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The benefits of Coblogging

As part of our blogoversary (will the celebrations of our awesomeness never stop?) and as co-bloggers, Shanti and I are going to tell you why being a co blogger is wonderful. 

the benefits of coblogging.jpg

  • This is probably the most obvious: less work. We have to write fewer posts each, because we share our responsibilities. This is rather useful, seeing as we’re both busy with a lot of other things.Yay!
  • Fun times. Having a coblogger is not only less stressful, it’s also more fun. Maybe partly because it’s less stressful?
  • More ideas. Because there are two people with different brains, we both have different, creative ideas for posts.
  • Better ideas. With someone else to listen to your ideas and think about what you have to say, and give feedback, your ideas will almost always be better. We criticise each other’s posts (in a helpful way, duh)
but the real question is, which is Shanti and which is Shar?
  • Motivation. It’s great to have a co-blogger because it gives you no excuses for not posting. If you don’t post, Shanti will bother you incessantly. (she has never forgotten to post in the last 2 years fyi, not counting hiatuses) (and eve in hiatuses she schedules posts. (When they started blogging, Shar always forgot to write blog posts. Then Shanti yelled at her encouraged her to write them on time and she did.)
  • More interacting/community. We both comment on other people’s posts. This means we can both make new friends. That is good. Shanti and I read lots of the same blogs, but also some different ones. Shar has bloglovin’, Shanti has Twitter, we basically do the work of two bloggers (wut.)
  • More book buying power. Two people equals two times as many books, right? (Kind of. Shar exercises more restraint)
  • You can cover more books. Shar and I read and review differently, which means you darling readers get a wider variety of books, and that’s definitely a good thing. 2x the eyes=more books read (maybe not two times as much, because Shanti reads more than Shar)
  • Different strengths. Blogs aren’t just about the writing. There’s design, photos, and (as we mentioned before) and interacting with other bloggers. Shanti’s better at writing (she writes more posts than Shar), and she can eat apples with her teeth and not a knife (dangit braces)  but Shar (believes) she is better at photography (maybe-says Shanti) (well, at least I edit them says Shar) and design and coding (this great site design is all thanks to her, yo) (thank you, sis) fabulousness (just kidding). Being good at different things makes our blog better overall. (not that we’re conceited or anything)
There are actually two hands here only you can’t tell

Shanti and I have so much fun blogging together, and being each other’s cobloggers is (as we hope we have made evident) awesome. But that’s not to say that being an only (blogging) child is bad! You get to be your own boss and commandeer allllll the posts. There are so many amazing bloggers out there who do more work than both of us together by themselves. Since we can’t do that, we think you guys are pretty cool. Still, coblogging is the best.

Do you coblog? Do you single blog? Do you even blog? Are you going to co-blog now? (you should). Also, challenge: What’s the difference between Shar and Shanti’s posts? Can you tell who wrote which bullet points, and which ones we did together?

11 thoughts on “The benefits of Coblogging

  1. XD You two have made me laugh. I think that is one of the best things about the way you two in particular co-blog, and it likely has something to do with being sisters and thus very familiar with one another: you have great chemistry. It makes your little exchanges through here very amusing to read! I myself don’t co-blog, although I once did. I was the industrious blogger and kept the dream alive. But! That’s okay. I may or may not be happier just working on one blog.


    1. YOU ONCE COBLOGGED??? What??? I would love to read those posts (although maybe they’re terrible, I have no proof) . You are still an industrious blogger (and it sounds somewhat frustrating if the other person didn’t work). Well we are glad you appreciate us coblogging? (that sounds strange but hey *shrugs* :D)


  2. I was wondering why you guys coblog instead of having separate ones but now I know xD

    I can’t tell the difference between you guys. I usually assume you are Shanti because her name sticks in my head easier (sorry Shar xD)

    Less stress sounds appealing xD


    1. That’s okay, people confuse us url all the time. Now you know 🙂 If you’re wondering how to tell who wrote the post, that’s normally one of the categories the post is put in and the author is under the post (by the date). Less stress is so useful


  3. I blog on two blogs – one solo, one with cobloggers – and I completely agree with everything you’ve said here. Coblogging really does create strong bonds and friendships and it’s nice because it takes a lot of the work and pressure off your shoulders. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤


  4. I can usually tell the difference between your posts when I go to read them, because you do have different (and wonderful) blogging voices I think.😂 Basically you are EPIC BLOGGING SISTER GOALS AHH!!! I miss blogging with my sister. I was like the industrious blogger always pestering her to write her posts.😂 And then she left me for like, idek, school and music and a boy and I’M ALL ALOOOOONE. Very sad. But luckily I’ve been fabulous enough to cope for the last 3 years *nods*
    ANYWAY. I think it’s awesome how you two gets so much done and have such creative posts. :’)


  5. This was such a great post, I loved reading it. I think it’s fantastic that you love blogging together, and sharing ideas and brainstorm together has to be a fantastic thing! I am kind of co-blogging with my sister as well, even if she has less free time on her hands and contribue to my blog just once a month, she’s still a very important person in my blogging life, because I know i can always run ideas to her and she gives me advice and everything. 🙂
    And you should NEVER stop celebrating your blogiversary 😛


    1. Don’t worry, we never truly stop 😀 . I think it’s super great that your sister can co-blog with you, even if it’s not often. I always like her posts 🙂 Sisters are the best. ❤


  6. I single blog, and I don’t always have the time to read books that I can review on my blog because I’m busy reading coursebooks. (I mean, I COULD review Tess of the D’Urbervilles on my blog but I’m A, desperate to get away from it, and B, scared of the book snobs who’d rain their wrath down on me for daring to not enjoy it.) If I’m really stuck for a review on Thursday (book review day) I just copy one of my old Goodreads reviews (blogging secret).


    1. Tess of the D’Ubervilles sounds something that just isn’t too interesting. (like, who cares about the D’Ubervilles and what it has to do with Tess? sorry) . I don’t have Goodreads, but this sumer I wrote a whole heap of reviews, and I’ve slowly been using them each week. Coblogging does= more books to review. 🙂


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