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Shar does the Power of Words Tag

After a (fabulous) week of blogoversary celebrations, it’s back to normal posting! The wonderful Alexa tagged me for the Power of Words tag, and I haven’t done one for ages. Although Shanti already did this  , I liked the look of this tag, so I’m going to do it as well. *flips hair fabulously*

(I’m following all the rules, except I can’t think of anyone to tag. If want to know the rules you can see Alexa’s post)

Power of words tag.jpg

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet?

This is hard. E is too common, S is rather self-centred, but I like z and r. And also the hindi  letter ‘ksh’ which looks like this:  Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.15.23 am

Three words I love?

Ethereal, insidious, vindicated. (why? I don’t know.) Also most onomatopoeias.

Three words I hate?

Hmmm. I don’t really HATE that many words, per se.  But shape names, like sphere and cylinder and cube, are rather strange.

What kind of word would I create?

Well, I once invented mataonapoiea, for words that sound like what they mean but don’t necessarily describe sounds (such as ‘scarf’). I think english needs more words for feelings, like maybe gradness (anger at grief/sadness). Also the other day I invented the word ‘balkiness’ to encompass all things to do with the management of money.

Favourite punctuation marks?

I like semicolons; which doesn’t mean I know how to use them, & ampersands, which have the coolest name ever—but I totally overuse the em dash— that would be my favourite.


Three favourite fonts?

I often just go for good ol’ times new roman, but I also like Arial and the swirly cursive ones (because my cursive just isn’t even a thing.)

Bonus: A word that looks better than it sounds?


Bonus question: If you could change the way one word sounded, what would it be?

Recently a friend who doesn’t have English as a first language sent me this video  (no idea if this link works) about all of English’s ‘ought’ sounds. Like ‘off’ in ‘cough’, ‘uff’ in ‘enough’, ‘ow’ in ‘bough’, ‘aw’ in ‘bought’, ‘ooo’ in ‘through’, ‘oh’ in ‘though’ … you get the idea. Imagine how much easier life would be if this was more consistent.

Alexa’s question 1: What are the most powerful words you can think of?

Love, death, and courage.

Alexa’s question 2: Can you think of/make up a book title with 5 words you mentioned in this tag?

a) no. b) the insidious courageous person on a plinth who bought a cough . (what this books would be about, I don’t know).

I’m not going to tag anyone because a) tagging is hard b) I can’t think of that many people who haven’t done it and c) anyone can steal it and I’m 100% OK with that.

Can you make up a book title with these words? Are you with me on the ‘ough’ thing? What is your favourite punctuation mark?



14 thoughts on “Shar does the Power of Words Tag

    1. Plinth is like a pedestal type thing you put a statue on, I believe. That one letter is getting a lot of appreciation around the blogosphere. *nods*


  1. LOL, I love what you did with this tag! The hindi letter is gorgeous (which sounds weird to say about a letter, but hey, English letters don’t look that artistic, lol). The words you made up are great (we def need more words for feelings), and yes, I think those “ough” words confuse even 1st-language English speakers sometimes. 😛

    Your answers to my questions are amazing, lol. That book title, though.



    1. Well Hindi is very cool, although I don’t take it as a class anymore, because I didn’t have the time and I wasn’t very good. Can you write a book based on that title? Pleeeeeease???

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can’t believe I did… but I did write a short story, lol. I jotted down the idea a little while after this comment, and then happened to find it tonight and write the full thing. :p Without further ado, here is the brief and absolutely ridiculous story of The Insidious Courageous Person on a Plinth Who Bought a Cough:
        Once upon a time there was a man only remembered as ICP, which stood for “Insidious Courageous Person.” Mr. ICP was known as this because he did many things that were insidious, a word which here means crafty, subtle, and occasionally downright illegal, in his life, and these acts were often very dangerous and so supplemented with courage, a word which here means the act of executing these insidious acts through dangerous and unnecessary means. Mr. ICP eventually died performing one of his insidious, courageous stunts, but he was remembered for his insidiousness as well as his courage and a bust of his image was placed on a plinth in a museum. One day, his wandering soul happened to find that museum and accidentally attached himself to it through methods we cannot get into in this story as it would take entirely too long and involved sneezing, spam, and spontaneous combustion, but it was such that he could not find a way to leave the bust on the plinth.
        Life in a museum was boring. Very boring. Because no one could remember his real name, few people paid any attention to Mr. ICP and so things were even worse than if they could remember him and at least spent the entirety of their museum trip admiring his insidious and courageous acts. Mr. ICP searched desperately for some insidious, courageous things to do—or at least a way to get the museum patrons to pay him more attention—but could find nothing.
        Until one day, when a child coming down with a cold walked near his exhibit, pointed right at him, and then coughed such a cough that half the museum turned their heads to see what had happened. Mr. ICP had never heard such a cough and was certain that anything so loud and head-turning must be very valuable; he set about planning a way to steal the cough and as such garner the attention of museum patrons for all eternity. Having spent such time in the museum, Mr. ICP’s insidiousness was a little rusty, however his courage was as strong as ever: the best thing he could think of was to shout “ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS” which was the equivalent to the amount he had garnered through his insidiously courageous actions in life and which had been divided among and spent by himself and his friends while he was still alive. He was, however, willing to wager that the child did not know that.
        The child cocked his head at the statue and gave a little nod, before the teacher came over and hurried the child away, leaving behind—Mr. ICP assumed—the cough. And so Mr. ICP snuggled himself quite happily into his plinth, having bought the cough that would undoubtedly give him the attention he deserved.
        The End


      2. THIS IS FABULOUS!!!!!! I liked this so much, and I couldn’t stop laughing. I can’t believe you actually managed that and I am super super impressed. Mr. ICP is certainly insidious, and wow. You have just grown in my estimation 🙂

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    1. I love those squiggly things too~~~~~ do they have a use in normal english. I feel like a title inspired novel would be quite a challenge. (because soooo many things to include)


  2. It’s not self-centred to like the letter ‘S’ – my favourite letter is the first letter of my real name too.
    My favourite word is perpetually. 😉
    I loath any form of colon – I know how to use them but I always feel like I have to look it up and check I’m right.


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