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The Write Idea (the stories that float around in my head)

Hi Virtually Readers! So sometimes I do this thing where I, like, write stories? I did write a novel once, but I haven’t yet edited it. I also write short stories and *sometimes* poetry. These are some ideas I have for stories I want to write. For most of them it’s the first time I’ve ever written anything down about them. These are just ideas; just thoughts I’ve stolen from the part of my head where they were floating. I’m sure there’s some link up for this, but I can’t be bothered to find it. I’m totally open to feedback and thoughts.

story ideas

The Cursed Diamond Story

So this one I have actually done some work on? I wrote and edited a short story set in this world, except in an alternate reality so I wouldn’t have to do research. (I’ve done actual research for historical fiction stories before; it’s hard). Anyway, this story would *probably* be set in the modern day. Have you heard of the Koh-i-noor? You know, the diamond that’s the biggest in the world and has bought kings ransom and been stolen again and again and now sits in the Crown Jewels of England. What if that was cursed with a curse of lies? So that’s the concept. I’m still working on the plot, but there will be creepy magic and lots of history and lots of India. Basically all the things I love. But I want to do a lot of research before that happens.

The AV Girl Story.

Something you don’t know about me: I do AV, like sound and lights and projector stuff at school. It’s really fun and interesting and lots of work. Anyway this would be a contemporary about a girl who does lights. She gets invited to all the cool parties and knows all the cliques because they want her #skillz (I don’t usually like z’s instead of s’s but it’s a hashtag so), but she doesn’t fit in anywhere. There will be high stakes about morality and truth involved. It will answer all the big questions: Can you put a value on friendships? Are you worth more than the sum of your parts? What class do you have next period?

The Innkeeper Fantasy Story

You know how in fantasy stories, there’s often like, that one inn where everyone gets their info? And the innkeepers know all the gossip? That’s who I would want to be in a fantasy story. So the concept behind this one is that it’s an innkeepers daughter and she knows all the gossip, but who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Who should she tell the truth to? Can she keep the business afloat in the middle of this blood war? I love love love moral ambiguity and this would be all about that and keeping secrets and it’s exciting *rubs hands*

So that’s a wrap! Those are some of the stories floating around in my head. I might never write them, but hey, ideas are a start. Do you write? Would you read these if they were ever full novels? Tell me your genius ideas in the comments!




9 thoughts on “The Write Idea (the stories that float around in my head)

  1. Oh my gosh, I love your inkeeper’s daughter story idea! Not the other ones aren’t good, but that one? AMAZING. I love that you could even set it in just one place–the inn. Like, you could have two or three subplots going on where the daughter hears the gossip and she does her best to help out in each of those circles, but then the main one where her gossiping is actually getting her into legitimate trouble. IT WOULD BE SO INTERESTING. I hope that you do end up writing that one; it sounds awesome!


  2. Ah, Shanti, these are absolutely wonderful ideas!! I am rather partial to the inkeeper story, to be honest – I do love me some morally grey characters, and it is such a delight to play both the good & evil sides. Many shenanigans happening. 😉 Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful ideas with us, love – I know I shall be ruminating on them for quite awhile longer…


    1. Thanks you Topaz! I’m excited to write all of these eventually. Moral ambiguity is my most favourite thing of ever. Shenanigans ftw. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading.


  3. I am in awe of all your wonderful ideas. They’re all such fantastic concepts, and I would definitely pick them up in a bookstore. 🙂 I hope you find the time and love for the ideas to write them someday. I love to write, and love to smash concepts together like my current first draft WIP. It’s a mix between a retelling of King Midas where his daughter is the one cursed, a civil war based on who has control over magic, and a teenage refugee who is also a mercenary.
    Great post and ideas! 😀


    1. Thank you Melissa! Well, maybe someday… Yeah, me too! Ooh, your WIP sounds pretty exciting. I love the mix of ideas you’re using. Good luck writing!


  4. I love your ideas, Shanti! AND YAY FOR COPIOUS STORY IDEAS! My brain is always combusting with them, omg. I’m developing 3 at the moment and trying to focus on plotting things out for a rewrite of my last NaNo novel. Ugh. Brain. Caaaalm yourself.
    OH I LOVE THE INNKEEPER ONE THE MOST. The character would have SO much room to play both sides, right?!??? It would be delightfully morally grey. *cackles*


    1. Aww, thanks! I know, there are so many ideas running around in my head. Yeah, plotting is enjoyable. When i next have time *. Secrets in stories are the best. I really need to edit my novel, just so I can prove to myself that I can do it.
      * in three-thirty years from now.


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