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20 FABULOUS blog post ideas

By Shar

 Hey Virtually Readers! I’ve seen several ‘Blog Post Idea generators’ around the blogosphere, and, being a self-confessed complete blogging expert on everything, I thought I could add mine into the mix.

  1. Find a dictionary (or even just a random book page.) Close your eyes and point your finger at a word, then spend at least 500 words discussing how much your chosen word means to you, how important it is, how it has affected your life, etc.
  2. Tell us about how exciting (or boring) your last shower was.
  3. Eat cat food/dog food/dirt then describe the experience.
  4.  The pros and cons of your bookshelf design.

    Brainstorming materials
  5. Ruin Improve a favourite book by analysing every single literary technique it uses, its effect, and how the reader is manipulated.
  6. Find the worst thing you wrote about four years ago, then inflict it on share it with your readers.
  7. Complain about how you can’t think of a blog post idea for as long as you can.
  8. Draw your favourite book/thing (let’s be honest, all our favourite things are books) with your eyes closed, then explain how this shows you’re the next Monet.
  9. Take photos of your blister/sunburn/hangnail and complain about the pain.
  10. Choose a mundane really interesting event from your life (like that time you innocently were walking along the footpath and a dog barked) that your audience will be bored fascinated by.
  11. Choose a topic you know nothing about (for example, I know nothing about League of Legends) then talk about it like an expert. (This is a fabulous game which involves clicking with a mouse and diffraction beams.)
  12. Take photos of your laptop at different angles on the floor. (This is postmodern-there is no need to include explanations. The photos should convey everything you need to.) like so: DSC03771
  13. Share your bookstagram fails.
  14. Find some pens. Take photos of the pens. Give a detailed backstory to each pen. (I got this one before school started, this one from my friends house, this one from the floor… you get the idea)
  15. Find every pom pom in your house. Put them in your bookshelf. Share the story of your epic pom-pom finding mission.
  16. Write a post about what is under your bed.
  17. Invent a terrifying monster. Draw it realistically as best as you can. Write about it as though it is real. (Bonus: include this in your list of things under your bed. )
  18. Roll your cat/brother/face across the keyboard. Add vowels where necessary. Pretend your post is not gibberish and add irrelevant photos (e.g of your cat, brother, face, or sink) e.g a;kasdiow jafkelew

    Cat and brother’s leg
  19. Complain about your lack or comment/followers/appreciators of your GENIUS.
  20. Write about the last thing you ate.

(In case you can’t tell, this entire post is a joke.)

Which of these ideas was worst? Which was best? Ever at a loss for inspiration ( I wasn’t, obviously.)? What was the last thing you ate?  Who doesn’t appreciate your genius? (I’ll cry with you, and you can feel better. 😛 )


15 thoughts on “20 FABULOUS blog post ideas

  1. This is such a great post! The literary analysis one made me laugh — I studied English Literature at university, and half the time I’d be sitting there like, “Can’t curtains just be blue without it having to MEAN anything??”


  2. *grabs book* Ludington. The word “Ludington” is a very important word to me because it is the last name of a character who I have forgotten about. I find it interesting how we often read so many books, with an incredible about of characters, and one day we shall forget most of them, especially the background characters. Isn’t that also true of life? We forget that lady on the street corner who we walked by this morning because she wasn’t a large enough part of our story. However, she is the hero of her own story, even though we will all forget her. And on that note, [insert more rambling here].

    Anyways, this was a pretty fun read 🙂 (Although I’m not sure if I could write up a decent post based on the word “Ludington”. Your post suggestions just weren’t very helpful 😉 )


    1. I think you’re on your way to a post! (or at least a meaningful poem, maybe). I’m glad you liked it! And also yes people are so easy to forget about sometimes, although obviously they and the people who know them don’t forget about them) 😀


  3. *glares* How dare you insinuate that literary analysis ruins a book. o.O *grrrs at joke*

    But, in reality, these are pretty terrible ideas. XD Although, if someone did eat dirty, I might be at least a little bit intrigued!


    1. I actually think literary analysis is good, but sometimes english teachers (and other people) have a tendency to over analyse, especially with things like Shakespeare. *whispers* I agree that they’re terrible!


  4. I came into this post excited about new ideas, and then.. HAHAHAH. I would like to try #18 as it seems the most fun, lol.


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