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Tutorial: Paper Lucky Stars

A long time ago, I had a friend who tried to teach me how to make these super-cool paper stars. It was too hard, and I gave up. But recently, I was scrolling through Sophia’s instagram feed and I saw these stars again. I also saw Cait’s very large use of stars in her instagram. (seriously, they’re everywhere). I decided to try again, and with the help of this tutorial  (which you should read if mine doesn’t make sense) I made one. It was so fun that I thought I’d do a post about it. (also I wasn’t using the camera I normally use and I forgot about the existence of macro so some photos are a bit blurry)

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 12.36.40 pm

What do you need?

Scissors, paper, and some folding skills. I actually had some pre cut strips of paper from an old klutz kit, but I started off with paper from an old notebook. I’d recommend this, because it might take a few stars to get the hang of the thing, and then you can use your nice paper once your star making skills are practiced.


Step one:

Fold a strip of paper and cut it. The wider the strip is, the larger star you’ll get, but if it’s too wide then the star won’t puff up properly. If it’s A4 length, 1-1.5 cm should be okay.

Step 2:

Cross the your strip over to make a loop. DSCF3628.JPG

Step three:

Turn the loop into a knot by poking the end through the hole.


Step 4: 

Tuck the loose end of the knot into the ‘pocket’ so it doesn’t bother you.

This is what it should look like now

Step 5:

Basically you’re going to be winding the long end of the strip around the pentagon of the knot.

Step 6:

Keep going until you have a short end left.


Step 7: 

Tuck this loose end in like you did with the original knot by sliding it into the side of the strip. (okay this is quite hard to explain)

It should now look like this

Step 8:

Use your nails to squeeze out the edges of the pentagon to puff it out. It works best with 2 hands at once, but one of mine was trying to take the photo.


But it’s not working!

I have some suggestions.

  • make sure your paper is roughly straight. If it isn’t, I suggest starting with the wider end.
  • When you’re wrapping the ‘tail’ around the pentagon, try to do it firmly, but not squash the pentagon’s shape.
  • Unwind and try again. (confession: the star I was taking photos of wasn’t puffin out properly, so I had to try again)
  • Give up and say you’re fabulous anyway. Don’t give up, but you are still fabulous no matter your origami skills.

You now have a star!

But you’re probably wondering: what do I do with it? Here are some ideas:

  1. Bookstagram/book photos. Because stars look cool.
  2. I didn’t do this, but my friend suggested that you could write something nice or inspirational on every star, stick it in a jar, and then give them to people/yourself when you need it.
  3. Decoration. Need I say more?
  4. Throw them at your siblings/annoying people.
  5. Hide them and play find the star.


Are you going to try this? Did my instructions make sense? What other uses can you think of for random paper stars?






12 thoughts on “Tutorial: Paper Lucky Stars

  1. Wow, these are lovely! I do not think I am crafty enough to try, but I always think they are beautiful when I end up seeing them around in people’s pictures and booksta posts. 🙂


  2. I LOVE YOUR TUTORIAL. And thanks for linking to my insta.😂 These stars are my idea of a goodly cheap prop, haha. I generally use a pencil to press it into a star shape in the end instead of pinching it, but I use scrapbooking paper so it’s kind of tough. But omg I ruin them ALL THE TIME. It’s embarrassing.🙈🙊 I like destroy every second one I make. Yes, I am the origami queen. #lies 😂


    1. Well your insta is fabulous so of course I linked to it. Scrapbooking paper sounds a lot harder than notebook paper (therefore pencil=very very useful of course). Luckily (hahaha see what I did there?) the destroyed stars don’t normally make it into the pictures 😀 *pretends to have crying laughing emoji but really has no idea what to do with emojis and where to find them*


  3. Oh I’ve been looking for a tutorial on these for ages! They’re ALWAYS scattered over Cait’s photos and they look so pretty. I used to make paper boxes back in fifth grade (geez…seven years ago, I’m so old). It’s so calming!


    1. Actually, my origami repertoire is very limited: I can make ninja stars, paper cranes, water balloons, one kind of box, and these. They’re so fun to make though. I agree that they’re gorgeous 🙂


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