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Bookish craft ideas

Hi there everyone! As book fanatics, we love to express our love of certain books and characters. But merchandise is often really expensive. How can you show how much you love something without breaking the bank? As the title of this post may have clued you in, today I’m giving you bookish craft ideas! This does presuppose *some* experience of crafting and supplies, but most of the stuff is really easy to get and there are tutorials elsewhere.

#1. Ereader case!

So as you can see from the pictures, I recovered my old kobo case and then embroidered it. The embroidery took a while, but it’s just simple chain stitch. The case was really easy to measure and sew out. I recovered it, so I didn’t need to bother about padding, but if you’re making it from scratch, do two layers and put padding in between them and then quilt it. Zip attaching is hard and tbh my mum did that.



We published the linked post on bookmarks a while ago. They’re really easy and you can write whatever you want on them, be it book related or not. (and this may be some blogoversary foreshadowing)

#3. Jewellery! (sorry, I’m just in an exclamation mark mood today)


My grandma gave me this set where you can write something on a piece of paper and stick it in a pendant with glass over the top—in this case the Tiger Lily quote ‘we are just stories’) but if you don’t have this stuff you can cover beads with paper and write on them and then use PVA as a varnish (though water will ruin it) or write on wooden beads or try your hand at whittling. There are various ‘make your own bead’ things that you can buy in craft shops too. (I’m lazy and can’t be bothered finding links. Sorry!) I’ve also made ‘fangirl’ bracelets from letter beads which are really simple—you could write a fandom name or a favourite character.


I’m not that good at art so illustrating quotes, mostly physically and sometimes digitally is a really good way to express my fandom J. These are some of the ones on my wall. I’ve used watercolours, gel pens, and various paper—anyone can do this with a quote and given supplies. Stamps are great too for neater writing. (but plan your stamps, otherwise you’ll end up writing ‘You have feet in your head. You have brains in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose’ which happened to a crafting friend of mine)

#5. Fanart!

I’m not really someone to give advice on fanart, but above are some of my attempts (my fanart wall, DoSaB and The Montmaray Journals). I’m no art expert, but watercolours and pencil are probably easiest. Think about a favourite scene, or what a character might mean to you and try to draw it. It’s just for you though so don’t feel any pressure J.

#6. Clothes!


Some awesome friends of mine screenprinted my favourite t-shirt with a charter mark for a gift one time (now you guys are gonna think that I always wear wrinkled clothes. Not true). I myself am not very good at screen printing (I think I’ve done it once) but you can get fabric paint and alter a garment (ideally a plain one) pretty easily, or use your mad sewing skills to make a cosplay outfit. I’ve made my own cloths but never for cosplay—it’s on the list for ‘maybe one day’—but this is a really awesome way to express your fandom.

So do you like to craft? How do you express your bookworminess in real life? Don’t forget that the best accessory, regardless of crafting skill, is a book. Talk to me in the comments, Virtually Readers!


14 thoughts on “Bookish craft ideas

  1. Wow, your crafts are gorgeous! Ah, they are so lovely, especially your embroidery! (WOW.)
    I’ve always wanted to do crafts… but whenever I try to get around to doing it, I decide to read instead. I really want to make some bookmarks because I LOVE collecting bookmarks (what bookworm doesn’t?) so… maybe one day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful crafts. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Quotes and clothes are probably my two favorites, although I generally prefer the latter to be store bought because I am not nearly as crafty as it is cool to be. I really like the shirt your friend helped you make! It looks awesome. 😀 Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas with us!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this. I do not have nearly as uch time for crafting as I would like to. (but I do make costumes for the school plays which is cool) Go forth and create, Heather!


  3. I absolutely LOVE bookish crafts and admire anyone who can do this. I have no artistic fiber whatsoever, so… haha. I especially LOVE bookmarks -though I don’t use traditional bookmarks but a bunch of travelling tickets, I LOVE looking at gorgeous bookmarks- and jewellry. I love jewellry so, so much!


  4. Ooh, these are epic! I LOVE THE SHIRT. And the necklace!! I cut up books and do origami with them, so I suppose that somewhat counts?! But otherwise i’m a bit terrible when it comes to ANYTHING remotely arty. XD YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL!!


  5. I only really do bookmarks. (Folding old sheets of paper (perhaps old sheets from school)over and over again).

    I should do quotes as well. I like Romeo and Juliet quotes, although I don’t like the actual play. I also like Gatsby quotes, but none of the characters. I just think they’re funny xD


    1. Ah well, everyone has to start somewhere. I really like all the quotes (okay most of the quotes) in Epic Reads videos. I can’t remember many Romeo and Juliet quotes, but Shakespeare has some great lines if you’re willing to work for them.


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