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A second blogoversary |Giveaway|Questions|Gratitude

It’s our second blogoversary! Yay! It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we published our first post (since which our plans for out blog have significantly changed) and a year since our first blogoversary (since which we have got a new design, although our content hasn’t really changed). Let’s discuss our greatness (by which I mean our blogoversary. But hey, today is a day of exciting enormous celebration. Not really)

blogoversary 2


  • 192 followers (Bloglovin’ and WordPress and email). This is so incredible. If you had told me when we started blogging that we would have 192 followers, I would probably have asked what followers were.
  • Over 4000 visitors. What is this life.
  • 15000 views. Again, like, how?
  • 224 posts. Well, that’s plenty.

And, of course, we have to say thank you to about a zillion people.

  • Marie, for always commenting and being incredibly awesome.
  • Heather, for her incredible blog posts and always being thoughtful.
  • Cait, for being rabidly enthusiastic and also just generally a wonderful writer.
  • Alexa, who is cool and has wonderful ideas (both on her blog and in her comments)
  • Alyssa, who manages to blog on top of everything else and be fabulous.

And some of our new friends:

  • Holly, because she is so interesting.
  • Rain, because we all have a sarcastic inner editor
  • This Grace and this Grace, because they’re both awesome.
  • Authors for writing amazing (and not so amazing) books.
  • I’ve probably forgotten some people.

And then all the people in real life:

  • Our parents, because they think our YA blog is interesting despite never almost never reading YA.
  • Our siblings, for existing (they don’t read this so we could say whatever we wanted. They should be grateful.)
  • Our cat and dog, for being photogenic and affectionate although they don’t know about our internet fame.
  • Our laptops for, y’know, working. (we could thank our camera, our hard drives, mother boards, laptop chargers too I guess)


  • Our friends who fangirl with us and read our posts (you know who you are)
  • All the people who told us we should start a blog (there were several)

We are so grateful that you read the stuff we write and are so encouraging. Without you you we would have way less motivation to blog.

What have we learned, now we are two-year-old wise blogging gurus?

  • It’s okay to make mistakes. Typos, forgetting to post or reply to comments. We’re not perfect, but neither is anyone else. And that’s okay.
  • People are awesome. Specifically, bloggers are awesome. Other bloggers are inspiring and encouraging and generally wonderful.
  • Take photos. Be original. Be zany.
  • Coding is just as hard and easier than it looks.
  • many other things I can’t think of right now.

And what can you expect from us in the future?

  • Shanti and I are kind of busy with finishing high school, but we’ll keep blogging and commenting as much as we can.
  • We’re (meaning me, Shar) is working on making a blog button only it’s hard. But it should appear soon.
  • We added a contact page!
  • More analysis posts
  • New features perhaps.
  • Different website tweaks? (but not a new design because that was a lot of work)
  • Okay I’m making stuff up now.

But now, on to the fun stuff! To celebrate our blogoversary, we’re having two giveaways. The first one is for this Rafflecopter giveaway:

The second will be a random person from the comments. (You’ll have to trust that it will actually be random) You can enter both, but you can’t win both. We’ll choose at the end of August, and then we’ll contact you and you can choose a quote or colour scheme for one, then we’ll post them to you.  The person who wins in the comments gets 2 bookmarks. We choose one for you and you can choose the other. The rafflecopter winner gets 3 bookmarks, and can also choose one. (oh yeah, this is totally international by the way)

Here’s some bookmarks we’ve made recently:



And last, we’d love to know what you think. What is your favourite blog post of ours? (not that we need our egos bloated). What is your favourite feature? What would you like to see here? (features, posts, you name it)





23 thoughts on “A second blogoversary |Giveaway|Questions|Gratitude

  1. Apropos to one of your tips about none of us being perfect, lol, I am super late for this. :p But HAPPY LATE BLOGOVERSARY!!!! 😀 You are awesome and I love your bookish discussions and lovely comments on my blog! Thanks for the kind words about me!

