One Week Hiatus

Hi Virtually Readers! This is just a wee note to let you know that this will be the only post this week. Shar and I are charging off into the hills to go hiking/trekking/tramping for a week. We’ll be back next week, and then there’s only one more week of school so once the holidays start you can expect lots more posts. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the *general area* where we’re going.


If you’re feeling enthusiastic enough to comment on this post, tell me about a beautiful place where you’ve been. And if you want to see pictures from our trip.



3 thoughts on “One Week Hiatus

  1. I’d love to see more pictures! That looks beautiful! Have lots of fun!!! Hmm, and a beautiful place I’ve been? Err, New Zealand. I’ve only been to the north island, though, but it was gorgeous.


  2. Ohhh that looks BEAUTIFUL. *shrieks* Have a good holiday!! I haven’t been on a holiday in basically forever, but when about 6 years ago my family did a trip around the Northern Territory…so Uluru and all that. ❤ IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I climbed all the rocks and gave everyone heartattacks and life was very pleasant *nods sagely*


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