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Dos and Don’ts of Audiobooks


Hi Virtual Readers! We’re back and you’re lives just got better! (just kidding). Because we were kind enough to schedule posts, you might not have noticed that Shanti and I were away for two whole weeks. We were gallivanting around the Himalayas, if you were wondering. I might attach a few photos at the end of the post. Anyway, while we were gone I read 14 books (thank goodness for e-readers, honestly) and did little else. And as you might guess from the title of this post, some of these were audiobooks. I just got a new iPod (my old one died a few years ago) which means aaallll the audiobooks and so now I will give you some audio book listening advice.

DO get audiobooks you’re actually interested in. Otherwise it’s like being told a stupid story. Go for books that wise people have recommended to you or ones from an author you already like. I went for The  Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves, flailed about by Cait, and The Memory of Light, which Shanti basically ordered me to listen to.

DON’T listen to your amazing audiobook super-loud shortly before a meal. You may be called to eat food then miss out. We don’t want that. Starvation is bad.

DO listen to your audiobook and hide if being forced to do the dishes/sweep the floor/tidy your room is a possibility. That way, you have an excuse when questioned about your chore-dodging.


DON’T expect to ‘read’ your audiobook as fast as other books. Reading things aloud takes longer than reading things silently. This is a fact. (Most audiobooks are about 10 hours, if you’re wondering.)

DO appreciate the fact that the audio book reader does different voices differently and does accents and sounds amazing, even though they have to read a lot of words and pronounce them all correctly and be intelligible.

DON’T turn the volume up too high. Do you want to become deaf and damage your eardrums forever? I think not. And do you want to get a story shouted at you? No.


DO listen to your book while doing something with your hands. Driving (I can’t drive but whatever)? Knitting (Shanti does this.)? Colouring (that book won’t colour itself, you know.)? Sitting in a bus? Doodling? Runnning (You can read while walking, but try running and reading— it won’t work.)?

DON’T forget to charge your iPod/mp3 player. You may deprive yourself when you really want to read your book, or even (oh the horror) lose your place.


DO get audiobooks from the library. Libraries are the actual best.

DON’T listen to the entire audiobook at once (unless you’re really, really keen). You will get tired, I promise.

And here are a few photos from our trip (yes, just move here)


Do you listen to audiobooks? What advice would you give the newbie listener? Is your library amazing?

19 thoughts on “Dos and Don’ts of Audiobooks

    1. You can find heaps of audiobooks (e.g Harry Potter) on youtube, which I guess you could download, and there are some sites, although because I use a library I don’t know specific ones. Also, services such as audible provide free trials or 1 free audiobook if you sign up 🙂

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  1. I’ve recently fallen in love with audiobooks but you’re right — they take SO much longer to get through then if I read the book myself! I was listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with my sister today who was sick AND IT WAS OVER 8 HOURS LONG. :O I definitely prefer reading books myself to listening to them, but audiobooks are becoming a firm favourite especially as I can fold washing and *read* at the same time 😉

    Wonderful post, Shar! ❤


    1. Thanks, Ella! Audiobooks require much patience. Harry Potter audiobooks sound really good (but SO LONG omg). I can do so many things while I *read* audiobooks (this morning I was fixing my torn shirt). But I imagine some books, like Illuminae, would not be as good as an audiobook because of all the visuals.


  2. Audiobooks have become a big part of my daily routine, especially since I started having a 45-minute commute to school! It helps fill the hours more productively, to my way of thinking. I think what you pointed out regarding the time difference is very important. A book that might take me three hours to read on paper could take over three times that on disc! (Also, the library. WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT THE LIBRARY?)


    1. The library is amazing. I love libraries so much. Wow, that is a long way to go to school! No wonder you’d want to do something while driving! The time difference is annoying, but audi0books are still worth it.


  3. I’ve been listening to audio books more and more recently, but I have noticed that it takes much longer to get finish books that way than it does if I were to physically read them. Still, audio books are a nice way to get some reading done while doing other things! I usually listen to them while walking on the treadmill, washing dishes, folding laundry, etc. Great post 🙂


  4. I adore listening to an audiobook while on the go, it makes everything in general seem a lot more interesting (or maybe I’m just way too used to multitasking to be able to be content with one thing at a time). The whole ‘not expiring on your ipod’ thing is pretty useful information for someone who wants to keep audiobooks (not me ahum). Audio books do take forever to get through! When I first discovered them I was shocked at the time, I thought that the book was being repeated or something, oops.


    1. Okay let’s all agree that audiobooks are the best 🙂 The first one I listened to (Cinder) was about 10 hours and I thought that was super long until I reached the end and realised this was normal.


  5. I always appreciate the narrators, because when I have to read stuff out loud, even if it’s a page, I stumble over a bunch of words! I read audiobooks before sleep, and when I take a walk or play piano!


    1. I love listening to audiobooks right before I sleep- it’s such a nice feeling, like someone is whispering stories to you in the dark. I can’t focus on piano at the same time as something else-how do you do it?


  6. I love audio books! I thought it was kind of funny how you suggested using audio books to avoid your chores because I actually like to listen to audiobooks while I do my chores (like washing dishes, cleaning my room etc.) to make them less boring! Also I love getting audiobooks from the library! My library subscribes to this website/app called hoopla that let’s you listen to any book they have (and they have a lot) for free for 21 days.


    1. Hahaha I get all my audiobooks from my library, although it uses this app called overdrive. But somehow when I load books on my iPod (actually my sister does it for me) then they don’t expire, although the original file does. This would be cool if not for the fact that I wouldn’t reread audiobooks anyway. And I like to listen to books while doing chores too! I should have mentioned that…


      1. That’s interesting that they don’t expire when you load them on your iPod, even though probably I wouldn’t reread them either, it’d be a clever trick of you did want to! And yeah, audiobooks are good for chores, but I do think avoiding chores was a much more amusing thing to talk about in your post.


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