    And haha, yeah. Definitely need them laptop chargers and motherboards. 😉



    1. That’s okay 🙂 Thank you Alexa!!!! *nods* Laptop electronics, very important, very esoteric too. (i just learned that word) Well your blogging is rather wonderful too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy blogoversary! It is amazing how the time flies—your blog design still feels like such a recent innovation, and just wow. I am glad you two are sticking it out, since I know I can count on thoughtful discussions and your regular good humor whenever I come to visit. I hope you have an awesome next year of blogging, as much as you can, while still doing well in high school. (And also, you are welcome. I’m glad I can call you two bloggy neighbors, and I’m glad you enjoy some of my work as well. 😉 )


    1. *grins happily* You’re so amazing, Heather. We’re so glad you like all our posts. Yours are fabulous, obviously. I’m getting used to the new design? but at the same time not. Anyway, you’re nice, and thank you *smiles*


  3. HAPPY BLOGVERSARY SHANTI AND SHAR!! *flails* I think you’re both amazing bloggers and I looooove your content and just how exciting and fun all your posts are. You’re so creative. You’re probably the most creative bloggers I read, actually. 😉 So huzzah and GOOD JOB is basically all I can say. No wait. I can say more. (Mwhahaah.) YOU’RE BOTH WONDERFUL AND I HOPE THERE ARE MANY MORE BLOGGY BIRTHDAYS AHEAD OF YOU.


    1. THANK YOU CAIT. Your blog is fabulous too– it really inspires us! I hope so too! I want to keep blogging forever basically. I love blogging! Thank you for supporting us.


  4. Happy Blogoversary!! That’s so exciting! I’m so glad that we’re able to chat about books and bookish things through these blogs– and thanks so much for the shoutout! ❤ I always love reading your posts and I think you two are a fabulous blogging duo.
    Those bookmarks are ADORABLE, btw 🙂


  5. Happy blogoversary ❤ This is definitely worth celebrating, and even if others might think that your follower count is small or that your pageviews are little, IT DOESN'T MATTER. Every small thing counts and I'm so happy for you that you were able to get this far 😀 I hope to see more of your posts in the future and keep on blogging ❤ It was a huge pleasure getting to know you a lot more through this community!


    1. Thank you Jillian! You’re so amazing ❤ It's been so lovely to get to know you too. And we (or at least I) don't think about page views or followers. When I first started blogging I loved stats, but now I don't really look at them 🙂


  6. I can’t believe you guys have been blogging for two years! (Well, I’m also a newbie compared to the others xD) And you called me awesome! Aw, thanks! ❤

    Wait, are you guys going to college/uni soon? o.O I am, too… hopefully….


    1. Actually, we’re finishing high school in about a year, so we’re therefore rather busy. And you’re (newbie) blog rocks! Good luck for university!


  7. Hey Shanti and SHar – it is a post prandial afternoon on your blogoversary – and your father and I writing here – despite you believing we don’t have the IT skills to know how to post comments on your blog. We love your zany-ness, creativity, reflective analysis and sort of feel reassured that you are teenage girls instead of being wise beyond your years (which you also often are) when you read the odd trashy novel about love triangles… keep blogging. We all love it.
    You are the best Shar and Shanti!


    1. Thank you darling parents. It’s you who don’t think you have enough IT skills to comment. Love triangles don’t necessarily equal trashy, but we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one ;). Thanks for helping us out always ❤


  8. Yay, happy blogoversary! I can’t believe you have been blogging for two years, that’s fantastic! Did you two ever had different ideas about where the blog would go? This is just out of curiosity, I’ve always wondered 🙂 Thank you so, so much for the shout out, that’s so sweet of you! I’m always happy to comment on all of your fantastic blog posts ❤ and since you ask, my favorite posts of yours are reviews, and when you're talking about the different aspects of books. I remember a post on world-building for instance, and that was so, so good! Really love the recommendations as well 🙂 Once again, happy blogoversary!! ❤ ❤


    1. I know! Two years is a weirdly long and short time. Um, we kind of give each other free rein in each blogging week, but if we really diverged we might have to start separate blogs. That isn’t going to happen anytime soon though. I love reading your comments, Thanks for supporting us! I’m glad you like reviews–I love to write them but they’re often my least popular post. Good to know, we’ll keep the discussions and bookish features coming ;). Yay!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. *eats chocolate cake noisily and gets it smeared all over face* Thank you! I’ve done a bit of doing at school, so maybe that’s why I don’t fear it so much? (then again, i was using an entirely different language) 🙂 🙂


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