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Snazzy Snippets: In Which You Get To Read Stuff Shar Wrote

Hi Virtual Readers! (basically that is your official term now). In the last month (by which I mean two months- don’t question this) I, Shar, have actually been writing stuff. There was a writing competition at school and I joined, mainly for motivation for myself rather than because I want to win (but if I did win, you know, I’d be totally fine with that.) ANYWAY, here are 2 snippets that you can read (and also: don’t copy them and stuff. I mean I’m sure you won’t but don’t anyway). I’m linking up with Alyssa and Emily’s Snazzy Snippets thing too, so go me! (also go them for coming up with the idea.)


#1 – a snippet you had fun writing

Actually, I’m going to cheat here and share a snippet I was glad I had written, because it’s not really fun, per se. Also I did write a fun short story but it probably needs help and I’m not in the mood to rescue it.  SO! This is a poem instead.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 4.39.16 pm

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 4.39.42 pm


#2- a snippet that was difficult to write

I’m going to cheat again here (#sorrynotsorry). I wrote this short story called Asha, (which means hope in hindi) which I was pretty happy with about sexual abuse and slavery (which is still something that happens, I can tell you right now) and escape basically. The main scene with abuse was difficult to write because I have never been abused myself, and I was basically traumatising myself. I’m too nice to do that to you, BUT here is the last line of the story, in which Asha is saying goodbye (in her head) to the other little girl who was also a slave. (kulfi is this really delicious type of Indian ice cream with pistachios in it btw). It is, unsurprisingly, hopeful.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 4.51.49 pm.png


What did you think of these snippets? (you should go and link up too!) Do you want a post about my relatively boring writing process? (you totally do) What do you do when writing stuff you don’t know about? Have you ever had kulfi? 


10 thoughts on “Snazzy Snippets: In Which You Get To Read Stuff Shar Wrote

  1. Your second snippet is especially curious to me because it is obviously set in a dark situation but the snippet is a little more hopeful and kind than we might have expected. I would love to know more context about that snippet and understand what that character has been through to get that situation now.


    1. I was trying to make the story hopeful, and not get the character to give up. Sadly, the slavery thing has context: I’ve met people whose parent’s couldn’t afford to keep them, and received money for letting them be taken (usually for a fixed period of time, say, three years). They’re normally young children, and don’t get love or education. Anyway, I’m not going to show you the whole story but I will tell you this: In this scene, Asha has just run away with her abuser’s best musical instrument, a santoor (it’s an Indian stringed instrument). She’s on a train and is going off to find someone (preferably the abuser’s teacher) to show her how to play the instrument, but is thinking of the other slave girl she left behind.


  2. Ahh I love these snippets!! They were both so beautiful 💕 Also, kulfi sounds so good!! I really enjoyed this post! 🙂


  3. Oh goodness, I so adore that you wove kulfi into one of your stories; truly, I think more of Indian heritage & culture must be represented in literature, and those little references are the best way to do so. I do hope you decide to share the full story with us sometime – I would so love to read & savour it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me, Shar. I’m honoured to have had the privilege of reading both of the pieces. ❤


    1. Thank you Topaz! *hi-fives for knowing what kulfi actually is* I really like writing about India, and it’s a nice way to appreciate (half) of my culture). I love books with Indian culture and heritage because I actually know stuff about it *thanks Indian History class*

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  4. Oh, your writing in both snippets is so beautiful! That poem especially, I found so powerful, I guess because I really relate to both people in it.

    Very snazzy snippets. 😀



    1. Thank you Alexa! I think I’m the same with relating to both people (the poem was based on a real life experience, but now has basically nothing to do with it.)

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  5. That poem is SO powerful. Mind=blown. I adore it, especially the last line because it’s so true. Whenever we believe lies about ourselves (like we’re not good enough) (which is what I understood the poem as) it’s sometimes near-impossible to reverse that. Which sucks.

    And kulfi sounds absolutely amazing, I must have some sometime. Thanks for visiting The Endless Oceans of my Mind!


    1. Thank you! Honestly, that means a lot to me. Thats what I was hoping people would get out of the poem? I don’t know, I’ve been writing about identity and its influence quite a bit for some reason. Yes, you should totally try kulfi!


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