely stored outside my chemistry classroom (oops).

7. I only heard of Percy Jackson in 2010 (It was published in 2005).Then I went through a Percy Jackson phase.


8. Bridge to Terabithia was the first movie I watched before I read the book. Maybe that’s why I like it? Also it was filmed in New Zealand and features young, dark haired Peeta Josh Hutcherson.

9. Rereading is better than new reading. Because you don’t have to stress about the ending and you meet your old friends characters.

10. I don’t have a lot of personal books. I mainly share them with Shanti. But The Girl With All the Gifts, The Book Thief, Cloudwish and The Titan’s Curse are all MIIIINE.


11. We have 15 of the 7 Harry Potter books. My friend moved house and gave me her whole series. To break it down, we have (2x#1, 2x#2, 3x#3 (one in Hindi, although I’m not planning on reading it), 2x all the others.) Some are, to be fair, in pretty bad condition and missing multiple pages. (I did craft with Harry Potter 5)



12.We have more paperbacks than hardbacks. And that’s okay with me! They’re lighter!

13. I’m a pro at reading under desks. Although I don’t do this much, since nowadays my classes are quite difficult.

14.I’m also a pro at reading under the covers. And I do this about 5 times a week. I’m such a bedtime-defying rebel.

15. I’m a browser. I mean I like the idea of a TBR? but I just pick what I feel like reading usually.

16. Series I haven’t finished: Throne of Glass, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Hunt, Skullduggery Pleasant, The Kane Chronicles…



17.I don’t plan on finishing Throne of Glass or The Kane Chronicles any time soon. 

18.Currently listening to: White Cat by Holly Black. I’m quite close to finishing it, but Champion came first, because after being lost it had to be returned to the library quickly.

19. Calvin and Hobbes is the best. We have a lot of the collections, and they are honestly so so so good.

19. One of my yearly goals was to read 10 nonfiction books. I’ve read at least 1, so I’m well on my way? (haha no)

20. I once threw up on Artemis Fowl. Quite unfortunate, really.

21. I love Laura Ingalls Wilder and I wanted to time travel to her time at one point. Mainly because the food is so good. (but the no wifi aspect is rather off-putting)

22. We just finished Atonement in English. And the ending destroyed me.

23.I don’t have very much bookish merchandise. But I do have a Lunar Chronicles T-shirt! (and it is in the wash therefore no photo)

24. I have read Lord of The Rings. I  wasn’t very dedicated and took 1 1/2 years to do this.

Have you ever done any of these things? What’s one bookish(or non-bookish) fact about you? How do you feel about comic books?

13 thoughts on “24 bookish facts about Shar

  1. Woah we share so many facts. YAY REREADING. And also that thing about ridiculous amounts of books in a series… Like the Magic Tree House and Warriors books and now The 39 Clues. Like chill your gills, writerly fish. Also, Calvin and Hobbes is the bomb dot com and LOTR TAKES FOREVERRRRRRR to read. Like seriously. I know exactly what you mean.


  2. I read a lot of Enid Blyton, too.

    I don’t like scary books either. Even though I haven’t read many. But I want to sleep at night, thanks very much.

    Delivering book catalogues to mailboxes? Lucky

    I watched Bridge to Terebithia and have yet to read it.

    I have more paperbacks, too.


    1. I don’t think I was the best delivery girl tbh. I kept forgetting if I had done that house so I was quite slow. But yeah, like voluntarily scaring yourself? no thanks. How do you feel about Enid Blyton now?


  3. It took me forever to read Lord of the Rings, too! About 2 1/2 years, specifically. xD There was a stretch where I got so bored I just stopped… plus I took a break to read Christmas books at one point… and so on. As much as I DID end up liking it, I was so glad to be done. 😛


    1. *hi fives* Yeah, I just kind of lost track of the LOTR plot? So that didn’t go so well. I’m still glad I finished it in the end. I would read one chapter and reward myself with a different book. *nods*


    1. Well this Harry Potter 5 did a wonderful job being interesting before it fell apart. And now I have a new copy so. Bridge to Terabithia broke my heart 😦


  4. I reckon comic books are a very interesting genre… Despite the pictures the author has to be SO good with words. Holding Asterix up as the shining example of great comic.


  5. I saw the Bridge to Terebithia before reading it too! I didn’t even know it was a book…hhahah. And yes, the book ruined me just as much as the movie. I don’t know whether to applaud or scream at books that can ruin you EVEN AFTER YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS OMG WHAT IS THIS LIFE. *Ahem* (Peeta is adorable tho. ❤ )

    And omg you threw up on a book?!😱 That would be severely devastating! I sneezed on a book once and I am not proud.😂 Goes to show that reading + having a cold = not a good idea.

    Also I love fact posts and getting to know fellow bookworms better! 😀 SO THIS WAS GREAT.


    1. Bridge to Terabithia is just so sad. Like why do we have to endure this? It just crushes the feels every time. *cries* . It’s like you’d think we bookworms would be immune to having our feels crushed? BUT NO, APPARENTLY.
      I was not trying to throw up the book (side note: it was actually borrowed, but after that incident the owner didn’t want it back, so we got to keep it, and it’s still readable if wrinkled) *changes topic* Moral of story: keep books reasonable distance from face.
      Well I’m glad you liked this 🙂 I like fact posts too.


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