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What do you want to read? #recommendations

I’ve read a lot of books lately, and I haven’t been able to review them all, or talk about them on this blog. But I’m fixing that today. Here are some book recommendations based on your mood!

recommendation collage.jpg

If you’re in the mood for…

Dragons, adventure, and questioning who you are, try Seraphina. This wonderful book follows a half-dragon musician who must battle against prejudice while uncovering a secret plot

A Night Circus-esque YA about Russia and high stakes, try the Crown’s Game. This novel follows Russia’s two magicians as they battle each other through complicated relationships to find the sorcerer for the Russian Crown.

Summery friendships, new experiences and dogs, try The Unexpected Everything. This story follows Andi as she navigates a new dog walking job and a summer that isn’t quite what she expected—but wonderfully so.

Mysteries, dreams and new schools, try Dreamology. This book tells the story of Alice, who has to work out if the moody guy she’s met in her new school is really the same person who appears in her bizarre dreams.

A creepy, clever and heartbreaking story, try The Girl with all the Gifts. This book is set in a post apocalyptic world where children are not quite children, and it’s hard to know who to trust—and who to touch.

Summertime, fathers and Italian luxury yachts, try Girl at Sea. While fairly typical, this YA contemporary is about a girl on a ship in an ocean, with most of the answers fathoms deep and some right next door.

An epic quest, magic, and philosophy, try The Gift. This Chosen One fantasy explores the impact of violence and responses to darkness in a world where it’s hard to know what is Light and what is Dark.

Cons, morally ambiguous characters and a twisted alternate magical New Jersey, try White Cat. This cleverly written novel involves Cassel Sharpe falling in and out of trust with his family—and himself—and realising he had more friends than he thought.

A simple contemporary about summer and who owns your dreams, try The Moon and More. This contemporary follows Emalines journey through a tumultuous summer, and the obligatory YA self discovery.

Crazy, unbelievable short stories, try Just Crazy. This children’s classic is hilarious, and the details in the illustrations make it a really immersive reading experience.

Maths, funny, simple, awesome and explained, try Alex’s Adventures in Numberland. This wonderful (non-fiction) book is perfect for showing the maths-shy how cool number manipulation can really be. (And the perfect recovery book for those in remission after a year of calculus #justsaying)

A mysterious setting and strange people, try The Near Witch. This YA fantasy has gorgeous writing and an amazing setting, and totally immerses you in it’s world.

Do any of my recommendations match your current mood? Which books are you currently recommending? tell me in the comments! (and by the way, I reviewed most of these books on goodreads! you can follow me for more updates)


10 thoughts on “What do you want to read? #recommendations

  1. I have to say, I do really want to read Seraphina. I have heard great things about it from my best friend and other pieces of sporadic flailing around the internet. Gotta listen to the pulse of the people. Of course, am I mood to read about dragons? TRICK QUESTION. When DON’T I want to read about dragons?


  2. I am always in the mood for dragons and Seraphina is one of the books that I have wanted to read for a while now. If only I had enough time in this life time to read all the books I wanted. I have to find Aladdin’s lamp… 😉


  3. AHH Seraphina is SO GOOD. I love how complex and unique this fantasy world is, especially with the whole half-dragon thing. The sequel is fantastic as well! Thanks for the great recommendations!


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