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Hamilton Book Tag (you can’t escape)

Hi again, Virtually Readers! I was trying to decide what sort of post to write today, then saw that Heather had done the Hamilton tag and it was pretty awesome and I decided to do it too! (I’m such a tag thief and not even sorry). Anyways, I really like the Hamilton soundtrack. I actually listened too In The Heights(please tell me there’s an In The Heights tag?) first, and I can’t decide which one is my favourite, and I’ve only listened to Act One of Hamilton, but combining awesome music and books will be awesome, right?



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Alexander Hamilton (book with underdog main character)

Things really suck for the characters in The Outsiders. I’m still trying to work out if they stay underdogs or not.

My Shot (a book that makes you want to rise up and tell people about)

The Winners Kiss was fabulous. (and I did tell you all about it here, hehe) But the characters had so many different interests at heart and had to work out if the price of love was a price they were willing to pay.

The Schuyler Sisters (book with awesome sisters)

First off, Schuyler is really hard to spell. I loved the sisters and brothers in The Boy Most Likely To. Same for Something Real, with Lexie and Chloe, which I finished yesterday. If I was a lawyer, I would work hard on their behalf—the situation was so sad.

You’ll Be Back (a book you’re gonna read again)

I’m currently partway through rereading The High Lord, the last book of The Black Magician Trilogy. I read the other books in the last few weeks too, and I’ll do a series review when I’m done.

Helpless (A book you couldn’t help but buy)

Passenger. I saw it in the bookshop and knew it was meant to be. And it satisfied me completely, so that’s good.

Dear Theodosia (a book that blew you away)

The Rose and the Dagger was superb.

Non-Stop (a book you couldn’t stop reading)

I couldn’t put down Something Real, and I kept feeling sad when I saw how little of the book was left. I hope that Heather Demetrios keeps writing like she’s running out of time.

Cabinet Battle #1 (a book you want to defend)

I want to defend the Selection books. They are a little trite and fluffy. But I finished the Crown recently, and it was my favourite, and Kiera Cass’s character development is so well done.

The Room Where it Happens (a book with a unique setting)

I thought that the setting of Daughter of Smoke and Bone was really unique! Central European cities for the win. From the descriptions in that book, Prague seems to be the greatest city in the world.

It’s Quiet Uptown (a book that left you speechless/devastated)

The end of Salt to the Sea was so sad. Same goes for Between Shades of Grey. Ugh, history was so horrible (but interesting and important also)

The Election of 1800 (a book with a competition)

I finished The Crowns Game yesterday. It was awesome (wow). I loved the Russian-ness and the competition. It was a whole lot of clever magic moves which I liked to read.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story (a book with a memorable narrator)

Seraphina—a half dragon musician—and Veda—an amputee Indian dancer—both have distinct and awesome narrators.

Okay, so how do you feel about the internet’s obsession with Hamilton? What is a book you’d like to adapt into a musical?


7 thoughts on “Hamilton Book Tag (you can’t escape)

  1. Note to Self: Reread the Outsiders.

    I haven’t read most of these so I can’t really comment, but I do want to say that the setting of Daughter of Smoke and Bone is very intricate, I agree! I think that setting is one of Laini Taylor’s writing strengths, and as the series continued I felt like she did a really good job of making her settings interesting and vivid both in our world and her fantasy one. 🙂

    And yeah. That’s the end of my knowledge. BUT, excellent tag-stealing anyway! You did wonderful answers and it is my own fault I don’t know all your lovely books. Good work, good work.


  2. OF COURSE there’s a Hamilton tag. Hamilton seems to have taken over the world 😛
    I’m not obsessed like many are (yet), but I have heard a few of the numbers and liked them!

    So many of the books you mentioned are ones I’ve read and loved (DOSAB!) or ones that are high on my TBR. Nice post!


    1. Hamilton is EVERYWHERE oh my goodness. I’m not Hamiltrash either but I do own the soundtrack and think it’s wonderful. I’m glad we have books in common– DOSAB is so amazing, amiright? Thanks.


  3. That’s so true about The Outsiders! It seems like they should come out on top but… so many deaths! 😦 Glad to see that you enjoyed this tag!!


  4. I’m so glad you talked about The Winner’s Kiss here. I have the first book in the trilogy and I can ‘t wait to get started, but I’m a bit anxious because, well, the hype, ahah. And yay for the selection books, I can’t wait to finally read The Crown! 🙂


    1. It is really overhyped. I think the series gets better and better, and I hope you like The Winners Curse. The Crown is awesome. The Selection is light, but I really enjoy it 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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